Chinese Government Scholarship Result

Chinese Government Scholarship

All the international students are informed that the Chinese Government Scholarship also known as CSC Scholarship result will be announced by the Chinese Universities starting from the month of June 2019.

It is strongly advised to all the international students to refrain from accepting scholarship offers from multiple Universities if in case they receive acceptance emails from more than one University. Because, as per the law of the Chinese Government, only one scholarship can be granted to the international student.

Therefore, if you receive admission offers from more than one university then think about it and accept the one which you really wish to and decline the others so that the university can then find the other alternate student.

Timeline on receiving CSC Scholarship Admission documents and applying for Chinese Student Visa is described here:

  1. Upon the CSC Scholarship result announcement, the candidates will receive confirmation emails by the end of June this year.
  2. Candidates then have to send confirmation to the Universities that they accepted the admission and scholarship and will join the University for September session.
  3. The University will prepare the set of documents including an admission letter, scholarship award letter, instruction package to enter China and the rules that a candidate has to abide by while their stay in China. The admission package will also contain the Chinese Student VISA invitation letter which the candidates were required to submit in the Chinese embassy alongside other documents to apply for the Chinese 30 days Entry VISA.
  4. This admission package will be dispatched by the Universities in the month of July, and hopefully, before the end of August, the candidates will receive the documents.
  5. Now, will be the time for the candidates to start preparing the required documents for the submission in Chinese Embassy in order to obtain Chinese Student VISA, which initially will be granted for 30 days one-time entry into mainland China and then upon your arrival in China, will be converted into permanent residence certificate for one year (extendable for next year).
  6. Please make sure that you complete your medical checkup in your country and take all official medical reports with you in order to avoid repeating the medical checkup in China, which may cost over 400 RMB.
  7. It is advised to buy the airline ticket upon receiving the Chinese Student VISA and learn some basic Chinese Langauge or Chinese words. This will help you to communicate with taxi drivers, shopkeepers and hotel front desk upon your arrival in China, as most of the people can not speak the English language. In the worst-case scenario, make sure you have translation applications with you that will help you to communicate with Chinese people.
  8. While your arrival in China, make sure that you register with the local police within 24 hours of your landing, otherwise you may receive a punishment fine of 2000RMB in case you have not registered with a local police station. If you are going to stay at your University then the international student office will do it for you but if you are staying in a Chinese Hotel, then bear in mind that 70% of the hotels in China are not allowed to accept foreign guests. So it is advised that you must contact hotels prior to your arrival in China and confirm if they are allowed to accept foreign guests or not.

I hope this guide will help you to understand the next step forward in beginning your education journey in China.

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  2. Dear Muhammad
    i just wanted to find out as to when will CSC results be released , especially the one through the Chinese Embassy.


  3. i just wanted to find out as to when will CSC results be released , especially the one through the Chinese Embassy.

  4. Thank you for this valuable information Muhammad

    I’m from Mexico and I applied to get a scholarship this year and I hope to get accepted. Nevertheless, I didn’t know about the announcement process.

    My best wishes to other students who applied for this scholarship.

  5. Hi, my name is JOSEPH please, I applied for the csc around Dec, 2018 but have not received any notifications from them yet please. I want to know whether the results for the March intake are out or they’ll all come in June 2019 like you said. Thank you please.

  6. Please I applied for scholarship this year (BA) buh instead of two recommendation letters I submitted one. So I want to know If I have the chance of gaining admission.

  7. Hello, i am by names Nhial Jol Ajak a South Sudan Student. i applied for Undergraduate program since Feb,2019 but haven’t receive a reply till now, please i really want to know when the results will be out. thanks alot.


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