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‘Doodle for Google’ $30000 Scholarship 2019

Google Scholarship 2019-2020

You might have wondered where the changing doodles that appeared on Google’s homepage came from. Well, Google runs an annual doodle contest for them known as the ‘Doodle for Google’ contest. The contest is back this year and the hunt is on for fresh doodle art.

This would be the 11th year that the contest would be running and the theme this year is ‘When I grow up I hope’.

If seeing your doodle featured on Google’s homepage isn’t incentive enough for you to participate in the contest, then the big winner’s prize should get you interested! The winner will receive a college scholarship worth $30,000 besides having his/her doodle featured on for a day. Apart from this, the winner will also be offered a trip to Google’s California headquarters. And that’s not all; the winner’s school/college/non-profit organization would also benefit by receiving a $50000 technology package from Google.

Besides one winner, four finalists will also be awarded $5,000 scholarships and a free trip each to Google’s headquarters

Only students in grades K-12 can participate in this contest.

The Google Contest Page can be accessed for additional details.


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