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University of Westminster Scholarships For BS, MS and PHD Online Application process

University of Westminster is offering Various Scholarships for Underdeveloped Countries around the globe. The purpose of these scholarships is to create peaceful and friendly relations with other countries. There are more than five types of scholarships offered by the university of Westminster. Each scholarship has its own criteria and requirements and eligibilities. Please read carefully before you apply for the scholarship. It covers Travel, Medical, Dormitory and all the expenses related to your academics and research.

Requirements Before you Apply for Scholarships In University of Westminster

  • Before applying for any Scholarship in University of Westminster, you Must have registered for a course or major you want to study in this University. Without any getting registered you cannot apply for the scholarship directly. Because any application will not be accepted until you get any admission offer.
  • Please Be very careful that it takes atleast four weeks to get an admission offer from the university for your interested course, so try to contact university admission office before a month, so that you can apply for the grant on time.
  • Each scholarship in the University of the Westminster has its own criteria, so please confirm whether you are eligible for the scholarship or not, before you start to apply.
  • You can ony apply for any one scholarship. Note: the higher the amount of scholarship, the tougher will be the selection process. So think before you choose scholarship type.
  • The condidates who has applied two times before for this university grants are not eligible to apply.
  • Your degree should meet international standards. E.g Bachelors degree holders should have 4 years of education, and Master’s degree holders who are willing to apply for the PhD program should have 18 years education. If you do not meeting international standards you can not apply for any of the fellowships in this institute.
  • Applicants should not have obtained their Bachelors or Masters degree from any developed countries in past. If So they are not allowed to apply for full time scholarship, But they can apply for any of the Partial scholarships.

Documents Required for the University of Westminster

  • All the Undergraduate and postgraduate Candidates are asked to get an admission letter from the university and you need to submit the copy of the letter you receive from the admission office.
  • In addition to that you also need to submit your highest transcript and certificate from the previous university in your home country.
  • For undergraduate Students you should have your high school certificate and English proficiency certificate is must. Minimum 6 ietls score.
  • One recommendation letter from any professor who previously taught you in your Master’s or Bachelors program.
  • A valid photocopy of your passport .
  • You should have English Profiency certificate, that may be ielts, tofel and any other authentic proof for your medium of instruction.
  • All documents you provide should be in English. If not then you must submit a notarized translated copy of your documents.

Step by Step procedure to apply for a Scholarship

  • First contact university admission office to get a seat in any of your desired area. Note: try to contact university as soon as possible because it takes atleat 4 weeks to get admission letter.
  • Then university will give you an admission letter. You need to make a photocopy of this letter.
  • Write a study plan for the Master’s Student. Prepare research proposal by Phd condidates.
  • Write a statement of purpose by undergraduate Applicants stating the reason of getting admission in this university.
  • Fill online application for the scholarship and take a print of the application form.
  • Attach all the Required documents with the application form and Post the Materials as soon as possible.
  • Last date for international undergraduate programs if 4th of May.
  • Last date for Postgraduate programs is 4th May.

Types Of Scholarships offered by University of Westminster,

  • Full scholarships that covers all your expenses including travel and medical expenses.
  • Full tuition fee award scholarship.9 This scholarship only covers the Tuition fee)
  • Half Tuition fee Grant( This will cover half of your tuition fee)

Different Categories of Grants Offered By University of Westminster

  • International Undergraduate Scholarships
  • International post graduate scholarships
  • Joint scholarships and External opportunities
  • January 2018 Scholarships

Last date varies for each scholarship. Most of them is 5th May.

For online University of westminster application please visit the official link here.

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