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Step by step procedure for applying at CSC scholarship for Beijing Institute of Technology is explained in points below with application links and required documents list. If you want details of this scholarship like degree programs being offered by BIT China and more details before reading the application steps.

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) Admission Requirements for CSC Scholarship

  • IELTS, GRE and application fees are not required at all for BIT CSC applications
  • Candidate possessing nice track record will be given preference by BIT China
  • English Proficiency Certificate or IELTS must be attached

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Step by Step Procedure to Apply for BIT CSC Scholarship

Step A: Candidate applying for CSC scholarship in BIT, China is required to register at CSC website
Step B: 
Submit online form above mentioned link and Agency Number for BIT is: 10007
Step C: Download the form you submit above and prepare following documents in Scanned computerized copy format to email Beijing Institute of Technology Admission Branch:

  1. CSC Application form which you just downloaded for the BIT CSC scholarship
    Note your six-digit CSC application serial number visible at the left corner of CSC Form
  2. English translated version of an attested copy of BS Degree if applying for MS degree in BIT
  3. English Version Certified copy of High School Certificate if you are BS degree applicant
  4. Attested copies of Transcripts of High school or BS/MS from BIT Scholarship Applicants
  5. English Proficiency Certificate Requirement is a must
  6. Short original non-plagiarized Statement of purpose to study in BIT China. See statement of purpose Sample
  7. CV required in the BIT application package
  8. Two Recommendation Letters from your professors (Recommendation letter Sample here)
  9. (Optional) Consent form/acceptance letter form BIT professor who will supervise your degree
    Click here to learn how to contact professors to obtain consent/acceptance letters
    Find BIT Professors Emails
  10. Copy of Passport
  11. Medical Form signed by Medical Officer also required by BIT
  12. Beijing Institute of Technology Application Form (Download BIT Application Form)
  13. Scan all documents for BIT and zip them up in one file

Where to send BIT CSC Application Documents?

  • No need to send documents via Parcel Service to Bit China.
  • Once you have prepared above set of documents for BIT application for CSC scholarship then scan everything see below step that how to email these Documents to BIT:
  • The format of your Email containing your CSC application to BIT must follow this format:
    Zip your all admission documents into the single zipped file. File size lower than 15 MB
    And Rename this file as shown below:
    Six Digit CSC Application Number+Country+Name+Degree program+Degree Name
    Like: “524182+Pakistan+Mehwish+PhD+Mechanical Engineering”
  • Send this file to this email address of BIT Admission Office:
  • BiT China Application Procedure Completed for CSC.
  • You’ll get a response from your mail form BIT Admission office the very next day for sure
  • Beijing Institute of Technology Website


Deadline to apply:

We are advising you to visit the Official Website of the Beijing Institute of Technology to check the deadline. Also, Click Here for Online Application Procedure


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  1. Is there any specific format for English proficiency certificate ? Or do I have to take TOEFL test for these ?
    Please explain it for preparing English proficiency certificate.


    • No need for TOEFL. Ask your university to provide English Proficiency Certificate. Normally in all universities “Registrar Office” provides it.

  2. I want to apply for Doctoral scholarship but plz tell me whether i would require reference letter’s in original or scan or photocopy?
    if i wan to apply in different universities then i might not get more than two or three sets of reference letters.
    wts ur opinion?

    • Depends on university but talking about scholarship you need in original 🙂 You can obtain reference letters from your professors 🙂

  3. Assalam -o-alaikum sir…What are the opportunities of chemistry,especially inorganic chemistry and nano sciences at the Bejing institute of technology.

  4. Assalam o Alaikum!
    Is there any university other than BIT which has same procedure of applying. I mean we don’t have to parcel them our documents for apply?

      • I have passed the 1st step of evaluation step of application at BIT, BIT also asked me to pay the application fee, which I have paid as well, but now since few days my application status is showing as “Academic Review under process” Sir am i selected? please

  5. hello bro!
    i am applying for aviation technology in NPU!! now, is it possible to apply for another program?? if yes ! how many times??

  6. goodmorning sir.I want to apply for masters in Chinese can I apply with HSK3 or I need a TOFEL certificate to apply?

  7. sir I want to apply for under graduate program in Chinese with HSK2 or do I still need a TOFEL certificate to apply?

  8. i am applying in bit ,i receive the conformation mail but i could not get any response or reviews about the bit , do you have any idea that how many time they will it take to get response about the addmission

  9. Hi, mainey CSC n BIT dono jaga apply kiya hai but mail nhi ki……meri BIT k portal mai online application “in process” aa rhi hai….kiya mujhey mail krni chahi hai docs ki? Also ye processing fees jo RMB 600 hain wo kb submit kraney cuz kuch students ji ney apply kiya wo submit kra b chukey. Please answer.

  10. i am applying for masters. will i have to mail my documenst on the same email address as mentioned or is it only for PhD applicants?

  11. Dear Waqas, i was reading at SCS website that “1st to send the document to dispatching authority and then to send to the concern university” so what is it? and notarized mean?

  12. One another thing dear, do i have to wait for another turn to fill and submit the 2nd apply at SCS because at a time you can only apply one time.

  13. Dear sir i heard that now we need to fill online application form for BIT, there is no need to send scan documents through email? is it right?

  14. Salam, Sir i apply under CSC in BIT in the above procedure. Now how i check my application status. And how i apply in BIT application portal i don’t understand this BIT respons me and required this.In the above procedure their is no necessary BIT advisor from BIT professor and now it must how it possible and how i done this…????

  15. Hello bro can we send our documents to this website, I mean for this year 2018 because of all comments, I read is a previous year so, this rule is also for 2018. Second please tell me the started date of admission at BIT.

  16. Brother Asalam o Alaikum! i am M.phil (Botany) from hazara university, mansehra, Pakistan. i want P.hD fully funded scholarship from anyone chinese universities. plz help me in this regard. the scholarship may in any field of plant sciences. waiting for positive response.
    Regards: Mehmood ur Rehman (M.Phil Scholar). my email address is: (

  17. yar on cucas they said that BIT offer Software Engineering in English but when i apply online they just asked for chinese and also asked for advisor and his contact.

  18. Sir one of supervisor from BIT ask me PhD proposal n I sent her, but it is little bit different from her lab work but she said its ok and she gave me recommendation letter. So my Question is should i submit the same PhD proposal to BIT n CSC or make the different one.

  19. Hello there

    I would like to apply for Master of science in public health, is it possible with my degree in education (biology and chemistry)?

  20. dear sir,
    I have applied for BIT Master degree course, i have paid application fees too. The status of my application is ” Academic Review”. But they didn’t cleared my doubt whether i should send all hard copies of application materials by post or should i need to wait for still any response from University. Due to traffic they still not replied my Emails still. Kindly advice me what should i do now..
    Thanks for your forthcoming response

  21. Hi! I am from Chad.I have spent over four years in Abuja for study purpose wchich financial barrier stopped me on the way.My highest certificate is still that of secondary school:A level.I therefor i need a scolarship to further in BIT.How do i do or how will i prove my english proficiency?

  22. am really interested in this scholarship and I wish you can give me this chance.if there is any information u can reached me on my face book email because I don’t have gmail, this is my face book email

  23. Sir, I couldn’t download “Beijing Institute of Technology Application Form” from the above given link in the step by step application procedure… as the page is not found on clicking the link….

  24. Assalam o Alaikum sir…..
    how are you?
    I’m interested to take admission in bachelor program (mechanical engineering) at BIT: Agency Number 10007… can I apply now 29-05-18 ?because i see now about this CSC scholarship that’s last date is 15th April….please give me info about it asap!

  25. Hello, I am Soniya Baniya from Nepal. I want to apply in CSC scholarship in BIT at Undergraduate.
    When I tried to fill the application form up by clicking on UNDERGRADUATE button under Admission category of BIT it asked paying application fee.
    But in the instruction of applying to CSC scholarship, TOEFL/IELTS and application fee is not required.
    Please, I will be grateful to you if you reply kindly.
    Further, what is the email address to send scanned document for Undergraduate application. Is this the same as that of MS or PHD? (For MS/PhD, the address:

  26. if the process for year2019 is same like that then option 12 not working:
    12: Beijing Institute of Technology Application Form (Download Here BIT Application Form) not working. please send me the link of BIT application form to download.
    thank you

  27. Dear Muhammad,
    I am applying for the 2019 csc scholarships for aerospace engineering at Beijing Institute of Technology, and as I am filling the csc form, there is a part where I have been told to indicate the duration of the program and I know that the program is for 4 years, and if I am to be considered for the scholarship, that means I will start learning in September but I am not much sure of the exact date and completion of the program. Whaat can I write?


  28. Hello sir,I want to apply for Masters in Chine especially in Environment.but what about fees and flight ticket? Thank you.

  29. AOA Sir Hope you will be fine, What is the selection criteria for this scholarship (I mean merit for MS-CS) and what about total expenses (In Pak Rs) have to be beared by students other than scholarship fee.

  30. Hello sir, how do we know the University that requires online registration and those ones that require students to download the application form. And those that do not need application form. Please I have started the process. Am stocked

  31. Hi,
    I want to know about those universities whose last date to apply for CGS is not over. As i have come to know that deadline of most universities was 15th of march 2019. but this university is left with some time, so is there any university which has some time left.

  32. I paid registration fee which is 3500, but still the status on my portal is final results unreleased, I have acceptance letter from professor, can you please tell me that how many chances are there to be selected for csc? further how to check the csc status?


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