Tianjin University CSC Scholarship


Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) Tianjin University is now open for accepting international students for bachelor, master and doctoral courses. Please read carefully below items to find out what benefits of a CSC scholarship of Tianjin University and learn more about the application procedure of Tianjin University CSC Scholarship.

How to apply for Tianjin University CSC Scholarship?

Tianjin university provides a CSC scholarship to master and doctoral degree program students. In this regard, Tianjin university is bound to pay 3500 RMB stipend to Ph.D. and 3000 RMB stipend to MS degree CSC scholars with accommodation in Tianjin university dormitories for free. You need to submit a set of documents by post to the international student office of Tianjin University before deadline.

Following steps are required to submit your Tianjin university CSC scholarship application:

  • Begin your CSC scholarship application by filling an online format CSC Scholarship online application website and chose Tianjin University in institute selection drop down menu and insert Agency number of Tianjin university as 10056
  • Take CSC application form pdf file from CSC online form filling portal and attach the following list of documents with it in hard copy (two binding sets with CSC application forms)
  • Copies of highest degree certificate alongside with its detailed transcript fully notarized
  • Nearly eight hundred words study plan in your field of interest to study a degree in Tianjin university under CSC scholarship
  • Obtain from two professors of your last attended school: the two recommendation letters
  • Get yourself medically tested by any doctor near your area because you need to fill a Foreigner medical health form to attach it to the set of documents, download this foreigner physical examination form for Chinese Visa here
  • If you have an acceptance invitation from any professor of Tianjin university then please attach its copy with your CSC application documents
  • IELTS is not mandatory for Tianjin university CSC scholarship but the minimum of IELTS Six band is required. Otherwise, you can submit English Proficiency certificate.
  • Make two sets of these documents for Tianjin university Chinese government scholarship application and post them on the following address:
    ”  International Admissions office (Room207), School of International Education, No.10 East Building, Tianjin University. No.92, Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China, Zip code: 300072, Phone Number of Tianjin university: +86-22-27406691
    Email Tianjin university: iso@tju.edu.cn   ”
    Official notice of CSC scholarship by Tianjin university available here

Degree programs at Tianjin University under CSC Scholarship

Programs in Tianjin university in Nankai district can be chosen and then applied accordingly for CSC China Scholarship.

Important Note Regarding CSC Scholarship at Tianjin University:
The medium of instruction for CSC Scholarship in Tianjin University will be in English and Chinese language.

Before you begin your next academic journey in China, a quick read on the article about the student guide to study in China is highly recommended.

Please visit the Official Website to check the deadline of CSC Scholarship by Tianjin university .

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    • Sir thank for your guidance. i have done BSc in Civil Engineering with CGPA 2.86. Is CGPA enough for applying to any uni. if yes then i want to apply for MS in Transportation Engineering. But i have not found any found Chinese university yet. Please help me. i also want to know what is the application starting date for SJTU uni. Please Guide me.

      • Hi Raza. Kindly check the desired university of your field in 243 universities which offer CSC scholarship.
        there are many universities which offer Civil engineering like Tianjin university, Southeast university Nanjing china.

  1. Hello! Thanks for this post. I have a doubt, in the nankai university website states that the deadline is March 10th, and here says that is 25th Feaubrary. Who should I trust? because if it is incorrect in nanka’s website I’m in a hurry.

    Thank you !

  2. I ve applied in Tianjin University for PhD computer Sci. When will they announce the result?
    I got an acceptance letter from a professor. How many chances to secure admission?
    Kindly reply

  3. Hi
    I am interested to admit in a Ph. D program in Medical Physics from 2018.
    How can i apply or how can get the scholarship updates in regards of that.
    Would you plz help me for finding the scholarship on Medical physics in CHINA or JAPAN.

      • pls is there any application fee for tianjin university,hebei university ,wuhan university and jiangsu university.thanks

      • My name Megersa Bedo Megra I have Bsc degree in chemistry from Bahir Dar University with CGPA 3.67
        now I am a researcher at chemical and construction imput Industry Development Institute.I have great interist to study in china university

  4. Hello brother, I am from Bangladesh. I am interested to study in China. I am an artist. I want to do masters in this universities
    But I do not know Chinese language. I know English well. In this circumstances, what can I do. Is English will be ok.

  5. i am interested to study at Tianjin university of undergraduate program in Food Science and Engineering with CSC scholarship.is Acceptable below 5 min of self introduction video( video rang 5 min in circular)?? Thanks in advance….

  6. How can I apply for more than one university through CSC application as only one agency number can be entered at one time .Can I create more than one Username and password using one single email address?

  7. Hello!
    Thanks for your information. I got SCS in 2016 and this year i will graduate, can i apply for another SCS scholarship in Tijanjin University ?

    • and one more question. doesnt this university charge any fee to review applicant’s documents? because i didnt really see info about fees on their site.

  8. i’m michael, from nigeria. i am seriously interested in undertaking my doctorate program in Tianjin University under CSC scheme, but for next session program this year 2018, since i am just knowing about it and the application deadline for February 2018 is just 25th, 2018. So, i need accurate information on how to go about it, and i see you as someone to direct me on that with better assistance.

  9. I wanna also study their.my name is alexis Adjazounhouè. I’m from Benin and i am interrested to admit in Ph.D program in Medical Physics in Tianjin university for example.Thanks.

  10. hello i apply this year at the Chinese government scholarship in tianjin university and i would like to know if the results are already out so i just found that the closing date was for february 25th but i did send my file the March 24 because I told myself that the closing is March 31 for Chinese government scholarships

  11. hello i apply this year at the Chinese government scholarship in tianjin university and i would like to know if the results are already out so i just found that the closing date was for february 25th but i did send my file the March 24 because I told myself that the closing is March 31 for Chinese government scholarships

  12. Hello , Yes please How are you ?
    I am Berhanu from Ethiopia, Tigray region , I need your support , When will start registration at Tianjin University ? Already my government told me that I have gotten chance of PhD program scholarship. And what would be your advice just to me ?
    Many thanks !

  13. I’m really interested in the tiangin scholarship but I don’t know when the form will be out and the application deadline. I really want to do my master program there. Please help me with information about the application period.

  14. Dear Muhammad , How are you ?
    I am Berhanu Tesfay from Ethiopia. In April,2018 I was seat for written exam and interview as well as fill online application to Tianjin University for PhD program in hydraulic Engineering , Early June result was announced from office of counselor found in Ethiopia, I was scored the maximum pass mark and was highly recommended to join Tianjin University, how ever I did not get admission, Anyway right now I am Tianjin at GRAND VIEW HOTEL for Seminar sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and organized and given by TEDA, Thus I am very pleasure to be here and want to facilitate my scholarship before I depart to my home. Please help me as much as you can , How can I get scholarship opportunities scheduled for 2019?

  15. Hello, I recently completed Mphil.environmental economics, now I’m looking for a schlorship for Phd.. can you guide me in the right direction. I’m so confused about all the application process. Or if there is any reliable consultancy you can tell me about. Thank you

  16. Hello ! Many thanks for your information, I want to apply could you tell me the dead lines & when the announcement will posted ?

    • The announcement is expected in January and the deadline will be at the end of April. But, start preparing your documents now.

  17. Hi,
    I would like to know how to apply to Tianjian University if I am already studying in China. For instance, I am now studying in Hebei University, Baoding and will be graduating soon (July 2019).

  18. Hi i want to apply in.Media.studies. I DiD masters in.mass communication with the cgpa of 3.61 is this.possible to get scholarship with this result ?

  19. i want to apply for csc scholarship for MS software engineering . but there is no link of university portal . i checked the official announcement of csc in university website but i cant found the university application portal . how i can found university admission portal or its not necessary for tianjin university.
    only i can apply in csc website and then send documents to university ???????? plz help

  20. Hi,
    Hope you doing well. I want to do PhD in Supply chain Management or Organizational Behavior. Can you suggest me a university which offer PhD Programs in these subjects through CSC?????

  21. Good evening, please i would like to know the “general” word count for the “csc study plan”. I am really confused about this. I couldn’t obtain the information concerning this from my choice of universities( i.e Tianjin university, Chongqing university, and Nanjing University ) for the csc. Please, I need your kind advice and guidance. Thanks

  22. Hey am Kennedy from Uganda I submitted my documents for the CSC government scholarship to the Chinese embassy in Uganda and also online but I don’t know how I can track my scholarship to know whether I was given admitted /given a scholarship or and also to know the results

  23. Hello Sir, My name is M.Attique ur Rehman, and i have BS degree in Computer Science with a cgpa 2.5, Is cgpa enough for applying csc scholrship

  24. Hi sir this page is very helpfull. I have applied at tianjin university and my current status is on processing when they will show notice for final selection for 2019 kindly tell me the time i am waiting for your kind response

  25. Hi
    I have done M.Phil in Chemistry and i want to do PhD. I have English proficiency certificate and i do not want to do PhD in China. Is there any country which offer PhD scholarship with this certificate?

  26. Hello, please can I know when the result for the 2019 Tianjin Scholarship Application will be out?


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