Master Mind Scholarships and Fellowships for Master’s degree students

The government of Flanders has Announced a new Scholarship for the best Students from around the world called Master’s Mind scholarship for the academic year 2017-2018. Master Mind Scholarship will be awarded for a large number of students from all over the world. The purpose of the Master mind Scholarship awarded by Government of Flanders is to promote the international standard of the Flemish Education systems. Students can not apply directly for this scholarship, they can only apply through the universities which are under the government of Flanders Master Mind Fellowships.

Duration & Benefits of the Master Mind scholarship

  • The duration of the Master Mind scholarship Will be Minimum for one academic year or Full Academic years for Master’s degree.
  • It Depends on the Students Academic Performs. If the Student obtains fewer marks than the set target, then he/she will lose a scholarship for next academic year.
  • The incoming student is awarded a scholarship of maximum €7.500,- per academic year
  • Flemish host institution can ask the applicant for a tuition fee of maximum €106,9,- per year, which equals the rate of the yearly tuition fee for a student from an underprivileged group.

Requirements For Master Mind Scholarship

  • Applicants should have a Good academic background with High score or CGPA
  • He/she should meet the criteria set by the host universities including the Language requirements of the university that may be IELTS, TOEFL, and English proficiency certificate.
    Note: Language proficiency should be according to the requirements of the Host University.
  • All countries are eligible, Students from all countries are welcome to apply for Master mind scholarship.
  • The highest degree should be obtained from the higher education commission of your countries.
  • Applicants who are already enrolled in the any university of Flanders are not eligible for Master Mind Scholarship.

How to Apply for Master Mind Scholarship?

  • The Applicant should apply first for any of the University Under Government of Flanders( Host universities).
  • The incoming student is awarded a scholarship of maximum €7.500,- per academic year.
  • The Host university will submit application of scholarship on behalf of the student
  • The host university or Host university college will check the performance of the students every year
  • If he/she does not maintain good academic performance than Master Mind scholarship can be Canceled by the host university.
  • Master Mind Fellowships are for all Categories.
  • Some Seats are reserved for some countries like Mexico(3). Japan(3), USA(5). But if these are not filled then these seats can be awarded to any nationality.
  • Application For Master Mind Scholarship fellowship.
  • The application can only be submitted by the host institute on behalf of the applicant.

Selection Process and Host Universities

  • Scholarships will be awarded by the Flemish Committee with the support of Flemish Department of Education and training.
  • Master mind scholarship online application form
  • Official Notice of Flanders scholarship
  • List of Universities Under Government of Flanders Scholarship
  • KU Leuven/ University of Leuven:,
  • University of Antwerp: International Relations
  • Ghent University; Charlotte Moulin –,
  • Hasselt University: Liesbeth Oeyen – , .
  • Vrijie university Brussel: International Relations-, .

Arts and Nautical Sciences ( List of Universities for scholarship)

  • Antwerp Maritime Academy: Willem Bruyndonx – ,
  • Artesis plantijin University college Antwerp: Annelies Verstraeten- ,
  • Erasmus University College Brussel: Annelore Schittecatte- ,
  • Karel de Grote university college: An Masschelin (study) – ,
  • Charlotte Maeyens (internship) / ,
  • LUCA School of Arts: Wim Aerts- ,
  • University of College Ghent: Inez Adriaensen – ,
  • Deadline for Master Mind Scholarship is 30th April 2017. But please be careful about the application for the host Universities. That can vary from University to University.

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