School of Economics at the University of Kent – Get Your MBA!


Since the education system was shut down in the past couple of months, now is the best time to apply for scholarships that can ensure you have financial aid to pursue your goals. In fact, the University of Kent is offering the School of Economics Scholarships for outstanding students from lower and lower and middle-income countries. These scholarship positions are targeting students who are applying for the MSc Development Economics program in 2020/2021.

School of Economics at the University of Kent


Up to 2 scholarships will be awarded, with each scholarship is worth up to 50% of the full tuition fee. However, applicants should be aware that this scholarship does not cover the full cost of studying at Kent.

Moreover, applicants will need to have additional sources of funding in order to cover their accommodation, travel, and living expenses. The School of Economics will pay the difference to the full tuition fee.

All scholarships take the form of a School payment towards tuition fees, and will be paid once the recipient is fully registered at the University of Kent.

Students may be considered for more than 1 scholarship, but they will not be awarded more than 1 (Kent graduates may however be awarded the Graduate School Scholarship in addition, if they are eligible).

School of Economics at the University of Kent


The award of this scholarship is conditional upon students accepting a University of Kent School of Economics offer of a place to study on the MSc Development Economics program for 2020/21. The scholarships are available to outstanding students from low-/lower and middle-income countries, who have secured a scholarship of at least 50% of the full tuition fee through another recognized funder.

In addition, scholarships will be awarded to the best-qualified students on a competitive basis.

Official Letter and Deadline

If you are planning to study at the University of Kent in 2020/2021 and get your MBA, then you should CLICK HERE and access the official website where you find all the additional details that you need to know about the application. The deadline is 22 June 2020.

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