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Please make sure your article strictly follow our community guidelines.

Education-related Guestpost Guidelines:

You should consider any special knowledge, experience or skill that you possess and are applicable to making an informative blog guest post for education experts, teachers, students, and professionals. The main goal of is to inspire, engage and inform aspiring and new members of the educational community. You need to make sure your blog guest posts:

  • Has interesting, novel and relevant education or career-related informative content.
  • Career-advice related guest posts
  • Student or University life-related guests posts
  • Entrepreneurship related guests posts

Note: Please include citation links from top authority websites for the defining terms used in your guest post and also for the quoted facts and figures dependable on records.

Criteria for Guest Post Articles:

It is important to take note of the following before submission of your guest post to scholarship fellow:

  1. The originality of Content: The guest posts for should be unpublished work and original. If in case, we found that your content is not original then you will be instantly banned from accessing this site. Make sure your guest post article must have at least 600 words.
  2. Good quality Backlinks/Citations: We love in-text citations and if your article lacks it then there is a high chance of rejection. Please make sure your article is well researched and include multiple and relevant citations from a top journal or top article websites.
  3. For proper accreditation, you should include a bio of 2-3 sentences. You are also free to include the link to your blog if applicable as well as any other material related to the teaching or education expertise.
  4. The articles should have an actionable message that will inspire the readers within the education community to follow suit and also in sharing their experiences and reactions with the and beyond.

When submitting your guest post to, kindly send your article to subject line should be Guest Post Submission.

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