Resume CV and Cover Letters

Examples of Cover letters samples of resumes and templates of cover letters and cv documents are available here.

Difference between Resume and (CV) Curriculum Vitae – Resume Hacks – CV Hacks

Higher education institutions and employers mostly demand a curriculum vitae rather than a resume. It is vital to note that…

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CV is incomplete without 7 Supplementary Materials – Resume Hacks

Academic job applications will have the following as supplementary materials in addition to their CV: List of Supplementary items to…

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Writing an impressive CV for Scholarship – Resume to apply for a scholarship

Scholarship competitions are very tough and therefore an applicant should ensure their presentations stand out among other applications for the…

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Resume Paper – Which Paper is best for printing Resume

Which Resume Paper is best for printing your CV for a job or for a scholarship? Full classification of papers…

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Engineering Resume – How to make a Professional Resume

The Engineering Resume is a document used by a person to demonstrate their credentials, background, experience, and skills offered in…

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Letter of Interest VS Cover Letter

Detailed comparison between Letter of interest VS Cover letter provides an insight that which one if a good fit for…

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Cover Letter Example Sample for Students Help

Here students can review another Cover letter sample specified as a professional template for cover letter. This cover letter is…

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What is Cover Letter and how to write an Effective Cover Letter?

A cover letter is used to accompany your resume when you send it to your potential employer. A resume includes…

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