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[Pro Guide] Fully-Funded Hungary Government Scholarship 2020-2021

Stipendium Hungaricum 2020-2021 - Study In Hungary For Free


Fully Funded Hungary Scholarships offered by Hungarian Universities invites international applicants to apply for bachelor degree programs in Hungarian universities under stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship program 2020-2021.

The process to apply for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship program is similar to CSC scholarships just like Jiangsu university CSC scholarship, Tianjin university CSC scholarship, Wuhan University CSC scholarship and CSC Scholarship for Chongqing University.

The Fully Funded Hungarian scholarships process is similar to CSC scholarship because candidates are required to submit applications to the Hungary government scholarship council and then they have to initiate their applications with the university where you want to study.

This Hungarian Scholarship is open for all medical, under-graduation programs, master’s degrees, and doctoral researchers.

 Hungarian Stipendium Scholarship – Benefits

  1. No Application fee required to apply for Hungarian Scholarship
  2. Monthly stipend of Euro 150 will be issued to winners of Hungarian scholarship for BS or MS and Euro 450 amount will be given to researchers enrolled in a doctoral program
  3. A free shared room will be provided by any Hungarian university where you will study
  4. Free education and life insurance to be provided by university-affiliated with Hungarian stipendium scholarship program

Fully-funded Hungary Scholarships – Eligibility Criteria

International students who cleared in the secondary stage of education with good grades are eligible to apply for a Fully funded Hungary scholarship for bachelor and Medical programs.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students from Yemen are also eligible only if they are already staying in Hungary
  • All students must have a good health record with no major disease. Everyone have to consult a certified doctor to perform a medical examination to send reports to the Hungary Government Scholarship council online.
  • To apply for a fully-funded Hungary scholarship program, there is no need to take IELTS if you can provide an alternate proof stating that your previous degree was taught in the English language.

List of countries eligible for Hungarian Scholarship Scheme:

Pakistan, Georgia, Nigeria, Egypt, Argentine, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Brazil, Nigeria, Georgia, Iran, Pakistan, Japan, Cambodia, Morocco, Iraq, Kyrgyz, Lao, Lebanese, Mongolia, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Palestine, Algeria, China, Albania, Angola, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Namibia, Paraguay, Serbia, South Africa, Philippines, Myanmar, Turkey, Yemen, Russia, Vietnam, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Mexico.

Available Course Level and Scholarship Duration

The great thing about applying to this program is that the Fully-Funded Hungary Scholarships provide an extensive course level. Thanks to this, students will more than likely find a level that suits their needs. Check out the full course levels below:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Program;
  • Master’s Degree Program;
  • One-Tier Master Program;
  • Doctoral Program;
  • Non-degree program (lessons in the Hungarian language and other specialization courses).

Depending on what course level students choose, the duration of the scholarship program changes. Check them out below:

  • For Bachelors: 2-4 years;
  • For Masters: 1.5-2 years;
  • For One-Tier Masters: 5-6 years;
  • For Doctoral Scholarship: 4 years;
  • For Non-degree program: 1 year.

How to apply for Hungary Scholarship (Stipendium Hungaricum)?

International students who just completed their secondary education with decent grades; now have another fully funded Hungarian Scholarships opportunity to commence their next academic journey.

This fully-funded Hungarian Scholarship is offered to the students who want to pursue their careers by selecting any bachelor or medical degree programs in any of the Hungarian universities.

The fully-Funded Hungary Scholarship – Online Application Steps

  1. International students interested to study Bachelor or Medical programs in Hungarian universities under Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Scheme need to submit an online application stating three-degree programs in which they are interested to study in Hungarian universities:

    — Online Application for Hungary Scholarship:

    First of all, you have to submit a fully-funded Hungary Scholarship application online at the Hungary Government Scholarship website by filling: your personal details, academic records, and future study interest degree program.

  2. While submitting your application for Hungary scholarship, candidates will be asked to provide their three subject preferences to study in a particular Hungarian university. So, there is a complete list of all bachelor, master, the doctoral and medical program with the university’s name and website available to download in excel format from here.
    List of courses in Hungarian Universities 1 and a list of degree courses in Hungary universities2 includes bachelors, masters, medical and doctoral level programs to be taught in all affiliated Hungarian Universities under Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship scheme.
  3. There is another PDF version of Host institutions and a list of bachelor, master, Ph.D., and medical degree programs offered by universities in Hungary, available here PDF List of programs offered by host Hungarian Universities.
  4. Candidates have to find degree programs from the above list of Hungarian Universities and then fill its detail in online application and contact “Sending Partner” that maybe your country’s education ministry or Hungary Embassy in your home country.
  5. There are a total of 27 Universities and 420-degree programs being offered under the Hungaricum Scholarship program, so you can select a maximum of three options.
  6. You have to send the complete set of documents to the “Sending Partner” in your home country and then wait for their final nomination list for the Hungarian Scholarship scheme
  7. No Application Fee to apply for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship
  8. The winner’s list of Hungarian Scholarship selection round 1 will be displayed after 9th April and shortlisted candidates will be called for a skype based interview/test
  9. Final winners of Hungarian Stipendium will be issued with Admission notices for VISA processing by the end of June and then you can process your visa in between July-August
  10. Classes in Hungarian universities will begin from September
  11. The deadline to apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship scheme is here

Fully-Funded Hungarian Scholarships – Required Documents

  • All international students from the participated country list mentioned above in this article are requested to initiate online applications and submit your Recent Photograph
  • A motivation letter must be written in Times New Roman font, size 12, having at least one page
  • Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship scheme requires international students to submit online the proof of their English language skills. So, please have a look at the sample of English Proficiency certificate which you can obtain from your last attended school for Hungary Scholarship. IELTS or TOEFL is not compulsory for Hungary Scholarships.
  • Students applying for fully funded Hungary scholarship for bachelor degree must attach their scanned copy of high school certificate
  • People interested to begin an MS degree in Hungarian universities need to attach their under-graduation transcript and certificate
  • Doctoral degree candidates are being asked to submit their Master degree qualification and transcript proof scanned copies in online application systems of Hungarian scholarship website
  • You need a medical clearance from a certified doctor in order to apply for Hungarian Scholarship. So, please have a look at Physical Examination form and get tested for all epidemic conditions, Hepatitis A, B, C, AIDS, and other major diseases and attach its copy
  • Research proposal or study plan may also be required for some Hungarian scholarship awards
  • All students applying for scholarships in Hungarian universities need to have their passport copy available but in case if it is not ready then provide it before the deadline.
  • Applicants have to download Statement of an Application form, sign it and attach it to doc’s set
  • There are some additional set of documents required by Hungarian universities only from Ph.D. candidates:
    –Doctoral applicants have to ask their two professors from last attended school to issue recommendation letters to study in any of the Hungarian University
    –Write a detailed research plan in the format: Roman font size 12, page limit not less than two
    — Ph.D. Applicants are asked by Hungarian scholarship council to visit this Hungarian Scholarship notice before applying
  • The official notice for Hungarian Government Scholarship and other Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship are now available.

If you are interested in Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship then you must check the Deadline on official Website before its too late !

Hungary scholarship Application Process Video


  1. Waqas bhsi I have few questions:
    1: how much univ can we apply for?
    2: deadline for apply is 5th march, so should we send our documents to universities before 5th march? or this deadline is for online apply?
    3: Is acceptance letter mandatory?

    1. 1: You can apply for 3 majors
      2: You have to contact Nomination agency “Sending Partner” in your home country to process your documents and please also apply online. In Pakistan, it is Higher Education Commission (HEC) which is a “Sending Partner” for Hungaricum Scholarships
      3: Not required

      1. dear Waqas,
        i am pakistani based in saudi ,what is the procedure for oversees to apply for this scholarship please advise,

      2. hey Waqas…
        i would like to know the dates for next intake as i have missed the september intake. kindly guide me

      3. Hey Waqas bhai,

        Can you please guide me with scholarship programs for college students those who had recently finished their class 10th in UAE and are looking forward to continue their studies in some medical college in hungary with scholarship.

      4. Mr. Waqas I am from Yemen and I’m still a resident there, is there any possibility to apply for the Hungarian scholarships? They said only if we were to be living in Hungary? By the way the Hungarian embassy is closed in Yemen, due to the war, can’t we apply from Yemen online and get an electronic visa or something?

      5. bro i want to be talk on call plz text me at my number then i call you..i need some information
        mian Naveed 0306 1779684

      6. Hello!
        I really need some help. I am very interested however I have some concerns about the sending partner. I am A Tunisian citizen who is studying in Cyprus. what do I do??
        Thank you!

      7. AOA , sir how r u i hope u r fine . Sir i need scholarship in public can u guide me plz i m graduated from china i have done bachelor in MBBS so need ur help i don’t have any TOEFL thanks

  2. There is no Physical Examination Form in the link above instead of Examination form it opens up the English proficiency link

      1. brother the medical form you are sharing is for chinese scholarship, can the same form be used for hungarian scholarship?

    1. If your country name is in the above mentioned list in article then you are eligible to apply for Hungary scholarship.

      1. i am from pakistan…please give me contact number of any person in pakistan who can guide mee please

        plz give me contact nmbr of any person in pakistan who guide me please for bs engineering

  3. Hello, please let me know that do we need to send the hard copies of the application to the concern University by 5th March 2017 too ? or its only for online apllication ? thanks

    1. You have to contact Higher Education Commission (HEC) for Hungary scholarship. HEC is the document Sending partner for Hungarian Universities.

  4. I am from Bnagladesh .Can I apply for this Hungary Scholarship.

    I am a BSC completed engineer, am very much interested to apply for MSC in Water Resources field with this Fully Funded Hungary Scholarship.

    1. No need to send documents to university. You are required to contact responsible authority in your country who has rights to nominate candidates for Hungarian scholarships. In Pakistan, you can contact Higher education commission regarding this or Hungarian Embassy. There is no Application B. You only have to submit 1 application online stating three degree programs in which you are interested. This article has been updated.

  5. can students studying in the 8th semester of their bachlor degree of engineering can apply for the master degree on the basic of hope certificate?

    1. Kindly find out who regulates the education reforms for universities in your country. Mostly, it is Higher education commission or ministry of education. So please get in touch with them for knowing more about Hungary scholarship.

  6. Dear Friend
    I’m trying to contact sending person in my country .But,No respond ! So what should I do and it is necessary to contact him ? what is the use for that ??

    1. It is necessary to contact Sending partner in your home country regarding Hungary Scholarship. Please contact ministry of education for this purpose.

  7. Hello, I have a question: which process will do by the sending partner? are they responsible for determining qualification of volunteers to the Hungarian government for recieveing the grant?

    1. You have to contact Higher education ministry of your country to find out who is the Sending partner for Hungarian Scholarship from your country.

  8. Sir please guide me.
    HEC website has mentioned only few programs. But Hungary official website has scholarship in every field. I want to do M.S Electrical Engineering but HEC has not mention it. While Hungaricum website has mention it. So should i apply or not. Kindly reply soon. The date in approaching. Thanks.

    1. Kindly read scholarship procedure above 🙂 It has been written that you have to search for your program in any hungarian university.

  9. I have visited Hungry website regarding this scholarship.It is written there that you have to complete certain amount of credit hours (I.e. 30 credit hours ) to be eligible to the required programs . Is it true ? what is the truth behind this credit hour game ?

    1. Yes, there is credit hour requirement for every course. Please see course eligibility options in university where you wish to study.

  10. Are you sure about Yemeni nationals they should be a resident of Hungary??
    Can you share official proof of that? ??

    1. Yes, it is written in Official notice of Hungarian Scholarship. Kindly review about article where Official link of Hungarian scholarship is available for you to have a look at it.

  11. I am the student of BS( Hons) Biochemistry ,8 semester ,kindly tell me can I apply for MSc molecular biology or biotechnology because our degree is equivalent to masters level and we have to apply for M.phil or MS .

  12. I ‘ve checked the website and find about the Hungarian scholarship for international students.
    I ‘ve master in social work from university of Peshawar Pakistan, interested to apply for MS from any Hungary university. But the deadline is 5th March 2017.
    Is there any extension for apply to the scholarship.
    Plz update me.

    Best regards
    Arshad Ali
    Kpk Pakistan

  13. aoa sir i forgot to submit application to hec or contact to hec i only submit it to tpf can i send it to hec before 9th of april 2017.

  14. Hi, my country is not on the eligibility list, and I would like to know if an exception can be made for someone who attained their education in a country that is on this list, and has already passively been learning Magyar nyelv(et)?

    I am from Dominica(Dominikai Közösség) by the way.

  15. This I s a great idea,can I apply now for next march intake ??? I would like to proceed with my education but no one in the world can pay my fee so plzzz if I can just apply now in order to be considered next year march

  16. Hi ,
    I want to apply to this scholarship to study bachelor of medicine but for the 2018-2019 academic year. Will this scholarship be renewed?

    Also, I am studying the American Curriculum since grade school and will be taking my American Diploma in June 2018 and have taken the SATs. Is this proof enough that I know English or should I take IELTS in my case?

    since the deadline to the applications is in March, how will I be able to send my high school certificate if I still have till June to acquire it? Or can I send my grade 11 certificate and the certificate of the first semester of grade 12 and a statement that I will be acquiring my high school certificate in June ?

    Lastly, to win this scholarship is there a minimum requirement of GPA? And in my case, is there a minimum requirement of SAT and SAT Subject tests scores? If so, where can I find this information? If the scholarship is still on going for the academic year starting in September 2018, should I use the same links above or is there a place where updates on the scholarship are put?

  17. Sir is there any other fully funded scholarship rightnow Hungry without TOFEL/IELTS . As per criteria of above one.Recently I have completed my MS in Information Security.Is there any then please inbox me at It ll be a great honour for me for your reply.

  18. Hello, am a Nigerian please I will like to knoe when you’re open for application. And how can I contact your HEC in nigeria

  19. Hello,please are we supposed to apply at the various schools and gain admission before applying for the scholarship?

    And please when will selection for 2018/2019 session start?
    Thank you

  20. I have finished my secondary school 2016/2017
    Now iam in the second year in faculty of veterinary medicine cairo university in egypt
    Can i apply for school of human medicine next March or Iam too old

  21. Pease when will admissions open for 2018/2019 academic year. Secondly, how can I find the sending partner in Ghana. Will it be the Hungarian embassy? Thank you

  22. I know the date has passed but I need some information as I would be applying next year. HEC is the one who would select us? and what is the medical form?

  23. Waqas Are You There Hope U Would Be Fine. I m Asking Something Regarding Hungary Scholarship Fully Funded For Bachelor Level That Apply Is Yet Started Or Its Now Ended Plz Try to Help I m Applying Tell Me the Procedure & Also Share The Schedule Of The Year That In Which Month They Will Advertise Their Scholarship I m Waiting Hope U Got Me….

  24. are there universities in Hungry for postgraduate students in chemistry fields?? can you tell me about the name of some universities in Hungry related to chemistry and biochemistry?

  25. Sir pls send me a link of motivational letter for bechlor in mechanical engineerin………in Hungary……Scholarship

  26. Assalam-u-Alaikum!
    I want to apply for Electrical Engineering in Budapest University of Economics and technology. Can you find whether it is PEC and HEC accredited?

  27. sir can you please guide me which universities in hungary are best for applying in bio science course ( bachelors degree ) ?

  28. Sir you have written that monthly stipend for MS program is just 150 euro a month is it true? If it’s than it is very less and please tell me one more thing is it any relaxation for part time job during the study period or there are no work credit hour permission. Thanks

  29. Hello, please let me know that the application deadline for 2018/2019. I didn’t clear that march 5 is the deadline for last year.

  30. Sir,

    Please advice whether Indian students are eligible for scholarship for studying medicine in 2018-19 academic year.

  31. in video you said there is a point no 12 having a link but there is no point so how i can register for scholarship plz send me link for registration

  32. hello sir i have recently done my intermediate in Pakistan and also i am a Pakistani can you please guide me that IELTS is compulsory for applying in this scholarship

  33. what about the physical examination form do we have to download it from the Internet from any random source ? or the concerned doctor will provide it himself regarding to full fill the scholarship requirement? confused

  34. Hi Sir,
    I’m halfway through the online application but I’m stuck at the motivation letter rubric; Shall I write a motivation letter to every master’s I choose ( 3 ones ) or shall I write only one letter in general? I’m really confused as in the application form there’s only space for one letter? Kindly tell me what to do.

  35. Sir can I apply directly without involvement of HEC because HEC is creating a problem of age plz sir tell me

  36. sir i want a sccholorship for ms in civil engineering?
    1) first is scholorship available for civil engineering in ms
    2) some consultant tell me you submit the total fees to university first is it correct?
    3) how can i apply my self?

  37. Dear Brother Can I get Medical certificate from government Hospital for Scholarship submission purpose and what type of letter statement should be written for Miss document.

  38. I had a few questions
    1. Are these scholarships available for 2018 too?
    2. Will they provide the visa and ticket?
    3. Is there any standard percentage requirement?

  39. I am from Mongolia. My Sending partner reformed that they won’t receive any application. So in this case, should i apply for three universities that I chose by online

  40. I have complete my master degree in botany from KUST kohat kpk pakistan in 2014 . Me research in plant anatomy in msc and now wanna further mphil in hungry can u recognize any university in which me are eligible i have got 2.91 cgpa in out of 4.00 gpa plzz guid me i will b thank full for this kindness

  41. hi muhammad
    im so confuse about motivation letter because i want to apply two different programe how should be the motivation letter could you share an example

  42. I am doing 4th semester of my M.Sc(Hon’s) in Plant breeding and genetics. The expected date of coplition is about the end of jun or july , how can i apply for Hungarian Schoarship.

  43. Hey yousaf!
    Is this scholarship still available or not for the student who wanted to start his MS in 2018 session?
    What is the last date if it is still running?
    And a student who is studying in last semester of his BS(Hons) can apply for it?

  44. Assalam-o-Alaikum!
    Dear Sir,
    I’m register on HEC Account.
    I want to take Hungrian Scholarship.
    1.Can i apply in Chemical Eng. because i have done FSC with Pre-medical.
    2. I don’t understand about option of foreign institute/university on scholarship online form….
    3. Please explain about scholarship types,
    like tiution fee, residential charges etc
    Is it pay all dues hungrian Govt. under HEC ?
    4.How submitt the bank deposit of PKR. 300 ?

  45. Salam, I’m doing Bs(hons) human nutrition and dietetics but I’m in 8th semester but my degree is not completed yet. It will complete in june so can I apply for this scholarship?

  46. waqas bhai i have a few question:
    1.will HEC select students?
    2. final nomination list for Hungarian Scholarship scheme will be based on what? it fully funded (including tuition+residence+food)
    please reply

  47. waqas bhai i have a few questions:
    1.will HEC select students?
    2. final nomination list for Hungarian Scholarship scheme will be based on what? it fully funded (including tuition+residence+food)
    please reply

  48. I’m in Nigeria. How do I apply for this scholarship? Do you have agent in Nigeria? If so, where do I find your Agent.

  49. AOA, waqas bhai….I have submitted the both forms i.e HEC form and Hungarian form.Now please tell me what would be the next step that I would have to do,,,,,,

  50. i am ismael kedir from ethiopia. i studied my master in economics speciallization development and policy analysis in last year, but currently i want to continue my education in Phd in economics. hence dear can you help me how can i apply.

  51. Hello!I have completed my fsc in 2016 57.8% so can I apply for this scholarship?I want to do mbbs I m from Pakistan and also kindly tell me the all documents and their all cost of all expenses in first year till reached uni and the course of mbbs study in Hungary is in English language?

  52. I am from Ethiopia .Can I apply for this Hungary Scholarship.

    I am a BSC completed Nurse, am very much interested to apply for MSC in Nursing department with this Fully Funded Hungary Scholarship. please help me.kindly.!!!

  53. Dear Waqas!
    I have done B.Sc polymer Engineering. Can i apply for M.Sc Chemical Engineering? I can apply for Chemical engineering in Pakistan through this degree…But in list of study program, they mention minimum requirement is B.Sc chemical or Chemistry.

  54. Hi,
    I have done my BS Electronics and. I am interested to continue my studies MSc Physics ; would you like to tell me am i eligible for Msc Physics with Electronics Eng Background.??

  55. Sir I’m very afraid that I missed the above mentioned opportunity as I saw that on 6th of March…plz Inform me the alternative path to get a full scholarship because I really need a scholarship badly..
    I had just completed my FSC with 85 percentage marks and now I want a scholarship for medicine, BS biotechnology or for BS genetics in any country please guide me in this regard I will be thankful to you for this favour thanks a lot

  56. I have been trying to apply for the scholarship but link seem not to be opening….wanted to know if the application is closed

  57. i am student of BS(H) 8th semester, mathematics kindly tell me can i apply for MS In mathematics now?what is the deadline for apply?

  58. I am ayele from ethiopia…i am interested to apply your full funded scholarship in mechanical engineering program.

  59. Hi my friend , plwase , can you help me i from yemen and you know we are very poor so i need to compelet my education abroad and i have finished my high school i got excellent marks, i have certification and i have recommandation from two my teacher I did my test examnation to my health, i can speak english well but i don’t have Tofell certification so Can i registe in this scholarship? I hope if you can help me if there are any thing is not found tell me and i’ll send it to you

  60. the deadline of online application submission was 05-March. i just saw this post, can i apply now please. i ma very much interested in this program.

  61. I have not yet applied for mbbs is the deadline now over for this scholarship program please guide me when will the next deadline start .

  62. Hello Mr. Waqas Muhammad
    May i ask if you know any scholarship program for a Masters degree in the field of Agriculture?

  63. Assist me please, i have just completed my bachelors in English language so that i dont have the transcript yet. University at this moment can only provide me the hope certificate and the results of seven semesters.
    So what can i do to apply for this scholarship?
    Am i eligible for that?

  64. Sir my name is mehzil and l want to become mbbs doctor plz guide me how to apply for scholarship in section 2018 to 2019 what is the last date to apply I am using my father email for reply plz contact me on this no 03085049278


  66. my name is dinkisa mekurya i was born 1996 G.C and i was graduated from ambo university in agriculture CGPA 3.98 and awarded metal in 2017 and want to learn master science by agri business or agri economics and i,m ethiopian.

  67. I am a Gambian and I completed my BSc and now looking for a masters scholarship in agriculture

  68. Hi Sir, this is Biruk from Ethiopia. i want to ask you one question regarding to the deadline for application. hence when is the final deadline for application to Hungaricum Scholarship program 2018-2019?

  69. I am from ethiopia .Can I apply for this Hungary Scholarship.
    I am a BSC completed meteorology science, am very much interested to apply for MSC in Water Resources field with this Fully Funded Hungary Scholarship.

  70. I am Cameroonian and currently reside in UAE. I already completed my masters degree in Chemistry from Cameroon but i’m currently searching for a scholarship in Hungary to further my studies. Please i need your advice.

  71. Can I apply for the Fully Funded scholarships for Bachelor of Science/Master degree Medical programs for International Students.My country is Suriname, developing country in South-America.

  72. Salam!sir kindly tell me that when will these scholarships applying dates open?? N just tell me how to apply?? Please. ..

  73. I am from Afghanistan but currently living in Turkey. I have permanent residence card of Turkey. can I apply for this scholarship?

  74. I want to study master degree. I am a holder Bachelor of Agricultural Science.I am from Myanmar.Please, I need suggestions. Now, i worked Orchid Tissue Culture in Laboratory. I hope the best news. Have a nice day.

  75. hey Waqas…
    i would like to know the dates for next intake as i have missed the september intake. kindly guide me

  76. HI SIR,

  77. Plz any information me sir I am Graduate student of Pakistan so plz how to apply for m.phill or PhD and I am poor boy how to apply fully funded schlorship of any country so plz help me how to get scholarship ?

  78. am francis bwonda from kenya very much interested to study in hungary i missed a chance to submit my application by before end of deadline,am interested still to apply next year 2019/ interested in masters in chemistry,please guide me on the criterion of selection such that i may be prepared.thanks in advance

  79. Sir my name is Abdul Waheed s/o sher ali
    Sir my father had died and I belong a poor family I want to study BS program in China by full funded scholarship sir please provide me a good and full funded scholarship please contact me 0348 9856275 thanks you!

      1. Hi sir How’s you my name isRashid Nisar I clear Fsc now wanna further study in scholarship in abroad this my contact number 03129582488

  80. Hello, your article is very informative.
    I’d like to know are there any scholarship opportunities for scholarship for international students who are already studying in the university.
    I’m in 1st year Medicine and I’d like to know how to get a scholarship for the following years of the course

  81. Why Sierra Leone is not included in the list of the countries eligible to apply for the fully funded HUNGARIAN Scholarship?

  82. Good day sir, Please I am from Nigeria. I find it difficult locating the “sending partner” here. And please when does the 2018/2019 intake starts?

  83. sir plz tell me can i apply for this scholrrshiip i done my degree this year …….msc zoology ….what is the closing date f this scholarship…..means it is available this time or not

  84. Hi am from Ghana and my country is part of the list above.
    1. Please who is my sending partner.
    2. When is the application process starting for 2019- 2020 academic year

  85. Hi,am Alhassan D from Sierra Leone. I want to know when this scholarship for 2019-2020 will be open and if student from my country are accepted to apply?

  86. Hi
    Mr Waqas i did detailed search. Kindly give me answer. Is hec pakistan announced hungry scholarship? if not then how we can contact to hec for hungarian scholarship or we have to contact hungarian universities?

  87. I ve learned through the media that the Hungarian president said that there are scholarships allocated for Zambians during the visit by the Zambian ambassador to Hungary and Germany. However, the list for eligible countries does not include Zambia. can i still apply for scholarship.
    I have Bechelor of in Chemical and i want to pursue a masters degree in Environmental related Engineering.

  88. Hello sir..can I apply on the bases of hope certificate ..bcz my 2nd year result will be announced in first week of September 2019 but the last date of applying for scholarship is 5 march 2019??

  89. Hello sir .
    I’m from pakistan sir .
    I’m DAE diploma holder this is equal fsc i mean grade 12 can i apply for bachelor? I have 2 years study gap i want apply for 2019 .

  90. I think,this is not for next year 2019.This is an old post.When will I know the next year scholarship program?How can I prepare to get for Hungary Scholarships?

  91. I have first degree in mathematics from Wachemo university, Ethiopia ,but I haven’t any experiance because I am fresh graduated person so can I apply your marvelous opportunity ?

  92. Hi , muhammad Yousaf
    I would like to request more information about scholarship
    I wanna apply for undergraduate scholarship for 2019 I complete my high school in 2018 I have 485 in grade 12and I have( 4 )point in grade 10 please tell me open day of hungary scholarship .I think you are aremarkabel guy you help me
    I appreciate your time!!

  93. Hi! Dear Sir/madam! It is me Ataklti Gezae from Ethiopia. I want to get full Phd scholarship opportunity in water or Irrigation engineering or Water resource Engineering from Hungary. It is my best want to join Hungary. Do you think such Opportunity could be gained? Thanks.

  94. Hi it is me Ataklti from Ethiopia. Do you think there is a PhD Full Scholarship in Water or Irrigation Engineering?Thanks

  95. bro you say Ielts and Tofel are not required but in HEC website IELTS and TOFEL also mention and in most of the universities IELTS and TOFEL is required.

  96. I’m currently a student of BS Civil Engineering (7th Semester). I have applied to Hungary Scholarship on Hungary Website. Now when I’m trying to submit my application through HEC website, they don’t allow me to submit my application as I’m currently enrolled. I sent an email to the Hungary scholarship focal person about my issue, They said I can apply even if I’m Currently enrolled. What to do now ????? Further more I need All Chinese Universities Who are currently taking Applications Under CSC for transportation Engineering (Civil Engineering)

  97. I want a scholarship to pursue my education,I have my requirements but due to the cause of no money,I haven’t enroll into any university,please help me in the name of God,I will be so grateful if I am helped,thanks for your understanding.

  98. Dear sir,
    May you have a full-time fully funded scholarship by PhD in Public health since i am from Ethiopia?

  99. I applied last year and was confident I would get the admission even if the Sending Partner doesn’t select me but I was notified of anything and I didn’t get selected by the sending partner last year. This year, I intend to apply but the system won’t let me because I have an already existing account. How am I supposed to deal with this situation please? Thank you

  100. I’m from Ethiopian and graduated Dilla university in mechanical engineering by Bsc I’m interested if I get the opportunity of scholarship to learn Msc

  101. Hi great man! first thanks for your information.
    1. from your experiences, which category of documents may increase my chance of success for PhD. in Business administration/management?
    A, Master’s GPA
    B, Motivation or personal statement
    C, Research plan
    D, Language proficiency or country of origin?
    E, Interview?
    please tell me which particular document enhance my chance to be win the the scholarship. Thanks for your time.

  102. first of all a would like to say thanks to your government to give this chance spatialy for devloping county but your fully funded scholers is not that much confort for africans pls pls pls help us. i am pharmacist i graduated form wollega university and i went to study in your county my muster programm in pharmaceutical analysis pls help me

  103. hellO MUHAMED
    can i gate sending partnership in our embassy or is it a mandatory to contact ministry of education in our country?and is this scholarship is announced for them ?
    thank you

  104. Please i am a Nigerian and i intend to apply for the scholarship but i can’t see the application form
    please how do i denote it?

  105. This is a good opportunity for the students, but as parent, I think it was better if Hungary government scholarship council sends directly this opportunity to the “Sending Partners” of countries eligible for Hungarian Scholarship, and the “Sending Partner” of each country spreads this scholarship to its citizens showing them the study programmes determined and the degree authorized for this scholarship. By this method the student does not waste his time and at the end he finds that he cannot follow a specialty or a diploma that he wants.
    As Example, an Algerian cannot pursue a bachelor and also has only some areas to choose from.
    Also through the page ‘‘Sending Partners and Available Study Programmes’’ on studyinhungary web page, I Found only Tunisia , the only country who is clear and more explanatory for its students.

  106. hello
    i am willing to get hungarian bachelor degree scholarship but there is no my country name mentioned among eligible countries.i am from sri lanka,please let me know can i still apply for hungary scholarship.
    thank you


  108. Hello dear i am from pakistan and having graduate degree in Electrical Engineering 66% marks can i get fully funded scholarship in Masters

  109. Aslam.o.Alikum!
    Dear Me aap sy scholarship k bary pochna chahta hon.
    Hungary Government Scholarship 2019-2020 | Stipendium Hungaricum 2019-2020
    Kia Me Apply kr skta hon. Me Diploma holder hon
    Diploma of Associate Engineering Kia ha 3 years in Instrument Technology.
    Marks 77%
    Kia me apply kr skta hon
    kahn sy apply hoga wo link send kr den.
    or kia ye sb real ha.
    Or 2019-20 hi k ley ha na?????

  110. Please how do I know my “sending partner” in my country, Ghana specifically?
    Please is there scholarship for Masters of Architecture?

  111. I am a biochemistry graduate…and I am very much interested reading medicine
    Am I eligible or only high school graduate are liable to read medical science.?

  112. I am currently a third year biochemistry student and I am very much interested reading medicine… Am I eligible to apply?

  113. a/s waqas bhai, i want to ask you that how many times this scholorship provided by hungrian government in a year.

  114. Hi Dear my name Berhanu, am Ethiopian and Anesthesiology proffessional .i need ti study mbbs how can i get this chance?

  115. hello , i’m studying informatics engineering 4th year(undergraduate) , computer systems and software engineering department , i’m waiting for my graduation next year, i’d like to know is it better to apply now or to wait till i finish my studies here in Syria
    and i’d like to know if there would be more chances in the next few years and thanks 🙂 .

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