College Rules: 10 College Rules for Students to Read before admission

10 Rules for Students to Read before admission


The college rules book designed for students, teachers, and visitors contain the list of hot points which we mentioned here. As college life seems fun and all but that is not how it’s supposed to be.

People go through a hard struggle, the harsh environment, tough studies and the struggle of being away from your family. Every student wants to achieve the title that of “The perfect student”, who is smart, does his work on time and, with all these struggles and studies he still enjoys that college life to the fullest.

Going through books, articles, and guides to find the ways, on how to become that “Perfect student”. College rule is not to restrict students from extracurricular activities but to make them work in the right direction in right possible way.

Well there aren’t any perfect students, they are anxious and awkward and they make mistakes, they just need to try again and again, and something like saying a Hello to someone can change their whole experience of the college life.

As you know there are rules for everything. Rules for giving a presentation, rules for playing basketball and rules for driving the car. There are rules for students on how they should behave or spend their life in college. The college rules are given and explained below.

10 Common College Rules:

List of 10 college rules you must follow after entering the college:


#1 The importance of the first class:

Even though you think that the first class is not that important and that it’s a drag to wake up in the morning for the first class of your college. Well, it is very important because you’ll miss the first lecture which is obviously. Vital information will be given to you by your teachers which will help you with your college life.

#2 Be nervous:

It’s okay if you’re nervous and don’t sleep at all at night before your first day thinking about it. It’s okay if you think about what kind of people you will meet and how will you react in front of them.

#3 Know your classmates:

You should know as much as people in your class and college possible. This will help you a lot in studies and problems that are related to college. The more connections you have the better. Talk with your seniors, discuss your problems with them because they’ve studied those problems so, they will gladly help you with your problem.

#4 Don’t be an introvert:

If you think that you can survive the college life on your own without making any connections with others. Well, you’re very wrong there, you might get such problems that you can’t solve them yourself and you would definitely need the help of your colleague or senior. Also, don’t be afraid of studying in groups because these small study sessions will help you greatly in your studies and will be a major help in clearing your concepts.

#5 Know your professors:

Talk with your professors from time to time and have a good relationship with them because this will be helpful for your grades. Don’t be afraid of the teacher if he looks scary and you’re thinking that he might eat you. It won’t happen, they’re your teachers and they’re there to help you and guide you.

What else a college student follow in the first year?

#6 Being an introvert won’t help you:

I know it’s hard for you to go out and talk with people. I mean who can do such a thing being a brilliant student in your own class? All the people do it but some are good in conversing with others while some aren’t especially introverts.

Who finds it hard to talk or even face people because they’re shy and reticent. Well I know it’s hard, but you have to do it. Create the scenario in your mind. Tip for you is to start talking in front of yourself using a mirror and figure out what not to do and how to proceed in real time. Do everything you can, so you’ll be able to deal with people easily.

#7 Don’t make it hard for yourself:

Don’t make the college life harder than it already is by occupying yourself in such activities that aren’t necessary. College rules are not to make your life more difficult but to make it much simpler for students and pals.

Because it will just waste your time and nothing else, and trust me you won’t gain anything from it. Rather you’ll have a regret of why didn’t you utilize that time for something beneficial.

#8 Make Almost everything interesting:

I know the course material is very boring and you fall asleep the moment you open the books. Well, it happens because you’re not interested in the material that you’re studying. You have to study, so why not make it fun?

Make the course that you’re studying interesting for yourself, that will help you. Make mnemonic connections, memory palace like that of Sherlock Holmes and you’re good to go.

#9 Create own routines focusing properly:

Well the first thing you should do when you’re going to college is that you should sort out your time, create a routine and follow that routine strictly. Good study habits will make your brain absorb what you’re learning. Apart from the studies and all the other stuff, you will get time for fun, go hang out with your friends.

#10 Stop comparing useless things:

As the heading suggests, stop comparing yourself with others. Nothing good will come out of you comparing yourself to others, that will further tense you out and make things difficult for yourself. Focus on internal goals that you’ve set for yourself and try to achieve them one by one.

This will improve your grades and you won’t have to go through the phase of being jealous of your friends, who you think are doing good in studies.

Leave applications submission must be done if you want to go on holidays for any purpose for the long or short term.

College Life and College Rules:

The outcome of your college life depends on how well you organize your time, and how well you follow these rules. Because these rules are the epitome of your college life and they will help you a lot. Sometimes colleges also withdraw their admission offers so you must learn why it happens before you get into such kinda situation. If you need to know what to buy for your first year to live in college form then check out our Shopping list for students posts.

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