Who invented School and Education?


Education can be defined as the process in which anyone can increase in their knowledge through research, study or experience. Education also means sharing information among others through modes of lecture or some practical sessions. Above all an educated person has got a power of positivity in himself. An educated person has got self-respect and self-confidence to tackle his daily problems.

What is education?

Education helps in bringing a long term change in every individual’s thinking and reasoning ability. It also helps in reaching one’s life goal. It provides a medium to convey your thoughts and ideas among the people around you. One of the major contributions of education is that it helps in distinguishing between the right and wrong.

In other words, we can say that education is a path toward progress. It defines our future as it is the only way by which we can enhance our information, aptitude, and IQ. Thus, education helps in setting up good and firm communication with individuals that sum up this big world.

To become a master in something you need to have a firm knowledge about that field. You have to learn different things and enhance your creative and imaginative skills. You can achieve them only by educating yourself.

Knowledge of education

Having knowledge and keeping it to you can’t explain the word “Education” completely. You should also share your knowledge with the people around you. You should give them confidence and encourage them to learn more and more. It is also important for educators to make people know how to use their information in the day to day life. In the field of democracy, education helps each and every adult to become an effective citizen of the country.

Education is the key source for the development in the society, country and this big world from generations to generations.

Why is education an important part of life?

Education helps in the physical, mental and social development of a person. It helps to overcome our daily problem in the best way. Education makes us disciplined and punctual. Thus it is important for an all-round impact in our life.

What do you mean by education?

Education can be defined as the process of enhancing skills, knowledge, beliefs, and ideas. It helps to grow one’s talent and to achieve his aim. Some methods of education are teaching, discussion, and direct speech.

What do you mean by good education?

Education is said to be a good education if it makes the student more creative, more imaginative and more efficient. It should also create a feeling of enjoyment among students. A good education helps students to get more social in society.

Why education is regarded as the most powerful weapon?

The most powerful weapon in the word is education is said by Nelson Mandela. It is the most effective way to get rid yourself from the cycle of poverty. It teaches you how to improve yourself and match your ideas and interests to the current lifestyle.

Who is the father of education?

Horace Mann is regarded as the father of education. He was born in Franklin, Massachusetts on May 4, 1796. His father was an average earning farmer.

Who started Education in this world?

The present way of education was started by the British. Lord Macaulay recommended teaching of English in school in the form of a class.

Who is known as the father of Indian Modern Education?

Thomas Babington Macaulay is the father of Indian Modern Education.

Who invented School and education?

Horace Mann is known to invent the school and he is also an education reformer. Horace Mann is the main founder of the modern school system in the United States’. He was born in Franklin, Massachusetts on May 4, 1796. He became the Secretary of Education. His father was an average earning farmer.

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