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Tianjin University CSC Scholarship 2019-2020

Tianjin University CSC Scholarship
Written by Muhammad Yousaf

Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) Tianjin University is now open for accepting international students for bachelor, master and doctoral courses. Please read carefully below items to find out what benefits of a CSC scholarship of Tianjin University and learn more about the application procedure of Tianjin University CSC Scholarship.

How to apply for Tianjin University CSC Scholarship?

Tianjin university provides a CSC scholarship to master and doctoral degree program students. In this regard, Tianjin university is bound to pay 3500 RMB stipend to Ph.D. and 3000 RMB stipend to MS degree CSC scholars with accommodation in Tianjin university dormitories for free. You need to submit set of documents by post to international student office of Tianjin University before February 25 this year. So, deadline in Tianjin university for submission of CSC scholarship application is before 25th February. 

Following steps are required to submit your Tianjin university CSC scholarship application:

  • Begin your CSC scholarship application by filling an online format CSC Scholarship online application website and chose Tianjin University in institute selection drop down menu and insert Agency number of Tianjin university as 10056
  • Take CSC application form pdf file from CSC online form filling portal and attach the following list of documents with it in hard copy (two binding sets with CSC application forms)
  • Copies of highest degree certificate alongside with its detailed transcript fully notarized
  • Nearly eight hundred words study plan in your field of interest to study a degree in Tianjin university under CSC scholarship
  • Obtain from two professors of your last attended school: the two recommendation letters
  • Get yourself medically tested by any doctor near your area because you need to fill a Foreigner medical health form to attach it to the set of documents, download this foreigner physical examination form for Chinese Visa here
  • If you have an acceptance invitation from any professor of Tianjin university then please attach its copy with your CSC application documents
  • IELTS is not mandatory for Tianjin university CSC scholarship but the minimum of IELTS Six band is required. Otherwise, you can submit English Proficiency certificate.
  • Make two sets of these documents for Tianjin university Chinese government scholarship application and post them on the following address:
    ”  International Admissions office (Room207), School of International Education, No.10 East Building, Tianjin University. No.92, Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China, Zip code: 300072, Phone Number of Tianjin university: +86-22-27406691
    Email Tianjin university: [email protected]   ”
    Official notice of CSC scholarship by Tianjin university available here


Degree programs at Tianjin University under CSC Scholarship

Here is the list of programs taught by Tianjin university in Nankai district, Tianjin state.

Important Note Regarding CSC Scholarship at Tianjin University:
The medium of instruction for CSC Scholarship in Tianjin University will be in English and Chinese language. The medium of instruction and duration of CSC scholarship scheme of Tianjin University is shown below:

Tianjin University ProgramsDurationChinese Language DurationPeriod of CSC Scholarship
MS (English)2.5-3 YearsNill3 years
MS (Chinese)3 Years1-year2.5-4 years
Ph.D. (Doctoral)4 Years1 year4 years
  • MS English Medium degree programs at Tianjin University
School of Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering2 years
School of Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering2 years
School of Civil Engineering, TianjinHydraulic Engineering2 years
School of Civil Engineering, TianjinNaval Architecture and Ocean Engineering2 years
School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, TianjinPharmaceutical Technology3 years
School of Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering2 years
School of ArchitectureArchitecture2 years
School of ArchitectureLandscape Architecture2 years
School of ArchitectureUrban Planning2 years
School of Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering2 years
School o Environmental Science and EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering2.5 years
  • MS Chinese Medium degree programs at Tianjin University
General and Fundamental MechanicsMaterial Chemistry
Solid MechanicsFermentation Engineering
HydrodynamicsBiomedical Engineering
Engineering MechanicsFood Science
Mechanical EngineeringMaterial Science
Wind Energy EngineeringMaterial Process Engineering
Industrial DesignPolymer Materials Science and Engineering
Engineering Thermo-physicsMaterial Engineering
Thermal Energy EngineeringApplied Economics
Motive Power Machine and EngineeringFinancial Science
Refrigeration and Cryogenic EngineeringAsset Appraisal
Environmental Energy EngineeringSystem Engineering
Bridge and Tunnel EngineeringIndustrial Engineering
Power EngineeringLogistics Engineering
Vehicle EngineeringManagement Science and Engineering
Industry Design EngineeringPublic Administration
Optics EngineeringInformation Science
Opto-electronics and Photonics TechnologyBusiness Administration
Instruments Science and TechnologyMaster of Business Administration  (Above 3 years of work experience for university graduates)
Biomedical EngineeringProject Management
Medical PhysicsBasic Mathematics
Instrument and Meter EngineeringComputational Mathematics
Electrical EngineeringProbability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Control Theory and EngineeringApplied Mathematics
Control EngineeringOperational Research and Theory
Circuit and SystemTheoretical  Physics
Microelectronics and Solid ElectronicsCondensed Matter Physics
Electromagnetic Field and Microwave TechniqueOptics
Information and Communications EngineeringChemistry
 Electronic and Communications EngineeringBiophysics
Integrated Circuit EngineeringMaterial Physics and Chemistry
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent SystemChemical Engineering
Software EngineeringApplied Chemistry
Computer TechnologyPedagogy
Civil EngineeringCross-Cultural Education
Geotechnical EngineeringGraduate Education
Hydraulic EngineeringApplied Psychology
Wind Energy EngineeringEducation Management
Ocean and Naval Structure EngineeringModern Educational Technology
Architectural and Civil EngineeringVocational and Technical Education
ArchitectureTeaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(MTCSOL)
Urban and Rural PlanningEducational Economics and Management
landscape ArchitecturePharmaceutical Science
Architectural and Civil EngineeringHealth and Pharmacy Management
Fine ArtGenetics
DesignThermal Energy Engineering
Art TheoryMunicipal Engineering
Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyHeat Supply, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-conditioner Engineering
Materials ScienceEnvironmental Science
Chemical Process MachineryEnvironmental Engineering
Chemical EngineeringEnvironmental Energy Engineering
Chemical TechnologyEnvironment Information and Planning Management
Biochemical EngineeringEnvironmental Ecology
Applied ChemistryScience, Technology and Marine Environment
Industrial CatalysisArchitectural and Civil Engineering
Synthetic BiologySoftware Engineering
Pharmacy EngineeringBiology
Chemical Energy IndustryMarine Science
GeologyMarine Environmental Science and Technology
  •  PhD degree programs in Tianjin University
General and Fundamental MechanicsSynthetic Biology
Solid MechanicsPharmacy Engineering
HydrodynamicsChemical Energy Industry
Engineering MechanicsMaterial Chemistry
BiomechanicsFermentation Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
Wind Energy EngineeringFood Science
Industrial DesignBioengineering
Engineering Thermo-physicsMaterial Science
Thermal Energy EngineeringMaterial Process Engineering
Motive Power Machine and EngineeringPolymer Materials Science and Engineering
Refrigeration and Cryogenic EngineeringMaterial Engineering
Environmental Energy EngineeringApplied Economics
Bridge and Tunnel EngineeringFinancial Science
Power EngineeringAsset Appraisal
Vehicle EngineeringSystem Engineering
Industry Design EngineeringIndustrial Engineering
Optics EngineeringLogistics Engineering
Opto-electronics and Photonics TechnologyManagement Science and Engineering
Instruments Science and TechnologyPublic Administration
Biomedical EngineeringInformation Science
Medical PhysicsBusiness Administration
Instrument and Meter EngineeringMaster of Business Administration  (Above 3 years of work experience for university graduates)
Electrical EngineeringProject Management
Control Theory and EngineeringBasic Mathematics
Control EngineeringComputational Mathematics
Circuit and SystemProbability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Microelectronics and Solid ElectronicsApplied Mathematics
Electromagnetic Field and Microwave TechniqueOperational Research and Theory
Information and Communications EngineeringTheoretical  Physics
Integrated Circuit EngineeringCondensed Matter Physics
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent SystemOptics
Software EngineeringChemistry
Computer TechnologyBiophysics
Civil EngineeringMaterial Physics and Chemistry
Geotechnical EngineeringChemical Engineering
Hydraulic EngineeringApplied Chemistry
Wind Energy EngineeringPedagogy
Ocean and Naval Structure EngineeringCross-Cultural Education
Architectural and Civil EngineeringGraduate Education
ArchitectureApplied Psychology
Urban and Rural PlanningEducation Management
landscape ArchitectureModern Educational Technology
Architectural and Civil EngineeringVocational and Technical Education
Fine ArtTeaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(MTCSOL)
DesignEducational Economics and Management
Art TheoryPharmaceutical Science
Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyHealth and Pharmacy Management
Materials ScienceGenetics
Chemical Process MachineryThermal Energy Engineering
Chemical EngineeringMunicipal Engineering
Chemical TechnologyHeat Supply, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-conditioner Engineering
Biochemical EngineeringEnvironmental Science
Applied ChemistryEnvironmental Engineering
Industrial CatalysisEnvironmental Energy Engineering
Software EngineeringEnvironment Information and Planning Management
BiologyEnvironmental Ecology
Marine ScienceScience, Technology and Marine Environment
Marine Environmental Science and TechnologyArchitectural and Civil Engineering

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