Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarships for Africans – Become a Professional Writer!

We are happy to announce that the Miles Morland Foundation has started accepting applications for the 2019 Writing Scholarship. For those who are reading about the Miles Morland Foundation for the first time right now, they should know that this foundation has been created for the sole purpose of supporting entities in Africa that are helping young African students have their voices heard in the world. The Miles Morland Foundation focuses mainly on African writing and African literature.

Unfortunately, becoming a professional writer is not an easy path. Most writers who are at the start of their career are required to take a second job that will help them earn a living and keep food on their tables. This is where the Miles Morland Foundation comes in and saves the day. This foundation is going to allow each scholar who gets accepted enough time to create their first draft of a completed book. In addition, the scholarships are open to all writers (in English) who were born in Africa, or both of their parents were born in Africa.

Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarships for Africans 2019: Benefits

  • Scholars writing fiction will receive a grant of £18,000 paid monthly over the course of 12 months.
  • Scholars writing non-fiction, who require additional research time, could receive an additional grant, paid over a period of up to 18 months.

We need to mention that this is not a residential scholarship. This means that scholars are the ones who get to provide their own living arrangements during the Scholarship year.

Miles Morland Foundation Writing Scholarships for Africans 2019: Criteria

  • The Scholarships are open to anyone writing in the English language who was born in Africa, or both of whose parents were born in Africa.
  • To qualify for the Scholarship a candidate must submit an excerpt from a piece of work of between 2,000 – 5,000 words, written in English that have been published and offered for sale.
  • The only condition imposed on the Scholars during the year of their Scholarship is that they must write.
  • Scholars will be asked to submit by email at least 10,000 new words every month until they have finished their book, or their Scholarship term has ended.
  • The Foundation welcomes both fiction and non-fiction proposals. They are aware that non-fiction Scholars may need extra time for research, so the Foundation may exercise its discretion to offer non-fiction writers a longer Scholarship period of up to 18 months.
  • The proposal must be for a full-length book of no fewer than 80,000 words.
  • Open Regions: Africa

Official Letter and Deadline

We are advising everyone who is interested in the scholarships offered for African writers by the Morland Foundation to go ahead and CLICK HERE in order to access the official website and fill in the online application form. In addition, the deadline for the scholarships is September 30th.

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