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Recommendation Letter Procedure for UST South Korea Application

I am sharing two methods though which you can complete recommendation letters requirement for applying in UST South Korea for Scholarships of MS and Phd Degrees.

Recommendation Letter for UST South Korea Procedure 1

  • UST sends you word file of Recommendation letter so you can take signatures from your HOD or professor
  • After taking signatures on recommendation letters you have to insert it into an envelope, seal those envelops
  • And after you seal envelop then punch Official Stamps of HOD or Professor on all joining sections of Envelop, otherwise your recommendation will not be accepted
  • Now send your Fully stamped envelop via DHL ot FedEx to UST South Korea
  • Address of UST to send your recommendation letter:
    Postal Address: (34113) Student Affairs Team, University of Science and Technology,217 Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea.

UST South Korea Recommendation Letter Procedure 2

  • Insert Official Email Addresses of two professors from your last university in UST Application form or send the email addresses to UST admission office
  • UST will now send them email containing recommendation letter
  • Your professors fill in the information in form and then send it back to UST Email Address
  • Note: Professors must use their official University Email Addresses otherwise UST will not accept recommendations

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  1. Sir .I complete my bechlor in biological science. And I would like to take this scholarship opportunity. .who I will get this I am eligible for this. . Kindley

    1. Admissions for UST South Korea will open soon so contact professors and try to obtain acceptance letters and its the right time to get acceptance.

    1. Its simple process, go to our japan Meti Government internship Article and in its end you’ll see the Online application link.

  2. Sir have any another way to check the Professor email address Major IT then Checked the professor email address is create some problem.

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