Academic and General IELTS Test Sections | Paper Pattern for IELTS Testing

Academic or General test taker international students are most welcome to get familiar with pattern of testing of IELTS internationally. See these sections of IELTS before initiating Preparatory Campaign for IELTS.

Total Duration: 2:45 mints
Four Sections allocation for IELTS Testing Methodology

IELTS Section Writing: Total duration: 1 hour.

In Academic you will be given graphs/tables/pictures/essay. They will tell you about the word limit that you will cover for making good score. Try not to write less or more than the given limit. While in General you will be asked to write letter/application. Important points required to cover writing section.

  • First start your brain storming to pick the main idea from the given data.
  • Think about the subject to be given to the given data.
  • Make the main body of your paragraph more specific and close to the main idea.
  • Close your paragraph by giving some productive sentences.

IELTS Reading Portion: Total duration: 1 hour
(In general the time may vary)

They will provide you some passages. You will be asked to read few selected passages (2-4). And at last there will be some MCQ’s, blanks or true false related to the given passages. After reading the passages you will be able to answer these. In reading section you will be given 3-5 pages that will comprise of 15-20 passages (you need not to read all the pages). you will be asked to read few specific passages.

IELTS Portion of Listening consists of 4 sections

The first two sections are easy but the last two are the most critical and difficult ones. In listening, after listening to their conversation you will be asked questions (usually 1-6 Q’s). Listen to their accent/speaking style very carefully like the speaker may be American /British. There is an example of their speaking style. You can get it from the given sentences. American: I am on mall road British: I am in mall road. American pronounce’S’ as ‘Z’ Like American will pronounce pressurise as pressurize.

Speaking IELTS Section Total duration:

Its total time depends upon the interviewer, normally may be 7-15 mints. In speaking section following points are compulsory for making good score: There may dialogues/conversation with the interviewer May be they will give you a paper for questions/answer session.

  • Be confident while speaking
  • Be clear in your words/ pronunciation/accent (even accent doesn’t matter, what matters is only clarity of words).
  • Be loud so that the interviewer may listen to you clearly/properly.
    Note: For making good score in speaking the following practice will add a-lot. Talk about your day each evening and record your voice. After that listen to your own conversation and find the mistakes (like clarity of words etc.).
  • Common topics for speaking are:
    i. Socialism/capitalism(ideology of social accessibility)
    ii. social network
    iii. Facebook
    iv. Violence
    v. Muscles relaxing exercise (Physiotherapy)
Tricky Suggestions for IELTS preparation:
  • Read newspaper articles, summarize the article in your own words.
  • Read a paragraph from any English literature/science book and write your own opinion about the paragraph that you read.
  • By doing so you will not only improve reading but writing skills as well.


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