TOEFL Testing pattern format with Tips and Tricks to Score High

Students can get familiar with TOEFL testing methodology, tips and tricks and pattern of Paper taken for TOEFL certification. See this article for details.

TOEFL Students Testing Total scoring parameter is: 120
Average score required for American Universities: 100
Excellent score: 110
Total duration: 4 hours.
Points to be remember:
You (student/candidate) need to be quick in TOEFL (quick learner/with good words picking capability).

Writing in TOEFL Section Part of Your Test

Total allocated TOEFL score: 30
Total allowed time duration for TOEFL Test taking students is: 50 minutes.
TOEFL Writing words count limit is: usually is 250
Writing section of TOEFL consists of two portions:

  1. Independent TOEFL Writing Head (which is 30 mints)
  2. Integrated (20 mints allocated)

As writing in TOEFL is computer based, that’s why it needs your typing speed. Points to be remember for making good score.

  • Be neutral while writing (don’t be controversial)
  • Don’t be biased
  • Be diplomatic
  • Use effective and most relevant words (relevant to the given topic)

Speaking in TOEFL Testing Interview

The total score contains: 30 marks
Total time period issued to Candidates of TOEFL Testing: 20 minutes

Speaking of TOEFL is also divided into two portions:

  • Independent
  • Integrated

Both of these are important pillars of TOEFL (speaking have a major role in making good score in TOEFL). In speaking you will listen to the complete dialogue/conversation to record it (means you will be asked the questions once the conversation is over, be careful to record the important points discussed in the conversation). Afterwards you will be asked to answer to the questions with in specific time (usually 45 seconds for each question).

Reading in your TOEFL Test Portion

TOEFL Total marks contains: 30
All TOEFL Reading Time: 60-100 minutes

Reading section is having integrated portion only. For making good score in reading you need some good vocabulary. You will be given a paragraph for reading and then you will answer the given questions.

TOEFL Last Part in Testing Called Listening

Overall TOEFL Total Marks Listening Portion are: 30
Duraration Time Allocated in TOEFL Listening Section: 60-100 Mins

This is the most difficult section, because you may be asked to listen to a full lecture. Then you will either choose the answers of the given MCQ’s or answers of the questions/ maybe you answer YES/NO just. Concluding suggestion for TOEFL During TOEFL, if you miss any questions so don’t wait for that move ahead for next one

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