Permission Letter Full Guide


A permission letter is used when an employee wants to ask the person in charge or the HR (human resources) department for permission to take some days off work. Most of the time, people use the permission letter when they have an important schedule ahead such as a wedding, family trip, or others.

Since permission letters are a formal way of asking for time off, there are some rules that you need to follow when writing them. Here is where our expertise comes in. Today we will show you how to write a professional permission letter and also provide you with an editable sample and template.

How to Write a Permission Letter

The key to writing a permission letter that will help you get time off is to know what format to use. The goal of the permission letter is to give the reader a sense of professionalism and to let them know that you wrote it carefully and took your time with it. Follow the steps below and you will soon create the best permission letter.

Use the following format:

Address: You need to make sure to include the address of both the sender and the receiver.

Formal Salutation: Since the letter is addressed to the person in charge, it’s always best to use formal salutation.

Title: Place the title in the center.

Body: As a rule of thumb, the body of the letter should reach a maximum of 4 paragraphs.

Closure: When signing out, it’s highly advisable to mention the name, designation, and signature of the person in charge. The sender can also provide their own details.

Permission Letter Template:

Below you can find a template that you can use as inspiration for your next permission letter:


[Name of the Receiver]





Salutation [Sir/Mam]


[Paragraph 1]

[Paragraph 2]

[Paragraph 3]

Thank you


[Sender’s Signature]

[Sender’s Name]


[Contact Details]

Permission Letter Sample

If you are still looking for inspiration, you can edit the following sample to meet your requirements and personal information:

To: John Doe,


Company Name,

From: John Smith,

Marketing Manager,

Company Name,

1st March 2021.

Dear Sir,


I’m writing this letter to ask for permission to travel to Kenya over the weekend to visit my mother. I would like to visit my mother because she has been ailing for a week now, and she is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital. I want to be there for her before she is discharged so that I could help out as she moves back to the house.

Our whole family is expected to be there for her. The trip will take a total of eight days. I am humbly requesting permission to travel on 22nd September 2020, and I hope to be back by 30th September 2020. You can expect me to be all set for work the next day.

I have made arrangements with my assistant, Kennedy Johnson, who will stand in for me while I’m away. He has all it takes to keep the department well and running for those days. I have everything ready, and I am only waiting for your permission to set things in motion.

Kind regards!


John Smith.

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