Australian Awards Scholarship (AAS)

Australian Awards Scholarship (AAS)


Australian Awards Scholarship is offered only to the partner countries so below is the button from where you can see if your country is eligible or not. Australian Awards Scholarship Partner Countries

Who can apply for Australian Awards Scholarship?

Only postgraduate applicants are encouraged to apply for Australian Awards.

Australian Awards Scholarship – Stipend

Australian Awards Scholarship stipend is AUD 30,000 which covers the living cost, accommodation expense. With that students get economy class air ticket and scholarship agency also provides facility to those scholarship awardees whose families live in their home country to bring them to travel to a home in mid duration of the degree.

One of settlement allowance to awardees of the scholarship program will be given at a rate of AUD 5,000 to help them initiating their life in Australia. An Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) will be provided also.

So, here is the summary of ausaid scholarship

  1. Stipend Per year AUD 30,000
  2. The one-off settlement cost AUD 5,000
  3. OSHC Medical Insurance cover
  4. Economy class air ticket to Australia

Step by Step Procedure to apply:

Click below to read out detailed Step by Step procedure to apply;

Online Application Australian Awards Scholarship Scheme for this year

you take your family to Australia after winning the Australian Scholarship?

Yes, if your degree program is equal or more than two years in duration then you can apply for Dependent visa’s for the spouse or other dependent family members but you need University approval first prior to applying.

Can you apply by Email?

Yes, you can apply by email as well to assigned persons by Australian Awards Scholarship.
Find your country’s assigned person from below link:
Apply by Email for Australian Awards Scholarship method

Deadline & information on Australian Awards Scholarship is available at below button:

Deadline and Information on Australian Scholarships

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  1. Assalamualaikum, bisa kah agar saya mendapatkan informasi beasiswa beasiswa yang akan di buka tahun 2018 mendatang atau untuk program studi tahun 2018 nanti ? Jika bisa, mohon kirim informasi ke email saya, . Syukran Jazakumullah.

  2. I’m finding trouble to apply, can I have a link that I can easily apply please?
    Do AAS accept students with some university credits?

  3. my name is sileshi Alamirew i live East Africa from Ethiopia I have BA Dgree In Accounting konw A day i need Free Scholarship

  4. Good day Mr Muhammed Yousaf,

    Thank you for the above information..Please does the Australia Awards also offer PhD programs or is it only for MSc?
    i will appreciate your quick response..Thank you

  5. I hold a degree in accounting from the Ghana Institute Of Management and Public Administration. And dream of a getting a scholarship for further studies in this field. I need assistance. thanks

  6. Im Tolesa bedasa Abdisa. Now am working in Ethiopian Agricultural Research partucularly in section of chickpea and lentil research program and am very interested to learn my PhD at Australia.

  7. I want to do Masters in Business Administration and Major in Human Resources Management as I am currently working with Human Resources Management with the National Department of Health in Papua New Guinea. My division is responsible for human resources planning for the entire health sector in Papua New Guinea and currently we have a health workforce crisis as reported in a world bank report. There is a need to do a proper HR Planning and management of the workforce on the needs basis. there is a need to have a proper management of the workforce data so we know the exact number of workforce we have in the country to respond to such call out. Therefore I am hunting for a scholarship to study HR DATA ANALYSIS skills, planning and managements so that services can be carefully managed and delivered where it is appropriate.

  8. is there any scholarship for spouse for masters degree of internally displaced people of disaster in pakistan who want to move to australia

  9. I have twin boys who would like to pursue their undergraduate studies in China. One is interested in architecture and the other one computer engineering, how can I be helped to get some scholarships for them

  10. I am currently doing my bachelors degree in business. This is my final year and i will be finishing next year. Can I still apply for MBA scholarship this year? So that i can start next year?

  11. I highly recommend as it helped me a lot. I am gonna share this post with all my classmates. I am an international student and I am currently searching for scholarships. I have also found some fully funded scholarship opportunities for everyone worldwide at . But I am searching for more opportunities. Can anyone help me? I will highly recommend new opportunities from your website to other students as well. Thanks


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