Full Scholarship at Germany! DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship

Helmut Schmidt-Programme scholarship in Germany for 2020


The Helmut Schmidt-Programme scholarship in Germany for 2020 is now open for applications from all international students. It is the most competitive and respectful Fully Funded Scholarship Program for Master’s in PPGG (Public Policy and Good Governance).

From 2009 the program used to support many leaders from countries like Asia, Latin and Central America, Africa as well as from Ukraine and the Middle East. The leaders from these countries wanted to promote social justice and democracy in their homeland. Not only the experienced ones but fresh candidates can also apply for DAAD Scholarships in Germany.

The above program is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. It was made to increase the quality of future leaders in the field of politics, administration, economics, and law by making them learn in a practice-oriented environment.

Only the best graduates from first-class universities get a chance to obtain a master’s degree in disciplines. This is closely connected to the economic, political and social development of their homeland. The knowledge that the scholarship holders will get in Germany will enable them to overcome social differences as well as to get a democratic oriented economic state in the country.

The main aim of DAAD is to give aid in having perfect governance as well as set up the structure of civil society in a number of partnered regions and countries.

Have you got a Bachelor’s degree in the field of social science, economics, law, political science? If yes, then go and apply for the Master’s/MPhil in the field of PPGG (Public Policy and Good Governance) in any of the below mentioned German Universities.

List of Courses and Universities under Helmut Schmidt-Programme scholarship:

1. Universität Potsdam

Master of Public Management (MPM); Language: English; Duration: 2 semesters

2. Universität Osnabrück:

Master of Democratic Governance and Civil Society; Language: Germany and English; Duration: 4 semesters.

3. Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

Public Economics, Law and Politics (PELP); Language: Germany and English; Duration: 4 semesters.

4. Universität Passau

Master of Governance and Public Policy; Language: Germany and English; Duration: 4 semesters.

5. Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

Master of Public Policy (MPP); Language: English; Duration: 4 semesters.

6. Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt

Master of Public Policy (MPP); Language: English; Duration: 4 semesters.

7. Hochschule Osnabrück

Management in Non-Profit Organisations; Language: Germany; Duration: 4 semesters.

8. Universität Duisburg-Essen

Master of Development and Governance; Language: English; Duration: 2 semesters.

Helmut Schmidt-Programme Scholarship Coverage and Benefits:

The DAAD Scholarship will cover all the selected student’s expenses. For some selected Master’s program, the scholarships of monthly 850 Euros will also be given alongside with other allowances listed below. It will start from Sep/Oct in 2020 and will be taught in English and /or German.

  • The reasonable allowance for travel.
  • Spouse and/or children allowance wherever applicable.
  • Subsidy for research and study.
  • Health Insurance in Germany.
  • Subsidy for monthly rent wherever applicable.
  • German language course for 6 months from April 2020 till September 2020. It will take place at some of the selected institutes in Germany. It is mandatory for all those who are going for a master’s course in the country.

The students who will win the Helmut Schmidt Scholarship will be given special mentorship which will be financed by DAAD. The Scholarship holders will also be invited to take part in several networking events.

Who can apply for the Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Programme?

This Helmut Schmidt Scholarship program is for top-class students from some top-class universities having a bachelor’s degree and wants to contribute to the field of social and economic development of their homeland.

This is not only for professionals but also for young graduates having no professional experience to get a chance to study in German Universities on a fully-funded scholarship.

Helmut Schmidt-Programme Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

DAAD’s scholarship selection criteria are as follows for all international applicants to the scholarship:

  • The academic result to date.
  • Skills of language.
  • Engagement socially and politically.
  • The expectation of benefits when the student will be returning to their homelands.

The earliest university degree of a student should be in the last six years before placing the application for the Helmut Schmidt Scholarship. At the time of the deadline of the application, applicants who lived in Germany for more than 15 months are not eligible for it.

The Master’s program has got other requirements as well that needs to be fulfilled.

Helmut Schmidt-Programme Scholarship Required Documents:

Some of the necessary documents to apply for Helmut Schmidt Scholarship program are:

  • Research Grants and Study Scholarships form by DAAD.
  • Dated and hand-signed motivation letter which will be containing a brief description of the applicant’s academic status as well as the purpose to get in master’s program.
  • Full curriculum vitae which should be hand-signed and dated. It should contain a description of the applicant’s field of study and about having any job experiences or not.
  • Copy of University degree. You also need to attach some explanation about the grading system you used to have in your ex-university.
  • A copy of a transcript of records.
  • Certification of recent language (English and/or German).
  • A letter of recommendation which should be signed and dated recently by one of your university professors or some current employer. You should also have an official letterhead and stamp. 

How can one apply for DAAD HELMUT SCHMIDT PROGRAMME 2020 in Germany?

Your application should always be submitted either in German or in English. You need to show somehow that you are applying for the DAAD Helmut-Schmidt Programme (Master’s scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance). You can submit your application for at most two master’s courses listed below.

Step 1:

Make sure that which course is your first and second priority and then fill the DAAD Application form for Research Grants and Study Scholarships.

Step 2:

Justify your first and second priority in the motivation letter for both the university courses that you are choosing.

Step 3:

Send the DAAD Scholarship form with the motivation letter and some necessary documents to two universities in which you are willing to go. Don’t send it to DAAD.


Helmut Schmidt-Programme Scholarship Selection Process:

Step 1:

The Helmut Schmidt Scholarship program application evaluation will begin from autumn 2019 that a selection committee that consists of the professors of the university and the DAAD representatives meets and discuss the candidates who are eligible for getting the DAAD Scholarship.

Step 2:

In November or December, some of the selected candidates will be made to upload their application in the DAAD portal. Make sure that you have a copy of all important documents.

Step 3:

In Winter 2019/20 all the candidates who will be selected will be finalized. By the end of December, everything about the result will be transparent.

Helmut Schmidt-Programme Scholarship Deadline of Application:

The process of applying for the Helmut Schmidt Scholarship in all the above 8 universities is from June 1st to July 31st, 2019. Submit only legible copies of necessary documents. Illegible ones will lead to rejection. Application given to DAAD will never be forwarded to any University. It becomes DAAD’s property and will not be returned.

Your application will not be considered if you are sending them to more than two universities.

Always make a complete application. If any of the above rules are not followed then it will lead to rejection.

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