PhD Research Proposal for Scholarship – Ph.D. research proposal Elements


Writing a Ph.D. research proposal for a scholarship is the process of writing the complete details of your research project outline in a sequential manner. Your research proposal for a scholarship gives an insight into your study aims and it provides a clear vision of your capabilities to withstand that research project.

List of headings for a Ph.D. research proposal:

The Ph.D. research proposal comprises of six elements namely:

  • The objectives of the research. It is also known as the outcome of the research.
  • Detailed data that is required for answering questions.
  • Research challenges section.
  • Well, utilized mechanism and procedure.
  • A good connectivity with authentic theory.
  • A working plan that comprises of various activities, the outcome as well as stipulated time.

It is vital and compulsory for the Ph.D. research proposal to have the above-named six elements. To conduct an explanatory research could be a good start for students which is quite easy as compared to starting the work from scratch.

You can study some research papers and come up with an idea to fill the gap you find in that particular case study. It should also have a logical and systematic connection so that it can be easy to understand.

A researcher should be able to come up with realistic and precise objectives, come up with questions from the research products, decide which kind of data should answer the research questions and any other relevant and vital information to be included in the research proposal.

The plans of a researcher to go out and examine research data for the purpose of coming up with answers and solving them shows the type of activities to be done, when they are done and how they are done.

They also show the final outcome of the research. The carried out research should be authentic and based on existing theory as well as include the knowledge of the researcher. It is recommended to mention in your study proposal that you will abide by all the college rules while your stay in university. This will have a nice impression on the reviewer.

Six Elements of a Research proposal:

Research Objectives Section:

The Ph.D. research proposal for a scholarship collectively aids in coming up with the research/study project. During the process, the researcher has to focus on a very narrow problem which can be taken as an object to work on its solution.

Sometimes the researcher fails to recognize some of the aspects when coming up with the research questions and therefore there is a need to begin from scratch. The researcher should also make sure the rest of the work is well scrutinized once they have rebuilt the objectives.

When selecting the research data, new ideas on the research might arise or the available information may change. In such a scenario, the researcher should be able to examine and determine whether a change in the research question is necessary and if it is suitable for designing the rest of the research work.

Designing the research is a fallacy and a trial before it attains a reliable foundation, to begin with. It is recommendable that the researcher must work under the supervision of the professor for the purpose of effective development of each design.

The research ought to be creative and have a sense of quality to effectively carry out your study. It is also vital to brainstorm the ideas to look at your objective from different angles and get the assistance of another person to improve your ideas.

The research work focuses on obtaining the outcomes at the end of the project. It can be one, two or three depending on the approach adaptability of the researcher and scope of the problem.  The researcher should, in the beginning, decide which the possible outcomes of the research are; such as:

  1. The gist of the theory. It should be either explanatory or illustrative. What exactly does the researcher intend to describe?
  2. Having an argument recommendation for the purpose of coming up with something. What are the intended achievements of the researcher? What type of recommendations does the researcher provide? Why is it important.
  3. New developments in terms of equipment, aim, plan, the norm among other things. It should be able to come up with a short overview of the main aim and equipment to be used. What are the conditions to fulfill them?

Finally, once you have your research objective sorted out then write it in your research proposal. It has to be short, clear and easy to understand by the reviewer. It is vital to check out the three named conditions. The explanation is given to the objectives of the researcher only makes sense when the aim is correct, clear and practical in every aspect.

Research Methods, Approach, and Questions

The Ph.D. research proposal for a scholarship helps in creating technical and complicated research questions. This step is the most crucial part of the research process and therefore the following steps should be included:

  • Provide an insight into the kind of knowledge to be explored when the research is completed.
  • The basis of the research questions and answering them with scientific proofs
  • Having sub-questions derived from the main questions.

The sub-answers should formulate the central answers. It is important to note that;

  • The researcher should not pose questions that ask for a solution. Example: how can I find….?
    Such questions won’t be helpful and the researcher cannot gain new information from it.
  • An effective way is to use the synonyms. Example: what is the best way to …? What is the possible solution…?
  • This type of construction enables the readers to relate to the objectives of the research when they check the facts.

The researcher should have primary information and other useful insights when listing the research questions. It is essential to avoid using the desk decision as a research work. The researcher should always make sure there is the provision of answers before beginning the questions. The presentation should always start with the greatest knowledge.

Research Data and Analysis Section

While Your research proposal must include the content listed down below:

  • What type of knowledge does the researcher intend to provide?
  • What is the secondary information that the researcher need?
  • What type of information is needed to compile the researcher?
  • How will the researcher compile the information?
  • How does the information answer the outlined research question?

The researcher should have the answers to all the questions in the entire project. The researchers should critically examine the origin of the data to be used in the project. The first alternative observation is the use of quantitative research with a lot of data. It is also ideal to use qualitative data but this is done in a few cases.

The researcher should have two cases at hand that is defining the strength of the interests and also describing the confinement of the same. This is valuable as it helps in getting a clear idea of what entails the entire project.

It is vital to be practical at this point as it aids I making the project more realistic, effective and guarantees success.

Research Workplan or Research Timeline

The Ph.D. research proposal for a scholarship provides a clear solution to a scientific problem with an effective work plan. Your research proposal must include a clear timeline for carrying out your research work. Drafting the Ph.D. research proposal entails working on small parts of your work in the specified time period. There are three vitals parts followed namely:

  • Making the research.
  • Processing the data.
  • Coming up with the outcome.

Where qualitative research is involved, the research can undertake a joint study. In such a scenario, the researcher is expected to split the research into various parts which should comprise of sub-questions, different objectives, and different solutions.

General remarks for a Research Proposal for PhD

Ph.D. research proposal for a scholarship ensures availability of published research works which either has a practical, application method or theoretical aspect.  It becomes very easy to examine a theory using a case study or with the aid of an estimate module. The results of the research should always have a connection with the previous study.

The Ph.D. research proposal also intends to contribute to the process of journals, meetings among other things. The research is meant to raise interest in particular fields and therefore important to communicate the results.

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