Netherland Scholarships – Study in Netherland

The Netherland is one of the most beautiful countries where the residents are cordial and the environment is excellent for education and tourism. The scholarships in Netherland such as MENA scholarship or creative mind scholarship or others are also known as MSP that provides a perfect opportunity for you to get employee training in the Netherlands.

The program basically targets employees of different organizations and allows them to take short courses in the Netherlands.  The scholarship is awarded to the employees however the employees must be nominated by their respective employers as far as participating in the program goes.

Study in Netherland

The Netherland is a developed country where all the facilities of life are right there at your doorstep. Pursuing training or education in the Netherlands will expose you to the following benefits.

  • You get the right value for your money by getting quality
  • Studying in the Netherlands allows you to become part and parcel of an international community.
  • The training in the Netherlands will help you develop special skills which in the long run will prove to be a great help you in your career.
  • The Netherlands is one of the happy countries in the world.

Why Netherland Scholarships?

The Mena Scholarship Program offers 140 scholarships to different professionals in a year. The Netherland scholarships are divided equally among different participant countries. In the majority of cases, half of the scholarships are offered to females.

There are numerous benefits which Netherland scholarship Program offers to its participants. Of course, these benefits are the prime reason why this scholarship has gained so much popularity all over the world. Some key merits of the scholarship are mentioned as follows:

  • The program basically contains short courses which usually do not exceed more than 12 weeks.
  • The scholarship actually contributes to the selected course’s cost. The program also supplements your salary which you receive throughout your period of study. Some key things which the scholarship actually covers include your subsistence allowance, your study material allowance, your international travel cost, your course fee and your cost of the visa.
  • Your living expenses are well covered by the allowances mentioned above.

Netherland Scholarship MSP Eligibility

  • Check the MSP country list, if you are working or are a resident in one of the countries mentioned in the list then you are eligible for this scholarship.
  • You should possess an employer’s statement which should be according to the format which has been provided by Nuffic. Complete information as mentioned in the format should be provided by you.
  • You should not be the part of an organization which possesses its own staff development program. Common organizations which fall under this category are multilateral donor organizations, multinational corporations, and different commercial organizations.
  • A valid and official passport is mandatory to apply for this scholarship.
  • You cannot get more than one fellowship for the courses that commence at the same time.
  • A proper Government statement meeting the employer’s country criteria or requirement must be provided by you.
  • Your age should not exceed 45 years ( at the time of grant submission)

How to Apply for Scholarships in Netherland?

  • The entire application process is online.
  • The Last date of application differs from one institute to another.

Scholarships like MENA cannot be ignored. If you want to see how employee training is actually done in the Netherlands then this is the course or scholarship which you should be going for. The application process is very easy and all the important information pertaining to the program can be extracted from the scholarship for Netherland site.

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