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Getting your Master’s degree is an important step towards getting a great job and fortunately, there are many scholarship programs that can help you achieve your academic goals. One such program is the GIIDAE Empowering Change Scholarship in Development, Agriculture and Economics. With that being said, today we are going to cover everything there is to know about the scholarship positions that this program offers.

The University of Reading is now offering positions at the Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics Empowering Change Scholarship to students from World Bank member developing countries. The aim of the program is to help students with excellent academic results get their Master’s degree.

The Host Institution

Outstanding students who get accepted into this scholarship program will get the chance to study at the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development at the University of Reading.

Supported Fields of Study

MSc Agricultural Economics, MSc Agriculture and Development, MSc Applied International Development, MSc Climate Change and Development, MSc Consumer Behaviour, MSc Communication for Development, MSc Development Finance, MSc Environment and Development, MSc Food Economics and Marketing, MSc Food Security and Development, MRes Research Agricultural and Food Economics, MSc Research Agriculture Ecology and Environment.

The GIIDAE Empowering Change Scholarship in Development, Agriculture and Economics Scholarship Program


Two scholarships will be awarded, each worth £10,000 each. The funds are split between £5,000 towards living expenses and £5,000 applied as a tuition reduction.

The GIIDAE Empowering Change Scholarship in Development, Agriculture and Economics Scholarship Program


Applicants should be well-rounded students from World Bank member developing countries, who want to create socio-economic change within their countries using what they have learned through their postgraduate studies with GIIDAE.

Those who have a conditional offer that includes English and are offered a scholarship must demonstrate the required level of English proficiency within 1 month of being offered the Scholarship, otherwise, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn.

Application Instructions

Applicants have to submit a personal statement based on their previous achievements and aspirations, and explain why they should be given this scholarship. The statement should include the following points:

  • An insight into what they have achieved in the past and their goals for the future;
  • How this degree will benefit them and their career in the future, including any practical way they think their studies could support their wider community;
  • Previous academic achievement, including grades;
  • How their previous professional and volunteer experience qualifies them for this award.

Official Website and Deadline

All interested students are advised to CLICK HERE and access the official website where they can find additional information about the application process. The deadline is June 1, 2020.

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