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Written by Muhammad Yousaf

Keyword search

A web-based keyword research system that does not require any installation is available now named as keysearch. keysearch is a go-to platform as it offers a variety of search options and the tools available are multifunctional. It offers the following and more.

SEO & Keyword suggestions

Multiple keyword alternatives choices, which include bulk keyword search, analysis on CPC & PPC. You have multiple ways to look for connected words that are relevant keywords. Once you’ve typed in a word, with the click of a button, it pulls up for you related words in their numbers, using the CPC & PPC data. You can also compare multiple keywords and delve deeper by using LSI keyword with our deep Analysis feature.  You can also reword or reconstruct your search with our Keyword planner, Google suggests, Amazon suggests, YouTube suggest finders and our database of over 1 billion keywords. That’s not all, you can use the URL of your competitor with the bulk check metric like PA, DA Alexa to capture keywords that makes them rank higher, plus give you countless ways to search for encrypted styles to their top ranking. You can also search backlinks for any site. This is not leaving out our YouTube research part, with improved filtering options & automatic matching domain checker.

Keyword difficulty checker

It performs a complete SEO competitor screening of single keyword or a number of keywords at once. As a business, entrepreneur, cooperation or individual, a keyword search is a one-stop shop for you. As a mole, a keyword search will identify words used by your competitors that set them on a higher ranking, which you can take advantage of. This is not limited to SEO keyword search, but also includes in-depth keyword search, keyword difficulty checker, Rank tracking, Brainstorm Niche ideas, YouTube competitor research, Backlink checker, Web page Audit Analyzer, Link Analysis, API & White label Reporting

Competitor analysis

For a competitor analysis search, our advanced procedure uses multiple on a page and off page ranking elements to produce precise single number keyword difficulty score plus full first-page search analysis. This can be done on the research page

Ranking and link analysis

With the option to real-time tracking, down to your location, his offers you automatic reporting of your online presence stats, create report, notification and ranking update. You track your online presence.


Pricing for Keyword Research Tool
Offerings Free trial ( one month trialstarter ( $17 /mo or 1 year for $169Pro ($34/mo or 1 year for $279
Daily search & Analysis3200500
Daily super search32050
YouTube research ✓ ✓ ✓
Exact Domain Check ✓ ✓ ✓
Rank Tracker Keyword X40100
Link Analysis Access X ✓ ✓
Reporting/API Access ✓ ✓ ✓


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