[2021] Secure Your Overseas Scholarship Quickly | The Ultimate Guide eBook

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Looking for a scholarship overseas but don’t know where to start?

Then this ebook is for you!

Scholarship Fellow’s team spent months creating this 15 chapter ebook to help you with your journey in getting your dream scholarship.

We’ve covered everything you need in here, from preparation, application, down to moving to a new country!


What’s in the ebook?


  • Understanding scholarships

A detailed overview on the reality of scholarship grants.

  • Scholarship requirements

Complete list of the ‘usual’ scholarship requirements, you should make sure you have.

  • Knowing your chances

Knowing how qualified you are for a specific scholarship.

  • Pro tips on crafting your scholarship essay

Understanding how important scholarship essay is and how can you craft the best scholarship essay for yourself ever!

  • How to ace the scholarship interview

Understanding the importance of nailing your interview plus the best ways on how to do it.

  • Bonus worksheets
  • Bonus resources where you can apply for scholarships
  • and a lot more!

24 reviews for [2021] Secure Your Overseas Scholarship Quickly | The Ultimate Guide eBook

  1. Bao

    A very thorough book, worth every penny. Thanks!

  2. Davis

    It really does cover almost everything I need though. The forms included in this book are the best part.

  3. Thomas Young

    If you don’t want to spend days surfing around the internet for scholarship guide information, this book is great for you. It’s recommended!

  4. Malik Hasham

    It’s useful

  5. Aliza Bhati

    A great source for learning

  6. Huzaifa

    Easy-to-understand and thorough book, worth it!

  7. Atiyyatullah

    I don’t find the tips on winning an interview 100% accurate but still a very good book. I’ll recommend it to my friends.

  8. Awadil

    A very good resource, easy to understand. I got it free as a Christmas gift. Thank you Scholarship Fellow!

  9. Maira

    Bought it when there wasn’t any discount. I’m a little sad but the book is great though

  10. Rashid Jr.

    A thorough and well-designed book. It’s worth my money, I recommend it to anyone who is seeking an overseas scholarship.

  11. Kachra Lam

    Great work, do you have this eBook in Apple Books?

  12. Millsap

    This is how every Ultimate Guide eBooks should look like, the others I found on Amazon KDP are written just for making money. This book is very helpful, I recommend it to anybody who is seeking scholarships to study aboard.

  13. Arjun Sr.

    This book is complete, I love this PDF version better because it’s beautiful and reasonably priced. You can print these pages out and compile them into a beautiful book in minutes.

  14. Cachari

    It’s not that great but still a good resource

  15. Jack Jr.

    This book is helpful, I’ll recommend it to my friends

  16. Mustapha Muhammad Abdullahi

    Its great

  17. Isah lawan Umar

    I most like it as well as possible

  18. Isah lawan Umar

    I like it

  19. Noorahmd

    Im want read alot of book im like verey scholarship

  20. Marinataran

    Very good book

  21. maha khan

    this book is v.helpful….

  22. Peter Majur

    It’s good to have guide ebook.

  23. Wajeeha Aziz

    This books are very interesting

  24. Wilson

    The book is nice to keep

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