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CSC Scholarship of Chongqing University

If you are trying to find a fully funded Chongqing university CSC scholarship 2019 then this post can help you to apply online and submit your documents to Chongqing university for Chinese government scholarship (CSC scholarship). No doubt, Chongqing University is now among four top Chinese cities having a vast number of population and this is the Chinese university having almost top rankings in every field.

Chongqing University invites all international students to send their documented particulars for admission to the school of international education Chongqing university stating that you aim for a fully funded CSC scholarship to support your MS or Ph.D. degree in China.

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Chongqing University CSC Scholarship Information and Eligibility

Like all other ‘over’ three thousand Chinese universities, CSC scholars will be given similar benefit status during their stay at Chongqing university for either MS or Ph.D. programs taught in Chinese or English. Here is the bullet list of benefits Chongqing university will supply to CSC winners:

  • CGS-UPSP CSC scholarship winners in Chongqing university will be entitled to obtain a monthly stipend of RMB 3000 if you are a master degree student and RMB 3500 if Ph.D. is going to be your major degree in Chongqing Institute
  • Chinese scholarship council bears your education expenses like tuition fee if you are awarded Chongqing university CSC scholarship
  • CSC winners of Chongqing university are not required to pay for accommodation
  • Life insurance coverage by Chongqing university is issued for free
  • International students having a satisfactory status of their health with the bright academic record with or without IELTS are eligible to send their applications for CSC scholarship.
  • Candidates applying for Chongqing university CSC scholarship please bear in mind that their age must not exceed 35 years as if their aim is to study Master program and for a Ph.D. your age to be 39 years or less.
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CSC Scholarship Chongqing university Application Process and the deadline

For almost all universities in China, the procedure for CSC Scholarship is quite much same but here in Chongqing University, you guys are required to submit one original set of your attested doc’s and their two further copies are also requested by the school of international education Chongqing.

  • There is a portal that China scholarship council made to accept online forms so please initiate your online CSC application for Chongqing university CSC scholarship and agency number of Chongqing university is 10611
  • Visit any notary who has authority to punch attestation stamps on your highest degree and transcripts so to submit for Chinese scholarship in Chongqing University
  • Your interest to study a degree program at Chongqing university can be considered for CSC scholarship if you submit a really nice Research Plan made up of over eight hundred words. Have a look at Research plan or study proposal sample here
  • chongqing university demand its CSC scholarship applicants to submit two original Recommendation letters along application doc’s set
  • As an alternate of IELTS test score, an applicant of CSC scholarship can submit English Proficiency Certificate
  • As stated above Chongqing university is highly concerned about the health status of its CSC scholarship winners so they require your form to get tested at any nearby government hospital. Then download this Foreigner Physical Examination Form for CSC scholarship and ask the doctor to sign on it (On your picture and in the comments area of the form) and attach it to your doc’s set
  • Parcel three sets of documents to Chongqing university before April 30, 2018, deadline
    Number.174, Shazhengjie, District Shapingba, Chongqing, Post Code: 400044, China
    School of International education, admission department, Chongqing University
    Call Chongqing University: 86-23-65111001
    Email Chongqing University:
    Official Chongqing university CSC scholarship notice to be displayed here

Departments of Chongqing University
Programs Offered by Chongqing University and Faculty list

  • School of Electrical Chongqing University
  • Power and thermal engineering sciences Chongqing university faculty
  • Mechanical engineering Chongqing University
  • Business administration and economics center of Chongqing University
  • Chongqing university’s Computer Institute
  • Communication engineering and college of information at Chongqing University
  • Statistics and Math department of Chongqing University
  • Journalism center in the Chongqing University
  • Life sciences school
  • Biomedical engineering department site of Chongqing uni
  • Chongqing university Civil engineering faculty
  • Software engineering technology faculty list of Chongqing University
  • Environmental engineering website of Chongqing University
  • Material engineering and science webpage Chongqing Institute
  • Physics center of Chongqing institute

CSC Scholarship Online Application Process Video for Chongqing University


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Muhammad Yousaf is mentoring new students to win scholarships for a long time. He realized the fact that it is essential to create a platform where students can find authentic opportunities to apply for and ask questions regarding any relevant matters.

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  1. Hi, they need an original copy of the highest diploma? Will i get it back when rejected? or should i just send copies?

    1. They does not require original Highest Diploma certification. All they need is the original attested photocopy of your diploma Certificate.

  2. hello when they say three sets. does that mean we make photocopy of each document 3 times? and do they all need to be notorized?

  3. Hello admin, assuming I want to apply to 5 universities, do i have to make 5 physical examination documents. or i can make one and photocopy for the other schools

  4. hi, my name is Darren . i wish to know if you also have to submit an English proficiency certificate , though you undertook you undergraduate degree in English.

    1. Yes, you still have to obtain English Proficiency Certificate from your university that your undergrad degree was taught in the English language.

  5. Hi I am essa wali here from Pakistan. I would like to thanks for China government they offer a good chance for us to study in China. I also need a scholarship in PhD .if the China government give me a chance to study there …I oblige to the government.

  6. Anybody can guide me that should i need to notorize just highest degree and transcript or all educational certificates (3 sets of photocopies ) ? please reply ASAP

  7. Do i need to send original copies of transcript,english proficiency letter,recommendation letters,am applying more than one school.What will i do if another school ask for the same documents in its original form.

  8. If i am in my last semester of MSCS, can i apply for phd scholarship? Because i have just enrolled my thesis in this semester.. still need 6 months to complete

  9. please send me the csc application form of chongqing university i only found of csc and duration of major study also

    1. Please check the how to apply for CSC Scholarship in Chongqing University section of the article to get the link to fill CSC Scholarship form online.

  10. Aoa.
    Is there any need to apply at Chongqing website for online application or just to apply at csc and then send hard copies to Chongqing university

    1. Applicants are being asked to fill CSC Scholarship Online application only and send the documents to Chongqing University address.

  11. If I don’t know how to speak Chinese, can I still apply for these scholarships in China and be selected to study English-taught programme?And if the scholarships require that I study in Chinese, am I paying for the Chinese language preparatory class or it is also covered by the said scholarships?

    1. Yes, you can still win a fully funded CSC Chinese Government Scholarship. There is no requirement to speak or write Chinese Language for the programs offered in the English language in Chinese Universities.

  12. Hi, they need an original copy of the highest diploma? Will i get it back when rejected? or should i just send copies?

    1. They need it when you get admitted. So, you can submit it once you are in Chongqing University after selection. Send attested copies only via mail.

  13. Hello. I’m Abror from Uzbekistan. I would like to apply for your university with scholarship. how can I apply?

  14. how r u
    sir i am sohail mumtaz . I am wating in M Phil Physics viva date and i am submit in M Phil Research paper so can apply admission in PhD physics after the viva date plz help me

  15. Hi am interested to apply for a masters program through your scholarship in your university but can’t find it easy to find sure links to apply please help me . thanks.

  16. Brother those links you gave there like csc scholarship online farm when we click on it it shows I think error in Chinese language 404 please help me about it.

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