Pitch Your Idea! Win a Scholarship!

The Pitch Your Idea Scholarship is a new grant sponsored by the Scholarship Fellow Institute.  The Institute is looking for brilliant students from all around the world, studying any discipline to award 15 grants every month. Student who have an idea but need some financial help to get it rolling, are eligible to win a scholarship from the US$10,000 prize money. Interested candidates must submit an essay describing their idea, its expected impact and how the scholarship will help them achieve this impact. Each month, the Institute will choose the best 15 entries and award the scholarship.

The Scholarship Fellow Institute is launching this exciting new opportunity for students with the help of donations from collaborating industries. We are a well-known student mentor ship platform where volunteers from various countries have come together to provide free consultations to students embarking on their next academic journey.

  • Contestants from USA, UK, Asia, middle east and African countries are eligible to apply.

Get ready to pitch your idea!

Have a brilliant idea? Write it down and submit it to the Scholarship Fellow Institute for a chance to bring your idea to life. Explore this unique opportunity to make your dreams come true. If you have an idea that could have a very good impact, why not write it down, apply for this grant and get maximum exposure at the same time? Find out what the world has to offer you if your idea is impact full. Explore your hidden powers and ideas, work on them, elaborate them in writing according to the rules and in the format explained below and submit it. We will select the candidates with the best pitch and award 15 with financial support from our US$10,000 prize money every month.

Remember, you only have one try to pitch your idea to us. So, make sure it is your best work. Spend some time finding the right words, researching to see if there is already something similar done somewhere in the world and explain how yours is different. Present your pitch to us the right way and reap the benefits. Do not miss this opportunity to start working on your idea, have you entry published on our platform and reach potential investor readers from of relevant industries, companies or even management background.

Every Idea Matters! Ideas create Generations!


We believe that every idea matters. The difference between ideas is whether they have been realized successfully or unsuccessfully. Here are a few examples of ideas that were initially unsuccessful but proved to be great inventions later on:

  • Saccharin was discovered by a rather unusual set of circumstances. The now well known pink packet of fake sugar was discovered in 1879 by one Constantin Fahlberg, a chemist looking for alternative uses for coal tar. After a long day of work, he came home to find that his wife’s biscuits tasted a lot sweeter. Surprisingly, she hadn’t added extra sugar, he was the one who actually forgot to wash his hands after a day at work. The rest is history.
  • We all love potato chips, but do you know how they were invented? New York chef George Crum accidentally invented them back in 1853 when a patron kept sending his French fries back because they were soggy. Consequently, Crum fried the extra thinly sliced potatoes to a crisp and then proceeded adding a lot of salt. The customer really liked this version and so potato chips were born.
  • It may be hard to believe but synthetic dye was discovered when chemist William Perkin was researching a cure for malaria. He changed the word of fashion instead. While conducting an experiment in 1856 that seemed to have gone incredibly wrong, he created a murky mess that ended up radiating a beautiful color. Not quite what Perkin was hoping for but still quite the invention!

So, do not let your idea go undeveloped. You never know if it is the next big thing unless you try it. The idea behind the Pitch Your Idea Scholarship is to give a helping hand in the process. And we will be giving 15 of those every month. Make your entry count and do not miss this opportunity to find your place on this list. Inspirational stories can be found everywhere. Why not make your idea one of them and reserve your spot in the history books? Your idea could also inspire other young people to apply for opportunities and pursue their dreams.

You have an idea! Wonder how to submit your entry?

Deadline: Entries can be submitted anytime. 15 Awardees will be selected at the 30th of every month. Successful awardees will be contacted via email.