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How to Book an Appointment for VISA on Chinese Embassy Website? – Online Chinese VISA Application Process

Online Chinese VISA Application Process For You!


If you want to obtain a Chinese Study VISA or Chinese Scholarship Study VISA (Chinese X1 / X2 Type VISA or Chinese Busines or any other kind of Chinese VISA) then you have to book an appointment to obtain the date for an interview at your nearest Chinese Embassy in your country.

You are not allowed to just walk into the Chinese embassy to submit documents to apply for Chinese Student VISA. The proper procedure to apply for Chinese student VISA is to first book an appointment for an interview and then on the scheduled date, you make yourself available at the Chinese Embassy VISA counter to submit documents.

How to book an appointment for Chinese Student VISA on Chinese Embassy Website Online? How to fill an Online Application for Chinese VISA?

Please follow the steps below to reserve your spot for Chinese VISA application at China Embassy of your country:

Step A:

Make sure you have all the required hardcopy documents completed to apply for Chinese Student VISA. (List of documents for Chinese Student VISA is available at the end of this article)

Step B:

Search online for the website of the Chinese Embassy specifically for your country citizens, open that website and locate the appointment reservation section

Step C:

Two links will be available on-site, first link is for the Chinese VISA application form and the second link is for the reservation of appointment.

You must not click on the link that says book an appointment, because, you need to first submit a Chinese Online VISA application that will give you a VISA application number.

This VISA Application number is required while filling out the second online form for reserving an appointment to visit the Chinese Embassy.

Step D:

Click on the Chinese VISA Online Application form and fill it out. Carefully note down the application number of  your Online Chinese VISA Application form
Note: If you are going to visit China for study for the first time then you can skip the section of the Online Chinese VISA application form that requires information of your previous Chinese VISA numbers or similar things.

But, if you have already stayed in China for education or other purposes then carefully provide all the information in Online Chinese VISA application forms such as your previous Chinese VISA numbers, your stay duration, arrival and departure dates in and out of China

Step E:

Submit the online application form of VISA for China and take its print out by saving its pdf file and note down your application number

Step F:

Now, click on the second link that will take you to the webpage where you can book an appointment for an interview and Chinese VISA document submission in order to obtain a Chinese VISA at the Chinese embassy

While filling out this second form for booking an appointment, you can actually select a date from the displayed online calendar and make yourself available at that scheduled date for submission of documents and a short interview to obtain Chinese VISA

List of Documents Required by the Chinese Embassy for Chinese Student VISA?

This process is also valid for winners of CSC Scholarship or any other Chinese Scholarship winners or for the self-financed students.

  • Make sure you carry all original educational documents with you dually attested by Higher Education Commission authority of your country, it is a good idea to carry their attested photocopies as well alongside
  • Physical Examination Certificate is not mandatory but if you have it then it is a plus
  • Police character certificate also known as Non-criminal record certificated attested in original by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is also required
  • Invitation letter from Chinese Authority, VISA JW201 or JW202 forms, Admission letter from a Chinese university or other relevant documents in original
  • An original passport that must have vacant pages available
  • Passport size photographs are also mandatory that must have white background and clarity (03)

Once you submit these documents in the Chinese Embassy then you have to wait for four working days to obtain Chinese Study VISA and 2-3 business days if you applied for urgent Chinese VISA service.

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