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Adelaide Scholarships for International Students (ASI) in Australia Open Now

The Graduate Scholarships Committee looks after the selection and ranking of the students applying for the University of Adelaide by using the academic merit criteria and research potential.

Benefits of this Adelaide scholarship

  • The cost of the educational course for two years Master’s Research Degree and 3 years Doctoral Research Degree.
  • Annual compensation of nearly $26,288 for living for two years Master’s Research Degree and 3 years of the degree of the doctoral research.
  • For students holding Subclass 500 visa, there is a mandatory overseas standard health cover (OSHC) policy for students and their spouse or any dependents for the duration of the student’s visa. But this does not cover the extended 6 months of the student’s visa which is for thesis submission. If the student is not holding subclass 500 visa then he or she will look after the medical coverage cost on their own.

Conditions and Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship


  • The candidates eligible for the task must have successfully completed Australian First-Class Honors degree or the equivalent of it (this is a four-year program with a major research project to be done in the final year). The candidate should have passed all study programs successfully.
  • The scholarship will be given on the legitimacy of the academic credentials, and any other kind of achievement in extracurricular activities is not considered.


  • The International candidate must not hold any research qualification considered by the University of Adelaide to be equivalent to an Australian Research doctorate Degree and if any candidate is applying for a Research Master’s Degree, he/she must not hold any qualification equivalent to or higher than an Australian Research Master’s degree, considered by the University of Adelaide.
  • The candidates are supposed to do their enrollment at the University of Adelaide as ‘international students’ and the same status is to be maintained for the entire enrollment duration in the University.
  • The candidates who have been granted the Scholarship can start studying at the University of Adelaide only in the semester in which scholarship is granted.
  • Candidate, who applied for the consideration into international scholarship and was unsuccessful, will be re-evaluated in the following international scholarship program by default, under anticipation that they hold valid candidature for admission into the program. A candidate already considered in 2 rounds is not eligible to be considered in any future rounds.
  • The scholarship offer is dependent upon the condition that any student must not be offered any other grant by the University of Adelaide, the Commonwealth of Australia, or any other sponsor from overseas. The University holds the authority, at any time before the enrollment to withdraw the scholarship offer, in case, it is found that the awardee has been provided a grant equivalent to or higher than the amount of money offered by the University.

Who can Apply for Adelaide Scholarship?

  • International candidates, who have not submitted proof of compliance with the basic proficiency required in the English language for the direct entry into the scholarship program, or who have done a Pre-Enrolment English Program to comply with the requirements of the program, are not qualified for the Scholarship program.
  • Any candidate holding Citizenship of Australia or New Zealand, any Permanent Residents of Australia, are not eligible.
  • The candidates undergoing off-campus research are also not eligible for the program.
  • Any candidate who has applied for permanent resident status in Australia is eligible to apply for the ASI Scholarship Program.
  • International candidates who have already started the degree for which they are applying for the scholarship are not eligible for the program unless they justify that they were unable to apply for the grants in the previous term.

The candidates who are successful in getting an ASI grant have successfully completed Master’s Degree which also includes a critical research, publications, and significant research experience.

How to Apply for Adelaide Scholarship?

Step 1: Chose the proper institution based on your relevant research interest
Step 2: Now, decide that which of the degree program linked to the research area you want to pursue
Step 3: Check eligibility requirements for the degree program you want to take
Step 4: Find out professors who are willing to take you as their students for supervision. You can also apply without acceptance letter.
(Arts Faculty, Engineering & Computer Faculty, Health Faculty and Sciences, Professions Faculty and Basic Science faculty)

Step 5: Submit a free Online application for Adelaide scholarship for international students
Deadline for scholarship is: 31 August 2017
Online application for Adelaide Scholarship

For Admission and Scholarship, you are requested to submit a formal application via online Adelaide university application portal. There is no fee for applying for the program.

Note: A formal application is required to be submitted and assessed in order to get assessed for the candidature by the University of Adelaide. All applicants are required to submit their applications before the last date.



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    • I’m afraid to tell you that you need degree before you apply. So, once you get your final degree then you can find out latest open scholarships to apply by that time.

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