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I was always the first in my classes in high school and when I won the Governmental Full Undergraduate Scholarship to study in Turkey, I continued to excel. Currently, with an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.89, I am holding the #1 rank in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Bogazici University, previously known as the Robert College, which is one of the best schools in Turkey. I wanted to have a deeper insight into science that can only be obtained through advancing my chemical comprehension. So, I made the decision to pursue a double-major of Molecular Biology & Genetics and Chemistry. Formulating hypotheses, testing them using cutting-edge technology and eventually discovering the mysteries of the cells, is what makes me tick. Seriously hard work is a prerequisite for success in research, but I am used to that – I am a workaholic.

Among many topics, I am primarily interested in the molecular biology of cancers. Novel proteins emerge during the course of carcinogenesis. Genetic fusion of two unrelated proteins yielding a chimeric receptor, that is constitutively active, is among numerous masterpieces found in cancers. These masterpieces and the molecular pathways surrounding them are both interesting to study and are important for our understanding of cancer, which is critical for development of cancer treatments, like gene therapy, immunotherapy, and small molecule drug research. I realize that it is virtually impossible to study all types of cancers, but learning the underlying mechanisms of even one of them, could contribute to the discovery of a treatment that would be beneficial in studying other cancer types. The aforementioned is something I would love to pursue during my next several years as a PhD student.

By nature, I am a very curious person. I wonder how things function. I remember myself disassembling various household devices when I was a child. Years passed, I grew up… through preparations for the Albanian National Biology Olympiads (where I won the first place) I tasted various topics of Biology, which I genuinely liked, and with that motivation and with complete support of my parents I got the courage to make a decision to become a scientist. Back then, I was not aware of what exactly scientific research entailed, but as time proved, I made the right choice.

I would like to continue my academic career by pursuing a PhD degree in the field of Biochemistry at Purdue University. My choice of this university is motivated by the high academic standards and the potential of the faculty at Purdue University that can train me to become one of the best scientists in the world. Despite being not an easy field, science is a journey and it is to be enjoyed. And I am the kind of traveler who has what it takes to go the whole nine yards.

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