Chinese AI Research Publications pacing up with USA’s AI Research Publications

Last June Google and Apple sponsored for an academic contest held at the World’s Top Computer Vision Conference. The job was to design such an algorithm that can tell us what the images are taken from a twin camera mean, under varied conditions, like determine whether it’s sunny or poor weather. The AI technology which can be used in this task could help those tech giants to win projects like autonomous cars or augmented reality. The winner of this contest was from China’s National University of Defence Technology. It’s a top military academy of the People’s Liberation Army.

It is clear from above that China has got a high ambition in the field of AI. In 2017 the country’s government stated that they were working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and they will challenge the US by 2020. Considering the above fact it is clear that China knows its path well in the field of AI.

Chinese researchers made numerous amount of research proposals and successfully published a lot more articles than the US but the quality and results of the US researchers were far much better than the Chinese. Recently, an analysis was carried out by the Allen Institute of AI. They stated that China’s contribution to top AI publication is coming in line with that of the US. They also stated that by 2020 both of the countries will be having an equal share in the top AI publications.

Using the Semantic Scholar academic Search Engine, the Allen Institute has reviewed data on millions of AI research publication by the end of 2018. Comparing the two country’s AI research papers it was found that China has submitted a lot in this field much before the launching of national strategy.

This trend was remarked long ago by a report on US competitiveness in AI research commissioned by the Obama White House. Most of the institutions in China were considered to give a low-quality report that’s why most of the AI publications which they presented were considered not much convincing.

When Allen Institute repeated to review the research papers which were cited by other scholars, China, and the US were found close to each other. It is confidently said by them that by 2020 China will match with the US. China’s government is also confident about it.

The citation does not give complete knowledge about quality and ideas. The Allen Institute is planning to get into more deep analysis such that they can get a crystal clear image about the competition between China and the US. Still, Oreo Etzioni, CEO of the Allen Institute, says that the US needs to work harder to be at the top. The US President Donald Trump has recently signed a proposal where he is asking all the government agencies to work in AI, but still many are not confident with this idea and believe that they need to think about something more efficient. “It was well-intentioned but low on specifics, and it didn’t deliver the two most important things that we need,” Etzioni says – implement a good immigration policy such that they can get good talent to work with and most importantly is the research funding.

Greg Allen who is a senior guy at think tank the Centre for a New American Security, says that Allen’s Institute analysis should make everyone clear that China’s ambition to be the best is all set. Allen also added that it’s a national priority for China to be at the top and they can do anything to get it.

Allen has recently published a report. In this he has stated about China’s evolving AI technology and that they will be using it for the country’s security purposes. He also noticed that the country’s defense agencies are investing a huge amount in the field of AI. It can be proved as they have set up two new highly equipped AI research centers in Beijing. A recent research paper released by them in December described the inner working procedure of Alphabet’s AlphaZero system which is capable to play Chess & Go efficiently.

The data from the Stanford-affiliated AI Index shows the increment in the field of AI by Chinese researchers. This organization takes into consideration a number of measures and then gives the result. So it’s clear that China is progressing continuously.

In the US, companies like Alphabet play have got a significant role. The share of the US in the field of AI publication is seven times more than that of China.

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