How To Apply for Pitch Your Idea Scholarship?

True to its name, The Pitch Your Idea Scholarship is a scholarship that is awarded to students based on an essay about their idea. To participate, students must write an essay about their idea, then submit their entry via our web and await the selection committee’s decision. The essay should be about your idea, describing what it is and its expected impact, and submitted to Scholarship Fellow via the web based editor. Entries must have the following format:

  1. Word count of maximum 5000 words;
  2. Written in Times New Roman font style, size 12;
  3. Contain your own work without any portion which you might have copied from any other source without providing reference
  4. Have your credentials, including your phone, name, email address and phone number;
  5. Include references of all sources which you have used in your essay

The content of Pitch your idea scholarship entry must include the following sections:

  • Title of the idea;
  • Included along with your contact information.
  • Category of the idea;
  • The discipline or sector the idea applies to, or may be used in.
  • Introduction and explanation of the idea;
  • Describe the most important aspects of the idea. What is the idea?
  • Describe the key points of the idea. You may even reference similar ideas or relevant information.
  • In what way is it unique? How is it different from other ideas?
  • Explain the expected short-term impact of the idea;
  • Who or what does the idea target? How will it impact the target on the short-term? Include any relevant references.
  • Explain the expected long-term impact of the idea;
  • Discuss the benefits the realization of the idea will bring on the long-term. Include any relevant references.
  • Describe how the scholarship will help turn the idea to reality;
  • How will this particular scholarship help you and your idea?

Use the description of each section as a general guide to write your entry. The focus must be on the idea itself, the predicted impact with the conclusion summing up the main points and describing how this scholarship can help you. Entries can have a maximum word count of 5000 words so make every word count. Convince us, The Scholarship Fellow Institute, why your idea should be awarded a scholarship, why it is unique and why you deserve it.

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