University of Alberta

Bachelors in Neuroscience at University of Alberta

The University of Alberta’s Neuroscience Bachelor’s Program studies the brain’s functions, cognitive psychology, disorders of the nervous systems, and other topics related to neuroscience.

Course Overview

  • Maximum Scholarship Amount: CAD 120,000
  • Domestic Tuition Fees (per year): $6,100
  • International Tuition Fees (per year): $30,090
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Study Mode: On Campus
  • Application Fee: CAD $75 - 125


1. Admissions Requirements

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Students should have finished or are finishing university-prepatory program at a secondary school

1 of the following courses

English (Literature & Composition)

1 of the following courses

Fine Arts/Humanities/Languages (aside from English)/Math/Sciences

1 of the following courses


2 of the following courses


2. Language Requirements

Proficiency in English is required when studying under the Neuroscience Bachelor’s program at the University of Alberta. Certain language requirements must be met by prospective applicants.


2.1 Language Exemptions

The University of Alberta may also accept applicants without taking English language proficiency exams provided that they meet certain conditions. Read more about them here.

3. Standardized Testing Requirements

Applicants to the University of Alberta’s Neuroscience Bachelor’s program must meet certain general and degree-specific requirements. To know more about general admission requirements for undergraduate applicants, visit this page.

Application and Admission for Neuroscience at University of Alberta

1. Application Deadlines

  • March 1

2. Application Procedure & Selection

Admission requirements for both domestic and international applicants are the same. To apply for the University of Alberta’s Neuroscience Bachelor’s program, visit this page.

Scholarships for Neuroscience at University of Alberta

1. President’s International Distinction Scholarship

  • Qualifications: A competitive scholarship open to international student applicants who excel in academics and showcase their leadership skills.
  • Scholarship Amount: CAD 120,000 (payable over 4 years)
  • Scholarship Link

2. Gold Standard Scholarship

  • Qualifications: An admission-based scholarship, the Gold Standard Scholarship is awarded to the top 5% students of each faculty, depending on the applicant’s admission average.
  • Scholarship Amount: Up to CAD 6,000
  • Scholarship Link

3. University Of Alberta International Leader Scholarship

  • Qualifications: This scholarship is awarded to well-rounded student leaders with an excellent academic record.
  • Scholarship Amount: CAD 5,000 to CAD 10,000
  • Scholarship Link