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Dalian Government Scholarship China 2019-2020

Dalian Government Scholarship China
Written by Muhammad Yousaf

The government of Dalian, China has decided to provide a scholarship to international students, to increase the Dalian education standard for the students. The student’s tuition fees, expenses, and accommodation in Dalian will be covered by Dalian Provincial Scholarship award.

Categories and benefits of the Dalian scholarship

There are a different variety of groups such as:

  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, as well as Doctoral degree programs.
  • Professional skills development programs as well as Chinese Language courses.
  • The monthly stipend for Dalian scholarship will be issued as per following list:
    – Master Degree Student: 1500 RMB
    – Bachelor Degree Student: 1200 RMB
    -Doctoral Degree Student: 1800 RMB

Dalian Government Scholarship Application procedure:

The application should be handed over to the International Students Admission Office of Institutions in Dalian, and even hand over another use for the enrollment of Scholarship. The admission document set must include the listed documents and the list of universities in Dalian province is here:

  • Dalian Maritime University
  • Liaoning University
  • Dalian University of technology
  • Dongbei University of economics and finance
  • Dalian University of foreign languages
  • Dalian Polytechnic University
  • Dalian University
  • Dalian Medical University
  • Dalian Jiaotong University
  • Liaoning University of international business and economics
  • Dalian Ocean University
  • Dalian Nationalities University
  • Neusoft Institute of information

Who can apply for Dalian Government Scholarship?

The requirements for the application of scholarship are:

  • There should be no health issues.
  • The candidate should be Non-Chinese.
  • Candidate should obey the rules of the Chinese Government and the Institution.
  • Candidate should behave appropriately with the students as well as Institution.
  • Candidate should not accept any other scholarship from Chinese Government or any other Institution.

The other qualifications are:

  • The candidate should be of less than 30 years of age and have completed senior secondary – Bachelor’s degree scholarship.
  • The candidate should be of less than 35 years of age and should have completed bachelor’s degree – Master’s degree scholarship.
  • The candidate should be of less than 40 years of age and should have completed Master’s degree – Doctoral degree program.
  • The candidate should show proof of research for at least one year and should have qualified High school – Chinese Language and Professional Skill Development Program.
  • The candidate should have completed High school, as well as research for one year – Scholarship for candidates with excellent academics.

Stipend for Dalian Scholarship winners

The complete rates are found to be 1,000,000 RMB per year;

Quotas for scholarships are suggested as:

  1. Doctoral and Master’s program = 20,000 CNY per year.
  2. Bachelor’s degree = 15,000 CNY per year.
  3. Chinese Language and Professional Skill Development program = 5,000 CNY per year.
  4. Student making Special contribution = 5,000 CNY per year.

Documents required for Dalian Scholarship?

  1. Application form of Scholarship of the student (duplicate copy).
  2. Latest mark sheet of the institution last attended along with a proof of education.
  3. Research plan if applying for Doctoral or Master’s program which should be of more than 1,000 words.
  4. Application Form of the Institution where the candidate is applying.
  5. English language Proficiency proof in the format of a certificate issued by your last attended university.
  6. Study plan and statement of purpose.
  7. Health certificate for foreigners.

How to apply for Dalian Government Scholarship:

Applicants can choose their college within Dalian, and can even apply directly at the college.

Steps to apply for Dalian Scholarship:

  1. Search for the university website situated in Dalian province China.
  2. Find scholarships tab on university website and select Dalian provincial scholarship, and find the documents postage address.
  3. Dispatch your education documents set on the address and wait for the final result.

Approval and Notification:

Dalian government will look over the application and will carry out their procedures for admission of international students. Then when they are done, your application is passed further. The Institution will set their Scholarship cutoff. Later the Scholarship-Awarding notice is issued by the government of China along with the Visa application form.

Registration and Visa procedures:

To continue the education in China, the candidate should have the Copy of the admission notice as well as the Visa application form. There should be a health certificate approved by the government as well as the passport issued by the Chinese Embassy. The Visa should be maintained and renewed on time.


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