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[Full Guide] UK-ASEAN Partnerships and Exchange Baseline Research Grant in 2021

Apply for this research grant and receive the opportunity of a lifetime!


Are you searching for a research grant in 2020? The UK-ASEAN Partnerships and Exchange Baseline Research Grant is now accepting applications. This is a special program that plans to facilitate the production of high-quality research in the ODA (Official Development Assistance) content in the hopes of improving international education and national policymaking.

Successful applicants will receive the chance to take part in a fully-funded research study that assesses the quality and quantity of existing partnerships in the tertiary education section between the UK and ASEAN. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out the benefits and criteria that the program offers.

UK-ASEAN Partnerships and Exchange Baseline Research Grant


Successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

  • A grant of £250,000 will be awarded to a single UK institution to carry out this research.
  • The resulting papers will be published as part of the British Council Research Papers series online.

UK-ASEAN Partnerships and Exchange Baseline Research Grant

Application Criteria:

  • Any person resident in the UK with an affiliation to a UK higher education institution can apply.
  • Different departments within a single institution can apply provided that the proposed activities are clearly different and that each is led by separate lead applicants (Principal Applicants).
  • The award agreement will be with the institution and not with an individual. Although the applicant must be resident in the UK, the research may, in whole or in part, take place outside the UK or by persons not resident in the UK.
  • Open regions: Any person resident in the UK.

UK-ASEAN Partnerships and Exchange Baseline Research Grant

Proposal Criteria:

  • proposals from UK higher educational institutions (Lead Institution). A Principal Applicant will make the application on behalf of the Lead Institution.
  • proposals which include engagement of local HEIs in the ASEAN countries2.
  • proposals which will engage ASEAN affiliated education body or regional or international education organization or consortium.
  • collaborative proposals (proposals from academic faculty from more than one
  • The proposal should be able to outline how the research and its outputs respond to the purpose of the Grant including how it will contribute to understanding international education in ODA contexts.
  • The proposal must clearly demonstrate the following topics:
  1. methodology and approach in designing and carrying out the baseline research
  2. how data gathered will be used to craft recommendations on UK-ASEAN partnership initiatives including trilateral partnerships and exchanges between UK and +3 countries (China, Japan, and Korea) which are expected to deliver societal and/or economic development outcomes in an ODA3 country in ASEAN.
  3. plan how to engage relevant UK and ASEAN stakeholders and potential participants/users/beneficiaries of the research in order to maximize the potential of this research project to have a positive impact beyond the duration of the Grant
  4. how the research and dissemination activities can be carried from 5 February 2021 to 6 August 2022.

Official Letter and Deadline

If you meet the criteria and want to apply for the UK-ASEAN Partnerships and Exchange Baseline Research Grant, you can check the official website where you can find out the deadline and submit your online application.

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