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The call for applications for the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program 2019 for international scholars has been issued and the CAS-TWAS fellowship application process began on the 8th of November 2018 and will end on the 31st of March 2019.

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS): The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a Chinese educational institution whose main area of focus is the natural sciences, technology, and technological innovations in China. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has an extensive R&D network, besides running a learning society and providing higher education courses in science and technology.

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) is an international organization that enjoys autonomy and is not controlled by any government. It was set up by an illustrious assemblage of scientists in Italy in order to promote scientific aptitude and fineness to enable long-term, sustained development. Later, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) took over its administration based on an agreement entered into by TWAS and UNESCO.

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Now, the CAS and TWAS have entered into an agreement to advance scientific thinking and research in the developing countries. This took the form of the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program under which 200 scholars from different parts of the world would receive a fellowship to study for their Doctorate degrees in China under this fellowship which is one of the most prestigious scholarships in China.  Degrees can be pursued at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), or at various CAS Institutes in China.

CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program Supporting category

The CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program supports scholars wishing to pursue their doctorate degrees in China in the science and technology fields only.

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CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program duration

The CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program will provide support to an awardee for his/her doctorate degree studies for a period of up to four academic years.

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The CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program Coverage and Benefits

Under the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program; a fellowship awardee will receive the following benefits;

  1. Travel Compensation for CAS-TWAS Winner: An awardee’s travel expenses on flight tickets to China will be borne by the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program. This will only be extended to one trip per scholar/awardee. The overseas travel of 80 awardees from developing countries will be borne by TWAS while CAS will bear the expenses of the remaining 120 awardees. The travel expenses will also include the costs of obtaining a visa which has been fixed at a lump sum of $65. This amount will only be paid once per awardee and only after they reach their host university in China. However, if at the time of applying for the fellowship an awardee is already in the host country China, he/she will not be entitled to receive the travel/visa compensation.
  2. The stipend for CAS-TWAS Fellowship: A monthly stipend of CAS-TWAS Scholarship is RMB 7000 or RMB 8000, which will be paid out by CAS to all awardees through UCAS/USTC. The stipend is meant to cover accommodation and other daily expenses, traveling expenses within China, and the cost of health insurance. However, payment of the stipend is dependent on whether or not the awardee has passed the qualification test conducted by UCAS/USTC for all the fellowship awardees.
  3. CAS-TWAS Fellowship Qualification Test: Awardees will have to sit through a qualification test conducted by UCAS/USTC in order to receive their monthly stipend. Failure to pass the test in two attempts could invite the following penal action, subject to the rules and regulations of UCAS/USTC;
  4. He/she could have his /her CAS-TWAS fellowship terminated,
  5. His/her doctorate studies could be discontinued at the CAS educational institutions,
  6. He/she may only be given an attendance certificate for the period of study covered by the awardee in China but not a Doctorate degree.
  7. CAS-TWAS Fellowship Application and Tuition Fee Waiver: All fellowship awardees will receive an application fee and tuition fee waiver.

Where & When to apply for the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program

Prospective applicants to the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program should first get in touch with their guides/supervisors to clarify their inquiries on the same.

Besides, those prospective applicants wishing to secure admission under the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program at UCAS can look to submit their applications and have their enquires answered by;

Ms. Xie Yuchen: CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Program UCAS Office (UCAS), University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 80 Zhongguancun East Road, Beijing, 100190, China
Fax: +86-10-82674-900
Tel: +86-10-82674-900

Prospective applicants looking for a place under the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program at USTC can make inquiries and submit their applications to;

Ms. Lin Tian (Linda Tian): CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Program USTC Office (USTC), University of Science and Technology of China, 96 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui, 230026 China
Fax: +86-55-1 63632-579
Tel: +86-55-1 63600-279

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The CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program Eligibility

Applicants to the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program has to fulfill the following conditions to be eligible for the fellowship.

  1. Applicants can be a maximum of 35 years of age as on 31st December 2019.
  2. Applicants should not hold Chinese citizenship at the time of submitting the application to the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program.
  3. Applicants to the doctorate courses also have to fulfill the terms of admission of the UCAS and the USTC.
  4. Applicants have to possess a Master’s degree before 1st September 2019.
  5. Applicants have to provide proof that they know either English or Chinese.
  6. Applicants have to submit proof that they will return back to their home countries on the conclusion of their course in China as per the CAS – TWAS program.
  7. During the period of the fellowship, awardees will not be allowed to take up any other assignments.
  8. Applicants who are already in China and pursuing Doctorate degrees at universities there will not be eligible for the fellowship.
  9. Applicants cannot simultaneously apply to both UCAS and USTC for the fellowship program.
  10. Applicants can only apply to a single supervisor at a single institution or school of either the UCAS or the USTC.

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The CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program Application Process

The application process to the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program is detailed below.

  1. CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Eligibility: Firstly, a prospective applicant would have to check whether he/she is eligible to apply for the fellowship based on the criteria stated above.
  2. Host Supervisor is not mandatory for CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship: A prospective applicant may choose to find a host supervisor in his/her chosen field of study in CAS or USTC institutes first. The supervisor has to be associated with a UCAS, USTC, or CAS affiliated educational institution and should be eligible to guide a student under the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program. A list of eligible institutions and supervisors can be obtained from the respective university websites. Once the prospective applicant finds such an eligible supervisor, he/she has to contact the supervisor, send the supervisor an email explaining his/her purpose regarding the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program. Also send the evidence of his/her academic proficiency in the form of a research proposal, an up-to-date resume, and any other necessary documentation has to be provided to the supervisor so that the supervisor can gauge the applicant’s aptitude where academics are concerned. The supervisor may conduct a telephonic interview with the applicant before deciding to become his/her supervisor.
  3. Application for CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship: Once the prospective applicant has been accepted by a supervisor, then he/she can apply for the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program online.
    The CAS-TWAS Scholarship application form for UCAS institutes is different from CAS-TWAS Scholarship application form for USTC.
  4. The applicant has to create an account of CAS or USTC online application website and fill up the fellowship form as per the given instructions. The online application process includes the submission of the supporting documents. Applications should be submitted early so that the supervisors/referees are given sufficient time to make their assessments and provide references. The applicant can access the online application form as many times as he/she wants to for the purpose of making changes/adding information before the deadline. Applicants should remember to save the changes before signing out. The application can be viewed as a PDF document too. Once satisfied that all the relevant information has been correctly entered in the application form, the applicant can submit and download a copy of the same for future reference.
  5. Document Submission for CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship: The applicant for CAS-TWAS president fellowship has to upload all the necessary documentation after the application form has been submitted. If the applicant fails to submit any document required for application his/her application form is likely to be disqualified. The applicant should ensure that the documents fulfill the requirements needed for upload such as file size, clarity, etc. A list of the supporting documents that need to be submitted along with the application form can be found under

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CAS-TWAS President Fellowship Requirement for Online Application

The CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program Application Documents Requirement:

  1. Letters of Reference: An applicant also has to obtain 2 Letters of Reference from referees who know about the applicant and his/her work. Neither of the referees can be the applicant’s host supervisor. Preferably, the referees should be TWAS members, but this is not mandatory. The recommendation letters have to be scanned and uploaded and the hard copies have to be sent to UCAS/USTC before the deadline. Letters of Reference pasted within the body of an e-mail will not be acceptable. Besides, the applicants will not be provided with any information by TWAS on its members. Only if the applicant knows a TWAS member personally can he/she obtain a Letter of The referees will have to scan and upload copies of their Letters of Reference and send the hard copies to the sub-office of either UCAS or USTC as the case may be, immediately.
  2. Supervisor’s and Referees’ Document of CAS-TWAS Fellowship: An applicant for CAS-TWAS fellowship has to remind his/her supervisor to fill up completely and place his/her signature on the supervisor’s comment page and forward it to UCAS/USTC before the cut-off date. For applicants to UCAS, a hard copy of the form has to be sent to the UCAS affiliated institute or college at which the student had secured admission.
  3. For applicants to USTC, supervisors have to email a scanned copy of the form to or send a hard copy of the same to the Office of International Cooperation. Applicants have the added responsibility of reminding their referees to scan and upload copies of their reference letters while sending the hard copies of the same, directly to the sub-offices of UCAS or USTC.

An applicant to the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program has to submit documents that support the details mentioned in the application form. These documents have to be in either English or Chinese. If not, notarized translations of the same in English or Chinese should be provided by the applicant. When converting the documents to their electronic forms an applicant should ensure that the documents are formatted as per the specifications in the online application system.

An applicant who is awarded the CAS-TWAS fellowship and accepted at either UCAS or USTC has to provide the original hard copy of all the documents that he/she has submitted along with his/her passport at the UCAS or USTC to the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program office on reaching China, else he/she is likely to b disqualified as an awardee.

Below is the list of documents that have to be submitted in their digitized form along with the application to the CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program:

  1. The passport of the applicant with a minimum of 2 years validity. Only the validity and personal details pages need to be uploaded.
  2. The applicants complete and current resume with a summary of his/her experience in research.
  3. Copies of the applicant’s original university degree certificates at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Graduate applicants who are about to complete their degree or those who have just completed their courses and are yet to receive their degree certificates have to submit an official letter from the institutes that they are currently studying in, endorsing their given student status and the expected date on which they would be graduating.
  4. Copies of the applicant’s undergraduate and postgraduate academic records.
  5. A comprehensive study proposal on the research that the applicant plans to conduct.
  6. Copies of every title and abstract page of not more than 5 academic papers that have been published previously.
  7. Proof that the applicant has knowledge of either English or Chinese or both languages by submitting either English Proficiency Certificate, IELTS or TOEFL for English language and HSK exam report for the Chinese language.
  8. The Foreigner Physical Examination Form for CAS-TWAS Fellowship: An applicant will have to download the form, have it filled up, signed and sealed by a medical practitioner after undergoing a physical exam and then scanning the same and uploading it along with the rest of the documents.
  9. Two Letters of Reference also known as recommendation letters

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The CAS – TWAS President’s Fellowship Program Result, Application Tracking, and Resubmission

Once an applicant has submitted the CAS-TWAS Fellowship application form and the supporting documents, he/she can track his/her application online through the ‘Track your Application’ link to check for CAS-TWAS President Fellowship results. A CAS-TWAS application could be returned to allow the applicant to make the required changes before it is resubmitted.

In such cases, if the applicant makes a change in the email address of a referee, a new email message would be sent to the referee prompting him/her to send the letters of reference. However, if the email addresses of the referees remain unchanged while major changes are made in other sections of the application form no email prompts will be sent to the referees. An applicant making changes to his/her application on its return has also to intimate his/her supervisor about these changes personally.

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