Lockheed Martin Scholarship Program Kicks-off a Revolution in STEM

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Lockheed Martin Corporation introduces a scholarship program for U.S. citizens interested in obtaining a degree in STEM. Applications for the 2020-2021 school year will open in January 2020

Introduction to Lockheed Martin scholarship

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Lockheed Martin Corporation is an American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company that was formed when Lockheed Corporation, Martin Marietta Corporation, and Loral Federal Systems merged in 1996. It is known as one of the largest companies in the aerospace, defense, security, and technologies in the States and beyond and its headquarters are in North Bethesda, Maryland, in Washington, DC.

Lockheed Martin offers a new scholarship program with the purpose of helping potential candidates follow their dreams and achieve their goals of becoming STEM professionals, regardless of their background. The scholarship program is designed in such a way that it guarantees to help students develop their STEM talent, as well as to support them and provide them with opportunities to work in the field.

The STEM scholarship aims to satisfy the company’s recruiting needs, as well. Lockheed Martin plans to hire 50,000 new STEM professionals of different backgrounds over the next 15 years. One of the goals of the scholarship program is to attract the finest talents in order to develop new, breakthrough technological solutions, leaving the possibility of expanding the scholarship program open.

Coverage of Lockheed Martin Scholarship

For those who are interested in pursuing a degree in STEM, starting from this year (2019), Lockheed Martin offers a program containing 200 scholarships up to $10,000 per student with the intention to add up to 200 new recipients each year. The program will offer mentoring opportunities, as well as paid internships with Lockheed Martin following freshman, sophomore or junior year of college.

The scholarships can be renewed with the conditions being that the recipients continue to meet the minimum GPA requirement and stay in their selected major or another major that is listed on the scholarship eligibility requirements.

The selected recipients will receive a $10,000 award. Note: Awards are for undergraduate study only. Up to 200 awards will be granted in 2019, with the preference being given to applicants who:

  • Are attending or plan to attend a Lockheed Martin partner institution.
  • Have demonstrated leadership capabilities and were involved in volunteerism, mentoring younger students, STEM-focused extracurricular activities, work experience.
  • Have a compelling personal story and/or family circumstances (i.e. military family).
  • Have taken Project Lead the Way (PLTW) classes in high school.

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a leading nonprofit STEM organization that offers a project-based curriculum to over 600,000 students at 5,000 schools across the United States.

PLTW has the corporation’s support since 2007 due to the quality of their programs. Its executives even awarded the organization with a $6 million grant so that they can successfully implement STEM programs in urban school districts near large company campuses in Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Texas and Washington, DC. PLTW enables Lockheed Martin to maintain a relationship with the students over the span of several years. Additionally, it provides students with proper preparation students for a STEM-focused college program.

Eligibility Requirements for the Lockheed Martin scholarship

High school seniors with a cumulative 3.5 or above GPA, or current college freshmen or sophomores with a cumulative 3.0 or above GPA will be eligible for applying. Students should be majoring or planning to major in Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Systems Engineering, Math, Physics, Information Systems/Management Information Systems or Information Assurance.

The scholarships are indented for individuals in financial need. Additionally, following the example of other companies that have aligned with the principles of inclusivity, Lockheed Martin encourages all candidates from underrepresented or underserved communities to apply. Women, people of color, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community and those who are currently first-generation College students or are on their way of becoming that – they all fit into this category.

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Although African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Alaskan natives represent 31 percent of the population in the States, only 11 percent of them take on science and engineering jobs. It has been estimated that lower-tier public schools, as well as lower participation in college STEM programs and lack of access to technology,  are some of the main obstacles members of these groups are facing. For these reasons, Lockheed Martin took on an initiative to make the program accessible to all who are, in one way or another, prevented from entering the STEM community and thriving in the industries.

Since science, technology, engineering, and math have been mainly inaccessible to underrepresented groups, the STEM community has been accused of opposing the ideals of racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace for many years. For that very reason, the Lockheed Martin initiative can be interpreted as a huge step in the right direction made at the right time, as the importance of gender, racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace reaches its peak.

On the downside, only U.S. citizens attending U.S. colleges/universities are considered eligible; however, due to the program’s potential and capacity, it could expand globally into the future.

In regards to targeting those who are in a financial need, the corporation, in collaboration with Scholarship America, will implement a financial need calculation called Suggested Parent Contribution (SPC). Scholarship America is a nonprofit organization with more than 60 years of experience in designing and managing scholarship programs. It has allocated approximately $4 billion to more than 2.4 million students since it first emerged.

Through the SPC method, Lockheed Martin will take in account all information provided on the scholarship application – adjusted gross income, the income of the parent(s), untaxed income, total cash/savings, number of persons and the number of attendees of post-secondary school in the family

Application form of Lockheed Martin Scholarship

You can apply for the scholarship online. The first step is to register, create an application account, and complete your student profile. Choose an active email address for your student profile and keep a record of your username and password.

You begin by clicking on the “Create an Account” link at the bottom of the page. The link to your application can be seen on the “Student Overview” page of this site after you’ve completed your profile. Note that your Student Profile is NOT your application.

Use standard capitalization when entering data (Jackie Smith instead of jackie smith or JACKIE SMITH).

You will be able to save your entered information and leave the site by clicking “Save and Log Out” in the left navigation area on each application page.

You must enter your username and password order to log back into the account. Access your application by clicking the “Continue Application” button. You will be able to update your application until you submit it, or until the deadline is reached. If all required fields are not completed and aren’t in the proper format, you won’t be able to submit your application. The items that are still in need of your attention will be highlighted in The Review Page.

Once you carefully reviewed your entire application, click on the “Lock and Submit Application” button near the bottom of the Review page. After the application is successfully submitted, you will be able to can view or print the application for your files, but no further updates can be made. However, the Profile information may be updated at any time.

Application deadlines and required documents

Scholarship applications for the 2019-2020 school year came to an end on March 12, 2019, while applications for the 2020-2021 school year will open in January 2020.

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What you’ll need:

  • Application Form (submitted electronically)
  • Transcript: you’ll need to electronically submit a current, complete transcript of grades, with the exception of grade reports. Transcripts must display student name, school name, grades and credit hours for each course, and term in which each course was taken.
  • Copy of the first two pages of the most recently filed IRS Form 1040 used for the Financial Information Page (submitted electronically).

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