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Youth Summer School Scholarship 2019 in China – Hone Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Youth Summer School Scholarship 2019 in China - Attend a Silk Road Themed Event

Youth Time International Movement is launching its ninth edition of the International Youth Summer School which takes place in China. There’s never been a better time for young and bright entrepreneurs who are at the start of their careers to gather the information that will help them succeed and the Youth Summer School Scholarship is the perfect example of that. The main topic of the scholarship is “Bridge Capital and Technology: Corporations along Silk Road, Innovations in Entrepreneurship” and all young entrepreneurs who are interested in learning valuable information related to how global markets work will find that the Youth Summer School Scholarship is the perfect place for them.

Youth Summer School Scholarship 2019 in China Benefits:

  • The event is the perfect opportunity for young entrepreneurs to be empowered and to find opportunities that could provide them with a successful career along the silk road regions (Asia, Europe, the Persian Gulf and East Africa);
  • All applicants who are accepted will receive a first hand experience with the Belt and Road initiative which will help them find their own path in business and how to potentially transform the Eurasian zone into a hub of startups and young entrepreneurs;
  • The event is going to be packed with world-class experts, strategists, academics and entrepreneurs from all walks of life who are willing to share their knowledge and guide young entrepreneurs;
  • Participants will also have chances to meet CEOs from and/or visit international start-ups based in China to see how foreign youth entrepreneurs started their business in this country. As a participant, you will be inspired from the latest progress of the on-going initiative, professional analytics on its pros and cons for start-up business, and first-hand experience of running business on the new Silk Road through toil and moil.

Youth Summer School Scholarship 2019 in China Criteria:

  • Young people 20-35 from around the world;
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing, speaking);
  • Master’s/PhD students, social entrepreneurs, young professionals, persons working at/with startup incubators and/or accelerators;
  • Show proven evidence of interests in Belt and Road Initiative and participation of the international youth community, and/or involvements in related fields;
  • Preferred backgrounds to include social and business enterprises, startups, non-profits, social activists, artists, educators, young researchers, scholars and students;
  • All regions are allowed to apply.

How to Apply for the Youth Summer School Scholarship 2019 in China?

Now that we presented all the benefits and criteria of joining the Youth Summer School Scholarship 2019 in China, the question that remains is how to apply? Everyone who is interested in applying should visit this link and fill in the application from the “Apply Now” panel. Keep in mind that the deadline is May 20, 2019.

All applicants need to make sure that they attach their up-to-date CV and one-minute video answering the following questions:

  • What is your motivation for applying for the Belt and Road International Youth Summer School?
  • How do you see the possible involvement of the young people of the development “Belt and Road Initiative”?
  • How do you plan to use the knowledge and skills gained during the Summer School?

Even though the complete program is covered by Youth Time International Movement, all applicants will need to pay their own travel costs. In addition, the administration fee is 150€ and it includes the following benefits: twin room shared accommodation in 4* or 5* hotel, attendance of opening and closing/award ceremonies, gala dinner, meals, cultural activities and participants kit.


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