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We are looking for guest post writers who can contribute to actionable and positive guest posts to the blog. You are recommended to go through our guest post guidelines so that you can learn how you can be able to share your stories or blog posts as well as your expertise in certain courses with the community.

We accept following Guest Posting Articles:

You should consider any special knowledge, experience or skill that you possess and are applicable to making an informative blog guest post for education experts, teachers, students, and professionals. The main goal of is to inspire, engage and inform aspiring and new members of the educational community. You need to make sure your blog guest posts:

  • Has interesting and relevant career information.
  • Teaches the readers techniques that are useful in their line of work in education.
  • Your guest post should offer a how-to guide for navigation in a situation that seems common yet they are complex.
  • The article should be informative on resources and current issues that the teacher ought to be aware of their existence.
  • Education Tips, educational software courses or how to guides are also acceptable.
  • Entrepreneurship skills, tips or how to guides on running an online business or articles on working as a freelancer.
  • Universities informative articles such as reviews or comparisons between universities or articles on course comparisons.

Criteria for Guest Post Articles:

It is important to take note of the following before submission of your guest post to scholarship fellow:

  1. The originality of Content: The guest posts for should be unpublished work and original. If in case, we found that your content is not original then you will be instantly banned from accessing this site. They should be submitted as a word or Google document of about 600-800 words.
  2. Good quality Backlinks/Citations: The guest posts should give sources. It is important to have an in-text citation and probably 2-3 high image resolutions which are related to the article. Embedded videos are also recommended.
  3. Credit: In case you took the content’s idea from someone else’s work then please credit them in your article for that.
  4. For proper accreditation, you should include a bio of 2-3 sentences. You are also free to include the link to your blog if applicable as well as any other material related to the teaching or education expertise.
  5. The articles should have an actionable message that will inspire the readers within the education community to follow suit and also in sharing their experiences and reactions with the and beyond.

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