Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS)



Shanghai Provincial Government offers Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS Scholarship) 2020-21 to international students. The benefits of this SGS scholarship are of very much similar to that of CSC Scholarship/ Chinese Government Scholarship.

Types of Shanghai Government Scholarships

types of Shanghai Scholarships are being offered to international students for Master & Ph.D.:

  • Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS) Class A: Full Scholarship with 3000 RMB for MS & 3500 RMB for PhD
  • Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS) Class B: Partial Scholarship No Stipend (Only tuition Fee)
  • Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS) Class C: Up to 8000 RMB per year

Shanghai Government Scholarship Application Procedure

Shanghai Government Scholarship Application Process:

  • Step A

Make your account on SGS Scholarship Website

  • Step B

Search for Universities Supported by Shanghai Government Scholarship Council
Check all universities based in Shanghai that offer Shanghai Government Scholarship.

  • Step C

(Optional Step) Try obtaining Acceptance Letter from any professor at the university where you wish to apply. How to email Professors?

  • Step D

Now you are required to fill 2 Online Forms:

  1. Shanghai Government Scholarship Form must be filled with proper care
    In the application process, you must Select “SCHOLARSHIP TYPE A” and chose your desired degree course and University in an application and attach all required documents. After submission, download the online form so you can attach it with the University application
  2. Now Apply on Targeted University Website where you wish to seek admission under Shanghai government SGS scholarship and then attach all required documents with the University application form (List of required documents available below), also attach Shanghai Government Scholarship form with your application material and submit online and by mail (As per University Requirements)
    List of Universities for Shanghai Government Scholarship

List Of Required Documents

Application Procedure for Shanghai Government Scholarship Completed.

Q&A about Shanghai Government Scholarship

  1. Deadline for scholarship application: Between January to June of each year
  2. Application Fee: Some Universities require but search Host University Requirements
  3. IELTS: Not Required
  4. GRE: Not Required
  5. Acceptance Letter: Optional

How to apply

If you want to apply for the CSC Scholarship then follow this link:
CSC Scholarship/ Chinese government Scholarship Step by Step Procedure

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  1. Hello, when is the online application for Ms in international trade for Shanghai University going to be opened?
    I have paid the application fee and submitted my application forms but I can’t attach my receipt for the application fee. Moreover, when you check the website the information there is that the online application will be opened soon.
    Can you help me with exact date so that I don’t miss out?.

    • These days Chinese universities are not working because of Winter vacation holidays. So i would suggest you to try a phone call now to university and if they don’t answer then leave an email. University will re-open after February 5th. Then you can send your documents and tell them that you are looking for Shanghai government scholarship. You have to stay in touch with international office of Shanghai University.

      • waqas bhai . how are you please help me getting scholarship
        my cousins and i want to take scholarship
        2 females for mba finance 3.6gpa
        me in sociology phd 3.67gpa

      • my dear friend waqas muhammad i am very thirsty for china scholarship of m.phil. my qualification political science and also complete 4 year degree from recognised university of pakistan.please search scholarship for me and i am poor and do not afford fee of m.phil of any university. thank you.

  2. Hello sir
    I want to know about Shanghai Government Class B and C Scholarship Application Procedure.Please Send me the link.

  3. Hello, I am applying for masters program in Fudan. On their website it is said that for scholarship I need filled scholarahip application form and application statement for scholarship. Is this statement a study plan? Or it is two different docs?

  4. I have a question regarding the extension of the Shanghai Government Scholarship for the 4th year. I’m doing Ph.D. Now I’m in my second year. It seems like I cannot manage to finish my dissertation on time and I would like to get information about eligibility for extension of A-type shanghai government scholarship for the 4th year. Will I keep my monthly scholarship stipend, free accommodation and free tuition?

  5. I want to apply for phd in agriculture major Entomology under shanghai government scholarship. can you please tell me universities under sgs having agriculture school or college

  6. hello respected Sir,
    give me some guidelines about that when i should apply for online application form ?
    can i apply before gotting acceptance letter OR i shoul wait to got acceptance first ?

  7. hi.i am soumya Ranjan, I am from india,I want to do my master in china, now I am in Shanghai and learning Chinese language.i have not English proficiency certificates. so can I apply for the scholarships. I have not any hsk exam certificates.
    when we can apply for the Shanghai government scholarship.

    • HSK is not the requirement to apply for some Shanghai Government Scholarships in some Shanghai-based Universities. You can study the Chinese language in China and then start your course if it is not an English taught program.

  8. Hello, I am from Nigeria seeking a scholarship in Shanghai government council, previously I filled but I could not received any reply, I hopefully
    Apply again,hence I want to be lucky….

  9. hey there,
    I want to apply for the Shanghai government scholarship for Ph.D. Please mention the list of universities under the Shanghai government scholarship.

  10. Hi! 🙂 I just applied for the SGS to one University but I would like to increase my chances and apply to more. Is it okay to apply to more than one University for the SGS?


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