List of Dumbest and Smartest States of USA – Dumbest VS Smartest States of America


The states with the most advanced schools, high graduation rates, high employment rates and high standards of education are categorized as the smartest states while the states with the least developed schools and low standards of education are categorized as the dumbest states. The quality of education and literacy rate of all states of USA is also a key factor in calculating the figures for evaluating the list of dumbest and smartest states.

Comparing the figures, the researchers have classified 10 American states as the smartest states. This means that these states have developed education system with top quality schools, colleges, and universities. Most of the colleges provide free education and many universities offer Full Ride Scholarships.

The list of 86 colleges offering full-ride scholarships in all states of USA is a clear indication of the steps taken to support the needy and brilliant students from all over the country. Most of the Top colleges and Top Universities are also situated in smartest US states of America and most of those offer full-ride scholarships.

These are also called the smart states because all the companies intending to set up the business in the USA prefer these states because of educated and skilled labor force readily available there. Moreover, it is believed that these states are utilizing the governmental resources in an effective way and have a greater population with a bachelor degree.

Following are the lists of the “smartest” and “dumbest” states in the country based on the percentage of the population with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Following is the list of the Smartest States of USA:

Smartest US States Population % with a bachelor degree or higher Average Household income Average SAT score Average Ranking & IQ Score
Massachusetts 40.3% $65339 1553 104.3
Colorado 37.8% $58823 1721 101.6
Maryland 37.4% $72483 1483 99.7
Connecticut 37.2% $67098 1532 103.1
New Jersey 36.6% $70165 1521 102.8
Virginia 36.1% $62666 1528 101.9
Vermont 35.7% $52578 1540 103.8
New Hampshire 34.6% $64230 1567 104.2
New York 34.1% $57369 1463 100.7
Minnesota 33.5% $60702 1780 103.7


List of the Dumbest States of USA

There is no doubt that American governments have been paying special attention to the education sector in the country. But still, there are many states with poorly developed educational institutes and lower educational standards.

These states are categorized as the dumbest states in the country. Although the federal government allocates enough resources, yet the utilization of these resources is not as the government intends. Various companies and organizations hesitate to set up their businesses here because they think that their businesses may have to face labor issues. Due to lower education standards, the workforce in these states is less skilled and low educated.

Following is the list of the dumbest states of America:

Dumbest US States Population % with bachelor degree or higher Average Household income Average SAT score Average Ranking & IQ Score
West Virginia 18.9% $41253 1513 98.7
Mississippi 20.4% $37963 1673 94.2
Arkansas 20.6% $40511 1697 97.5
Nevada 22.5% $51230 1454 96.5
Louisiana 22.5% $44164 1655 95.3
Kentucky 22.6% $43399 1741 99.4
Alabama 23.5% $42849 1608 957
Indiana 23.8% $47529 1470 101.7
Oklahoma 23.8% $45690 1689 99.3
Tennessee 24.8% $44297 1709 97.7