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Submit scholarship to our major scholarship database.  The following guidelines must be met by the scholarship submitting users before you list your scholarship here.

Submit Scholarship Guide Lines

These following guidelines must be met by your organization and its website before your scholarship would be posted on Scholarshipfellow:

  • The student’s social security number and credit card number are not asked by the application submitting authority for scholarship
  • Fees are not charged when applying for the scholarship.
  • Students have easy access to corporate contact information like email and phone numbers for more inquiries.
  • Ads or other competitor scholarships are not displayed on institute website.
  • There is a direct link of Scholarship URL to specific fellowship page.
  • Every eligibility criteria and the materials required for the students to apply and the selection process must be outlined on the scholarship page.
  • There will be a need for verification by us if there is a non-profit NGO claim made by the provider. Appropriate documentation must be provided by the sponsor confirming their status if we fail to do it.


The privacy policy of the scholarship submissions must be visible on every page of the sponsor’s website. The provision of quality scholarship for the students as well as the protection of the students’ information is done by our Scholarship Screening Department. These should include the privacy policies:

  • Address, contact information and the name of business or organization.
  • The manner and what kind of information is collected from the site visitors must be detailed through a language
  • The students will indicate whether or not to receive more communication from an area.

List Your Scholarship by providing following details:

  1. Sponsorship Information
    For your scholarship to be listed, the mailing address, phone number, email address and contact name will be needed by us. For internal use, there are phone numbers and contact names unless your scholarship will contain the information that would be posted on our website. This must be requested by you. Moreover, your website URL must be included always. And on the last note, the fax number is not required but it’s helpful.
  2. Scholarship Information
    All scholarship information must be submitted in the body of the email. There will be no review on attachments and links. The following list must be completed before you submit your scholarship:
  • Scholarship name
  • Date for deadline
  • Description details
  • Scholarship value
  • Number of available scholarship
  • GPA and SAT/ACT minimum
  • Requirements for residency
  • Year of school Eligibility
  • Major for scholarship grant
  • State of college required
  • University or college required
  • Student activities such as clubs, extracurricular activities are required
  • Requirements for parents such as a union membership or active military or veteran
  • If applicable any specific disabilities
  • Gender choice

If you agree to these terms and your institution wants to award scholarships to the students then you can submit your scholarship post for review  on this email:

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