Simon Fraser University

Bachelors in Business at Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University’s Bachelors in Business provides a strong foundation in business concepts and allows students to apply these learnings into practice.

Course Overview

  • Maximum Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition
  • Domestic Tuition Fees (per year): $6,950
  • International Tuition Fees (per year): $31,460
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Study Mode: On Campus
  • Application Fee: $81


1. Admissions Requirements

High School/Secondary School Degree or its Equivalent

Students must have graduate from high school or its equivalent or are in track of graduating by the time they enroll at Simon Fraser University

Senior level Math

Senior Level Math required

2. Language Requirements

English Proficiency is a must when studying Bachelor in Business at Simon Fraser University. You will need to meet one of the English Proficiency tests below to satisfy this requirement


2.1 Language Exemptions

Simon Fraser University also offers other forms of meeting these English Proficiency Requirements. Please see other forms of meeting the English Proficiency Requirements.

3. Standardized Testing Requirements

To be accepted to Business Bachelor’s Program at Simon Fraser University, you should meet the general admissions requirements of the university. These requirements vary by country, so please see this page for more information.

Application and Admission for Business at Simon Fraser University

1. Application Deadlines

  • January 31th

2. Application Procedure & Selection

If you are ready to apply for Business program at Simon Fraser University, check the application procedure page.

Scholarships for Business at Simon Fraser University

1. SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship

  • Qualifications: This scholarship is awarded to excellent entering freshmen and is available for both domestic and international students.
  • Scholarship Amount: From $10,000 a year to full tuition. Additional scholarships to help cover living expenses may be given for those who demonstrate financial need.
  • Scholarship Link