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The Anhui government scholarship is a program, meant for international students. Its main objective is to attract academic excellent and talented students to study and carry out their research in higher education institutions in Anhui. It also aims at improving the relationships of people from the rest of the world and Anhui people as well as improving the quality of international student education.  Anhui government Scholarship is co-sponsored by the China Scholarship Council.

How to apply for Anhui Government Scholarship?

The program sponsors international students who are interested in having their undergraduate and postgraduate education in Anhui province. The program does not take candidates who have secured Chinese government scholarship programs.

The Anhui municipal government scholarship values:

  • Doctoral applicants are given 50.000 Yuan per year
  • Bachelors degree applicants are given 20,000 Yuan per year
  • Masters degree applicants are given 30,000 Yuan per year

Eligibility for the Anhui province scholarship:

  1. The applicants should from non-Chinese nationalities that have valid Chinese visas and foreign passports and must cultivate friendliness to China.
  2. The applicants should resent their HSK certificates that show their proficiency in the Chinese language. This requirement can be relaxed if the programs are directly taught in English.
  3. The applicants should be able to abide by and uphold the rules and regulations of the institutions. They should also maintain a good academic performance.
  4. Undergraduate program applicants should have their senior high school certificates and be of 28 years and below.
  5. The master’s degree applicants should be 40 years and below and have two recommendation letters from professors and be holders of a bachelors degree.
  6. The doctoral program applicants should be holders of a master’s degree, be of 45 years and below and have two recommendation letters from associate professor professors.

The process of application and assessment for Anhui Scholarship program

The Anhui Government scholarship quota is given by the department of education (Anhui provincial) to higher learning institutions in Anhui who recruit international students at the end of November.

Universities and colleges in Anhui are mandated to recruit international students or organize for the eligible international students to carry on with their studies in various institutions accorded by the specific quota. By mid-June, the pre-admission list should be at the provincial department.

The Anhui provincial department of education organizes for the relevant experts to conduct assessments and send results to respective universities and colleges by the need for the month of June.

The Anhui Government provincial department of education funds each university and college according to the number of students awarded the scholarship in September. The scholarship is then given to the awardees by the school.

If the candidates do not abide by the set rules and regulations, the school is supposed to report the infringement incidences to the provincial department of education. The scholarship is terminated by the provincial education department.

The university or college is entitled to make their comprehensive assessment to determine whether the scholarship students are qualified for the scholarship in the coming year. The results should be in a written form and submitted to the provincial department of education by end of May.

Anhui Government Scholarship Documents Requirement

An applicant must provide the following documents for their consideration:

As per the notice of Anhui government, the Anhui Municipal Government Scholarship is now accepting applications from international students.

For more information visit Anhui Municipal Government Scholarship to check the Deadline ,submission of supporting documents and other application instructions .

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