Business Memo Template – How to write an effective Memo?

A guide to compose a clear business memorandum

A business memo, short for the word memorandum, is an official document used to communicate the information within the organization.

In this article, we will discuss how to write an effective memo. There will also be a business memo template and some samples.

What is a business memo?

A memo is a simple document or note distributed in the organization internally to ask or provide the information. It allows companies to disseminate the information in a less formal yet professional way.

Memos are often used to announce the company’s new policies, update on transfers, or send an invitation for the staff party.

A business memo is direct, brief, single-subject, and a clear document, unlike business letters. These can be addressed to a single person or a group, or the whole company.

You can write an official memo with the help of a business memo template and the below-mentioned tips. effective

Tips to write a business memo

As mentioned above, a business memo is direct, brief, and easy to understand. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind

1. Get to the point immediately

Try to get to the main point straightaway. Structure the business memo in such a way that the vital information comes at the beginning.

2. Use headings and bullets

It is best to divide the memo body into different paragraphs. It will be easy for readers to scan the information, and if you have several points to cover, write them as a bulleted list.

3. Focus on one point

Keep the memo focused on the main point. If you want to provide additional information to the readers, give the link to other resources. The length shouldn’t be more than 1 or 2 pages.

4. Keep the language positive

You are writing this business memo to provide information to your co-workers and keep the language positive and concise. A short and clear sentence helps to build your credibility.

5. Communicate the message in the subject line

The subject line should clarify the purpose of the memo. Tell the readers what they can expect from the document.

6. Break down your information in the body and conclusion paragraph

The body paragraph is to inform the employee of the main information and how it affects the company. Use the conclusion to show your gratitude towards their hard work.

7. Use a business memo template:

Create a business memo template and share it with your colleagues. When you have found a template that works for you and your organization, use it in the future.

Business memo template and structure

To: Name of the person
From: Your Name
Date: Month, Day, Year

Subject: Be specific about the reason behind the memo


Use the first paragraph to describe the reason for writing this business memo. It needs to be as clear and concise as possible. It needs to be short and clear the purpose instantly.

Additional Information

If you need to provide any additional information, break the body section into two or three paragraphs. It is advisable to summarize the information using a bulleted list.


Conclude the memo and suggest action. If you want employees to take any necessary actions, make sure to include them as well.

Thank You.

***Remember memos don’t have a complementary closure or signature. The document ends with a call to action.

You can use the above business memo template to write a memo. Here are some samples to help you out

Business Memo Samples

1. Business Memo to call for a meeting

To: The Staff
From: Rachel Anderson
Date: 13, July 2021

Subject: Meeting to discuss company growth

Dear All,

Please be informed that the company is scheduling a staff meeting on 10 July 2021 to discuss the solutions suggested by the management for the company’s growth. The meeting will be held on the second floor, conference room at 10 am sharp.

We plan to go through the following suggestions:

  • Nurturing the existing customers and finding the new opportunities
  • Attending the networking events and hosting the events
  • Using social media platforms for marketing purposes

We also request you to present some ideas and suggestions to grow the company. All suggestions are highly welcomed. Feel free to inform me if you want to add anything else to the above points.

Please make sure to be on time.  Your participation in the meeting is important. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please inform me. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Thank You.

2. Business Memo to announce employee promotion

To: The Staff
From: HR Director
Date: 13, July 2021

Subject: Promotion of Jeff Bronze

Dear Staff,

It is with great pleasure to announce that Jeff Bronze has been promoted from Sales Assistant to Regional Sales Manager. Jeff is part of the sales department for the last five years and has proved himself a valuable addition to the company.

He has demonstrated his skills over the year and always comes up with innovative solutions. Jeff has proved his commitment to the department and acts as a catalyst in lead generation.

For any inquiries about Jeff’s new job responsibilities and their correlation with your work, please feel free to contact me.

I hope you all will join me to congratulate Jeff for his new job role and his outstanding contributions to the sales department.

Thank You.

3. Business memo to ask for excellence award nominees

To: Department Manager
From: HR Director
Date: 13, July 2021Subject: Excellence Award NominationsDear Manager,

Please submit your nominees for the yearly excellence award by July 25, 2021. Help us in identifying the best employee of the organization!

You have the opportunity to give recognition to the deserving employee. According to the criteria, the nominee must have the following characteristics:

  • Must have excellent service according to company’s policies
  • Has been working for the company for more than six months
  • Have no oral and written warning in the last six months
  • Not have received the award last year

A form is attached. Please fill it and submit it to the HR department by July 25, 2021.

Thank You for helping us in identifying the right candidate for the excellence award.

Business memo templates and samples can be a great help to communicate information within an organization.

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