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The Chinese Government Scholarship – PIF Program is a full scholarship program. It can be availed by students from the Pacific Island countries wishing to pursue undergraduate courses, graduate courses, Master’s courses or Doctorate courses in China.

In its endeavor to foster international cooperation, understanding, and exchange in diverse spheres the Chinese Government has established a number of scholarship programs. One among them is the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Program. The Chinese Government PIF scholarship program is intended to benefit students belonging to the countries of the Pacific Islands.  Chinese Government Scholarship PIF program is administered by the China Scholarship Council (CSC).

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Chinese Government Scholarship PIF Program duration

Since overseas students have to complete a preparatory course in the Chinese language before they begin their main course of study, the Chinese Government Scholarship – PIF program will cover both the preparatory stage and the main stage of studies. The period for which a student beneficiary can avail of the scholarship can be gauged from the table below;

Courses Supported Main Course Duration
(no. of years)
Preparatory Course Duration
(no. of years)
Scholarship Duration
(no. of years)
Undergraduate Courses 4 to 5 1to 2 4 to 7
Master’s Courses 2 to 3 1 to 2 2 to 5
Doctorate Courses 3 to 4 1 to 2 3 to 6
General Courses A maximum of 1 year A maximum of 1 year A maximum of 2 years
Senior Level Courses A maximum of 1 year A maximum of 1 year A maximum of 2 years

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Chinese Government Scholarship PIF Program Scholarship Coverage

Being a full scholarship, the Chinese Government Scholarship – PIF Program includes the waiver of the course tuition fees, a monthly stipend for the student, free/subsidized accommodation, and medical insurance. Besides this particular scholarship also includes the price of an economy class air ticket to China from the scholarship beneficiary’s home country at the time he/she registers for the course for the first time and an economy class ticket from China back to his/her home country on graduating the course.

Where & When to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship PIF Program?

A student wishing to avail of the scholarship under the Chinese Government Scholarships – PIF Program, has to apply to the PIF Secretariat in the student’s home country.

Applications for the same are accepted from the beginning of January to the beginning of April. The exact dates can be obtained from the PIF Secretariat in the home country.

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Chinese Government Scholarship PIF Program Eligibility

A prospective applicant to the Chinese Government Scholarships – PIF Program has to fulfill certain criteria in order to be eligible to apply for the same. The eligibility criteria are given below;

  1. A prerequisite to applying for this scholarship is that the applicant has to be a resident/citizen of one of the PIF countries.
  2. Educational qualifications:
  3. For undergraduate programs – high school graduation certificate;
  4. For Master’s programs – a Bachelor’s degree;
  5. For Doctorate programs – a Master’s degree;
  6. For general scholar programs – a high school diploma or higher qualification;
  7. For senior scholar programs – a Master’s degree/an associate professorship or higher academic title.
  8. Age Requirements:
  9. For undergraduate programs – below 25 years of age;
  10. For Master’s programs – below 35 years of age;
  11. For Doctorate programs – below 40 years of age;
  12. For general scholar programs – below 45 years of age;
  13. For senior scholar programs – below 50 years of age.

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Chinese Government Scholarship PIF Program Application Process

The application process that a Chinese Government Scholarship- PIF Program aspirant has to navigate is detailed below.

  1. An application has to be submitted to the PIF Secretariat at the aspirant’s home country requesting for an opportunity to bid for the Chinese Government Scholarship – PIF Program. The PIF Secretariat will then examine the applicant’s eligibility and make a recommendation. Only applicants recommended by the PIF Secretariat will be considered for the scholarship and no other form of application, including direct application to the CSC, will be entertained.
  2. Once an aspirant has been declared as eligible to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarships – PIF Program by the PIF Secretariat, he/she can apply to the university where he/she wishes to secure admission and obtain a Pre-admission Letter from them. Those holding a Pre-admission Letter from a particular university will receive a placement in the same university while those failing to obtain the Pre-admission Letter would have to accept a university placement that the China Scholarship Council (CSC) offers.
  3. The candidate then has to complete the Chinese Government Scholarships application form online and a hard copy of the application form has to be printed out. For the instructions on how to fill out the form and agency number, aspirants will have to contact the PIF Secretariat.
  4. The final step in the application process would be to submit all the necessary documents to the PIF Secretariat before the due date.

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Chinese Government Scholarship PIF Program Application Documents Requirement

The following documentation has to be submitted by the aspirant to the Chinese Government Scholarship – PIF Program in duplicate to the PIF Secretariat of his/her home country. All documents have to be affixed together in the same order as mentioned below. No document, once submitted, will be returned to the applicant.

  1. The application form for the Chinese Government Scholarship filled up either in English or Chinese.
  2. A notarized photocopy of the highest educational qualification held by the applicant. Applicants yet to receive their certificates have to submit an official letter from their current educational institution stating their current status as students and a tentative graduation date. Letters in languages other than English or Chinese have to be accompanied by a notarized Chinese/English translation.
  3. Notarized photocopies of academic records in Chinese/English. Records in other languages have to be accompanied by a Chinese/English translation of the same.
  4. A document containing a study program schedule/research plan in English or Chinese. The document should be at least 200 words long for students at the undergraduate level, 500 words long for the non-degree course students, and 800 words long for the students of graduate courses. The study plan is also acceptable for the Chinese Government PIF Scholarship program.
  5. Applicants to the graduate/doctorate programs have to submit two Letters of Recommendations in English/Chinese. The letters need to be signed by either professors or associate professors.
  6. Students applying to arts courses have to submit a CD of their work. Those applying for studies in music have to submit their own musical creations on a CD. Those applying to the fine arts courses have to submit their portfolio on a CD which would have to include two of their own sketches, two of their own colored paintings, and any two other works of art.
  7. Documents regarding an applicant’s legal guardians in China where the applicant is below 18 years of age.
  8. Photocopy of a Physical Exam Form: Scholarship applicants planning a course of study that will extend to more than six months have to submit a physical exam form known as the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. The form has to be filled up in English after the applicant has been through a physical exam. All the fields in the form have to be filled in and incomplete forms will be considered invalid. Besides, forms without the signature of the physician in attendance, without the official seal of the hospital, or a stamped photograph of the applicant will be invalidated. Only a photocopy of the form needs to be submitted and the original has to be kept with the applicant. Since a filled up form is only valid for six months, an applicant should plan his/her exam accordingly.
  9. A photocopy of the Pre-admission Letter from a Chinese University if it has been obtained by the applicant.
  10. A photocopy of the HSK certificate or English language proficiency certificate if the applicant is in possession of a valid certificate.

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Chinese Government Scholarship PIF Program Results

Once an aspirant of Chinese Scholarship-PIF program has submitted all the necessary documentation he/she has to await the declaration of the list of scholarship awardees and the confirmation of a university placement. The processing of applications takes place in the following manner;

  1. The applications and documents of candidates recommended by the PIF Secretariat will be reviewed by the CSC to ascertain a candidate’s eligibility and educational qualifications. Applications that fail eligibility or are incomplete in any respect will be rejected.
  2. Applications qualifying for the scholarship will be forwarded to the various universities for confirmation of placement. Those applications that are submitted with a Pre-admission Letter from a particular university will be sent to that university for confirming an applicant’s placement there. Applicants should note that the CSC China has a right to make changes/ adjustments to a candidate’s choice of Host University, the course of study opted for, supported categories of the scholarship and the period of the scholarship. These changes will not be arbitrary but will be based on certain factors such as the varied scholarship fund requirements of different countries, the capacity of students that the host university can accommodate, duration of the course, the applicant’s own criteria, and so on.
  3. Once placements are confirmed by Chinese universities, the scholarship awardees will be approved by the CSC. A single applicant can only lay claim to one scholarship at any given time.
  4. The CSC will conduct a review of the placements and scholarships awarded and publicize a List of Scholarship Recipients. The admission documentation, which includes the letter of admission and the form for applying for a visa to study in China, will be sent to the various PIF Secretariats from where applications for the scholarship have been received before the 31st of July. The PIF Secretariat on its part sends the admission documentation to the recipients of the scholarship.
  5. Recipients of the scholarships will not be permitted to make any changes in their course, the duration of their studies, or the university that they have been placed in once they arrive in China.
  6. If the recipient of the scholarship cannot register for it before the deadline the scholarship will not be reserved for him/her.

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