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Are you searching for a full appraisal letter guide? If that is the case, your search ends here. We have prepared a full guide that answers the most asked questions about appraisal letters, presents templates, and shows different types of appraisal letters.

The appraisal letter is a formal document and therefore, you need to make sure that it is written properly and that it reflects the skills and achievements of the person you are appraising. You can also check out our Job Letter Promotion guide.

What is an Appraisal Letter?

An appraisal letter represents an act of examining the individual performances of a certain employee and evaluating their achievements during a specific period of time. The manager can use the letter as an opportunity to show that they appreciate the work that their employees put in and that their achievements are not going unnoticed.

On the other hand, employees can use the appraisal letter to identify where they excel and what skills they need to master in order to perform better. Most companies give appraisal letters on half yearly basis, while others do it more often. It’s up to the manager how often the letters are sent out.

Template/Sample Examples

We know that coming up with inspiration can sometimes be difficult and this is why we have rounded up the best appraisal letter samples and templates. You can use them as inspiration or edit and modify them to fit your needs.

#1 First Example

Mr. John Doe
Sales Manager
XYZ Pvt. Ltd.
Date (Date of issuing the letter)

Jane Doe

HR Manager
XYZ Pvt. Ltd

Sub: Performance Appraisal


It is a great honor for me to write this appraisal letter to you. Your performance has been really commendable and with sheer dedication, you have become an asset to the organization.

I proudly mention that company has decided to reward you with a raise in your salary by 25%. The salary breakup will be visible in the portal, you can download it from the portal.  From the 1st of April, your salary will increase.

We wish you all the best and hope you will continue to work with the same dedication in the future also
All the Best!

Yours Truly,


#2 Second Example

Company Name/ Letterhead
Date of Appraisal
Employee Details
Name of the Company

Dear Employee,
On behalf of the XYZ company, we would like to extend this appraisal letter for your dedication and substantial contribution to the organization. We are pleased to inform you that your performance rating for the year 20XX-20XX is _______. The annual remuneration has been revised to Rs. __________ with effect from ______.

Revised Compensation & Benefits
Components Monthly Annual

Basic Allowance
House Rent Allowance
Other Allowances
Monthly Gross
Annual Gross

We thank you for your contribution and look forward to your continued participation in the success of the company.

For XYZ Company

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