Forigen Country Opportunities

Forigen country scholarships available if you wants to study in China under Chinese Government Scholarship Council or in Western and European states. Over 200 universities in forigen nations enroll wide range students in Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral PhD programs, such as, CSC Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Shanghai Government Scholarship, Shandong Government Scholarship, CAS-TWAS Scholarship, Nanjing Government Scholarship, Jiangsu Government Scholarship and much more.

Forigen Policy

Forigen policy of country always have scope for cultural exchange programs in developed nations and this is the reason that so many scholarships are available in forigen world. If you are trying to learn Chinese language then a Chinese learning school is located in Asia’s most exciting two cities – Beijing and Shanghai. This project allows you to practice in a strong Chinese culture in Chinese. Daily curriculum guided by professional teachers, at the same time every day’s experience in China will also help you learn Chinese even if you belong from forigen country. Chinese language learning programs provide different levels of courses, from beginner courses to advanced courses, 20 hours per week of class, but also to the local language school field trips, cultural events, and one of language learning opportunities.

Chinese language study and internship programs
Chinese language study and internship programs will increase your professional and personal experience, but also for Chinese academic has a better understanding of the internship experience at the same time increase. internships in China are very popular areas, including economics, finance, marketing, engineering, law and so on. China is a very fascinating country, you can experience the local charm to her unique culture, language and society.

Jobs in Forigen countries

There are so many opportunities available in forigen countries and these are listed on regular basis on scholarship website so that students can get jobs, internships or win scholarships in forigen countries. China is fast becoming the world’s most important economic center, to understand their way of doing business and the financial system is very important. Global companies are looking at China’s development, but also the need for more understanding from China to the Road graduates.

Chinese learning allows you to find like-minded friends, to participate in social activities also allows you to have more understanding of Chinese culture. You not only have the opportunity to make new friends through our vast alumni network, you can also build important relationships for your future career development.

Testimonials by Forigen Students:

Miss Ada from Kazakhstan Words After Studying in China:

I never thought I want to learn Chinese and never thought I would come to China to study. In Start i thought learning Chinese is really difficult for me, the most difficult problem is the characters and pronunciation. Because each character have to remember & how to write, how to pronounce. In China, if you do not speak Chinese, you certainly encountered in small difficulty. For example, you want to buy something that way, ask for it, and so must go to dinner with Chinese like when I first came to Beijing when I was a unable to speak Chinese then instead of saying hello, i said I’m sorry, you’re welcome. If they tell me anything in Chinese, I consider that different. Later, learning Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University a year later I feel more and more my Chinese proficiency improves, but also feel that learning Chinese makes learning process the more interesting. Now I read in the Chinese. Foreign Affairs University members like student or teachers here are very warm, very considerate , very good in attitude. They always encouraged me, help me. I appreciate that through the efforts of Chinese teachers in a period of time i was there, I believe that these difficulties can be overcome.

How to apply for these Forigen scholarships?

How to Apply for CSC Scholarship Step by Step Procedure Guide:

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