Chevening UK Scholarship – Study in United Kingdom

What is UK Chevening Scholarship?

Do you wish to study in the UK and want to apply for a fully funded scholarship to afford to study for free in one of the UK Universities? Well, you can earn yourself an opportunity to study in the UK  by applying for the UK Chevening scholarships. Chevening is sponsored by the UK Government via International awards organization that is mainly committed to empowering the worldwide leaders. There are varieties of courses catered for, by this Chevening Scholarship, and all the students from different countries and regions are encouraged to apply for the UK Chevening Scholarship.

What are the benefits of UK Chevening Scholarship?

Chevening Scholarship has several benefits such as listed below:

  • Monthly stipend allowance to live in the UK while your stay in UK University. If your university is located in UK metropolitan city then the amount of Monthly stipend will be considerably higher but if your university is located in small cities of UK then the stipend amount will be little lower, but it will still be enough to live a good life in that city.
  • Travel expenditures will also be covered by Chevening
  • Tuition Fee is fully covered as well
  • Chevening also provide funds for your departure expenses in your home country as well as upon arrival in the UK
  • All the expenses for events and conferences in the UK while your study period in UK University will also be covered by Chevening
  • UK Student Visa Fee will be paid by Chevening

How to apply for UK Chevening Scholarship?

Please check the following detailed procedure to get familiar with Chevening UK Scholarship online application:

Who can apply for a UK Chevening Scholarship?

To be eligible for a Chevening scholarship, you must:

  • Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country
  • Go back to your home country and stay for a minimum of 24 months after the completion of the award.
  • Have been a bachelor’s degree or/equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honors degree in the UK in order to gain entry onto a postgraduate programme at any UK university.
  • Have two years’ work experience for Scholarship as well as five years’ work experience for the Fellowship programmes. Acquire more information regarding the same on your country page?
  • Have applied to at least three eligible UK University courses and have acquired unconditional offer from any the universities before 11th July
  • Meet the Chevening English language requirement by 11 July

What documents are required for UK Chevening Scholarship Application?

Online application for Chevening Scholarship require following documents:

It is important to prepare all the below mentioned documents before opting for the application:

Essential Documents:

  • Valid national ID card as well as passport
  • At least 3 different UK Master’s course choices
  • All the degree certificates including undergraduate as well as postgraduate and the university transcripts.
  • University transcripts and degree certificates (undergraduate, postgraduate)
  • Details of two valid referees including their names.


All the shortlisted individuals for any award must log into the online application system as well as request a reference from your 2 valid referees. This page automatically generates an email for the referees as well as submitting the reference by 25th February.

Optional Documents:

  • If all the above-mentioned requirements are met, the applicant will be again required to submit UK Master’s University offer.
  • The applicant will also be required to submit documents proving his/her English language level.

Also, note that you are allowed to make your initial application without the above mentioned optional documents which may be uploaded at any point before 11th July. In case you are among the conditionally shortlisted candidates for Chevening Scholarship, it is important that you also provide documents as evidence that you meet the Chevening English language requirements as well as one unconditional offer from a qualified course by 11 July so that you can be maintained in the process.

English Langauge criteria for Chevening UK Scholarship?

All the applicants can take as many tests as possible in order to qualify for Chevening English language requirement. Keep in mind that Chevening will not pay for your English language testing expenses as you are responsible for all the costs associated with registration as well as booking

Chevening accepts English language tests from five providers:

  • Trinity ISE II (B2)
  • C1 level Advanced (formerly Cambridge English: [CAE] Advanced)
  • Pearson PTE Academic
  • Academic IELTS

List of UK Universities offering Chevening Scholarships?

Following Universities in the UK are offering Chevening UK Scholarship this year:

Which courses are offered by UK Chevening Scholarship?

Chevening UK Scholarship a wide list of following courses being offered in various UK Universities:

  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Language(s)
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Development
  • Art: Cultural studies
  • History
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Geography: sustainability: environment
  • Management
  • Media: communications
  • Law: human rights
  • Technology
  • Logistics
  • Medical science: healthcare
  • Science

How to apply online for Chevening UK Scholarship?

Please make sure you have all the required documents to submit an online application for Chevening UK Scholarship and then initiate your online application.

How to book an appointment for the Chevening Scholarship interview?

If you are selected as one of the Chevening Award interviewees, keep in mind that the interviews are normally conducted in the city where British embassy, as well as high commission, is located.

It is worth mentioning that the worldwide interview period for Chevening Scholarships’ interview will start from 4th March and end on 1st May.  Moreover, all the Fellowship interviews will take place at the dissimilar time. As an interviewee, all the instructions regarding various interviews will be sent through your email address.  Keep in mind that these interview chances are all based on first-come-first-serve hence the sooner you book, the better your chances of being shortlisted. All the shortlisted candidates will receive a confirmation email, and all their slots cannot be fabricated.

All the applicants must attend a face-to-face interview in the various countries that they are opting to study in and once the confirmation email has been received, prepare to travel to your respective location as early as possible.

It is also important to note that Skype interviews are only allowed in special cases.

Before the interview as well as by 25th February, you will be required to upload the following documents to the online application system:

  • Biography
  • All education documents; copies of your valid certificates as well as transcripts
  • Copy of your passport photo page, this is for Fellowship applicants only.
  • Personal statement document can also be attached as supplementary

Your referees will also be required to submit their references by 25th February.

Documents required for the verification identity before the Chevening Scholarship interview:

When going for your interviews, bring along the following documents:

  • National identity card/Passport
  • Do not bring any other documents with you as further instructions will be provided in the booking confirmation email.

When will be the result announced for UK Chevening Scholarship?

All the application will be contacted regarding the results of their interviews after the worldwide interview period which will be by early-mid June. Do not contact your local British Embassy as well as a high commission for any information regarding the interview as all the updates will be provided at the same time.

You can now apply for the online application for Chevening Scholarship starting from now because it is open.

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