Technology in Education: Benefits and Drawbacks

In recent years, technology has advanced at epic levels, so much so that you can find it in most classrooms around the world. New technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and educational software have revolutionized the education sector by changing teaching and learning methods in class.

Students who embrace technology are more likely to get ahead in their careers and lives than those who don’t. Technology is the future. With more companies revolutionizing their operations through technology, you can expect that only students who have an advanced understanding of the operation of digital devices to be in high demand for employment. Technology will only continue to advance, impacting education and the professional world beyond.

Teachers hoping to stay abreast of technological updates may find themselves overwhelmed by the constant progress of various educational technologies. Read below to learn more about what’s good and what’s not so good about the use of education technology in the classroom.

What’s Good

Personalized education

Nowadays, one-size-fits-all is not good enough for the classroom. In the past, many teachers would teach all students in the same way with the same tools, partially due to time and resource constraints. Without the support of technology, it is difficult to tailor educational methods to each individual student. Luckily, with the advent of adaptive learning software, educators can leave aside the textbooks and focus instead on the needs of their students.

Every student learns differently, requiring different methods of support and different challenges. However, it would take highly advanced technology and complex algorithms to interpret student progress and shift the lesson plan accordingly. One of the best things about the technology we have available is that it is highly customizable; educators can pick and choose which methods to use for their students. Educators can nurture the different learning styles of all of their students. Technology has adapted to the needs of every student and has allowed them to learn at their own pace.

Philosophical shifts

Traditional teaching methods focused on providing students with important skills needed to make them skilled workers. Today, educators are more focused on helping students to learn on their own. The main aim of technology in education is to empower students with information. With technology, students can think, learn and analyze situations critically. Technology will save them time, which makes the learning process easier and more streamlined. The days of struggling through library stacks are over – nowadays, all you have to do is type your question into Google.

This somewhat-new focus on awareness of tools and technological fluency is essential for the lifelong learner. Teachers who focus on developing these skills give students a leg up in a research-focused world.

What’s Not


Technology brings many advantages in the education sector. However, one disadvantage of the omnipresence of technology is increased distraction. The devices that are used to educate and empower students can also become destructive when they offer an escape from the educational situation.

Students are being distracted today by social media platforms, emails, text messages and digital games, to name a few. This calls for the teacher to increase vigilance around students. It’s important to analyze the activity of students when using technological devices to avoid this pitfall.

Just a Reminder:

Teachers are here to stay

The rapid advancement of technology does not in any way undermine the role of the teacher in class. Although technology offers improved speed and can increasingly make good suggestions for the education of students, it will never replace the personal relationship between teacher and student. The main benefit of embracing technology is the freedom to focus more on those relationships and improve the student’s learning experience in that way.


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