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Research Proposal is required to propose your research project to get approval for the go-ahead or to get some funding to execute your work. It is always a big challenge for students to write a Research Proposal to apply for a scholarship or college admission either in European, Western or Asian region.

The Research Proposal for CSC Scholarship is also a mandatory requirement. Here down below; we have a standard template for Research proposal which can be taken as an example while writing your proposal for research:

Research Proposal Sample and template Download Here

Below is a sample of Motivation Letter for your guys:


Motivation Letter Template For CSC Scholarship


Biology classes have always fascinated me. Although my grades for other classes were also high, I was not having the same pleasure that I did during biology classes. When I started in high school, they had already become my favorite classes.

Exploring the living world had become an enormous interest for me. That is why I guess my years in high school molded my decisions about my prospective career. Until then, I had considered a general spectrum spanning being a doctor, a biologist, a molecular biologist and geneticist, and an ecologist.

As my major, I resolved to study Molecular Biology and Genetics, because I envision that it will lead the 21st century. A general understanding of the mechanisms underlying life in combination with gene therapeutics could prevent most, if not all, fatal diseases, including cancers and AIDS, and could also be used to treat nonlife-threatening disorders such as infertility.

The selection of “healthy” gametes may increase the rate of successful fertilization and lead to healthy generations in turn. Life expectancy will increase as new approaches are discovered. The quality of life will improve as well as longevity. Indeed, increasing the level of food supplies by genetically engineered plants has already been a hope to meet the demands of the ever-increasing human population.

As I was introduced to the departmental classes and laboratory sessions at XXXX University, I became totally sure that Molecular Biology and Genetics was the right field for me. I never felt uneasy in laboratories with which I was essentially familiar. It was such an incredible experience to grow bacteria, extract their DNA, run it on a gel and visualize it under UV light.

And voila! The DNA bands, otherwise invisible, mysteriously appeared! It was like solving the mystery of the map of King Solomon’s Lost Treasure; under daylight nothing is visible but under the moonlight when the moon is full and nearest to the earth, the directions showing the way to the Treasure appear. In that instant, I realized that laboratories were still my playgrounds; having fun while exploring, which turned out to be my lifestyle as the years passed by.

After a while, I felt that the classes and laboratory sessions were no longer sufficient to satisfy my hunger of exploring. Hence, starting from the second term of my undergraduate study, I volunteered in various projects in the research labs:

In Dr. Green’s laboratory, I was mainly introduced to practical techniques, learned how to handle laboratory equipment and how to work in a team as well as familiarizing myself with the fields of Cell and Molecular Biology. In Dr. Brown’s laboratory, as an independent research student working on starfish oocytes, I learned how to read scientific papers, scientific thinking, troubleshooting, asking, testing and analyzing a problem as well as new techniques. It was Dr. Brown who introduced me to Developmental Biology.

As I finished the second year of my degree, I decided to have a working experience abroad. My aim was first, to survive on my own in a different culture and secondly, to familiarize myself with as many fields as possible so that I would be better able to choose the field for my graduate study. For this reason, I applied to Professor Black’s laboratory at Harvard School of Public Health and was introduced to Biochemistry.

I attended various orientation programs related to laboratory safety, radioactivity, and biologically hazardous materials. My stay there resulted in an accelerated publication and provided me to take part in criticizing and writing a scientific article. At the end of my study, I presented my work, which was my first presentation. Since I enjoyed my stay at Harvard very much and I was attracted to Developmental Biology the most, I decided to organize another internship for the summer following my junior year.

In Professor Johnson’s laboratory at Kings College London, this time working on spermatozoa, I attained a better understanding of Endocrinology and Developmental Biology and learned how to handle laboratory animals. The data that I obtained during my study there will be published in a perspective article.

And as a project student in my final year, feeling increasingly self-confident, I have resolved to study further as soon as I finish my degree. I believe that my critical, independent thinking will improve more as I go through graduate education, specialize and have a leading role in a research project. I feel totally ready to challenge such a responsibility.

I would like to continue my education in biology, which started at the age of six, at Duke University. It is among the top ten universities in the world. The research conducted by the distinguished faculty in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology is unique to just a few places in the world and has been published in top journals. Moreover, Duke University provides various subjects and advisors to the graduate students to choose for their study, especially in Developmental Biology.

Taking these facts into consideration as well as the experiences that I had in the USA during my stay, I believe that Duke University would be the best choice for my education following my graduation.


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  1. I want to write a research plan for CSC post doc scholarship which should include your professional interest and career objective . It should also include your background i.e. research and professional experience, honors ,membership and academic activities.Kindly help me with sample for the same , so that i can proceed further.

    • Jiangsu university does not require application fee from CSC scholarship students. You can view their CSC Scholarship post and contact their admission office. Yes those are separate universities.

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