Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test Will Make You Licensed Electrician

Electrical Aptitude Test

The administers Alliance requires an aptitude test named Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test (aka NJATC) that aids candidates to become certified technicians and licensed electricians.

So, are you interested in making a career as an electrician? But do you know what it takes to be an electrician?

Perhaps a license or you need to score high in an electrical training test!


The NJATC (National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee) along with the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and NECA (National Electrical Association) from an Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude test to help electricians and the electrical apprentices to stay updated with the training initiatives of the electrical industry.

  • Timing

Further, it’s a time-bound test, which is designed to help those candidates who want to become a licensed electrician. The test will ensure that the candidates have the solid ability to comprehend written text, basic algebra and have some mechanical aptitude abilities to be a skillful electrician.

However, It comprises of two sections viz — algebra and reading comprehension, that you will have to complete in two and a half hour.

  • Participation criteria

If you want to participate in the electrical apprenticeship program or related scholarship opportunities, just fill the application form and get the access of the Electrical Training Alliance test for free.

So, the test takers will evaluate whether you meet the basic requirements for the test. Moreover, selected candidate will be scheduled for further NJATC aptitude test battery and later for the personal interview.

  • Requirements

Some of the basic requirements for the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude test are:

  • You should adhere to the minimum age requirement
  • One must have a valid educational proof to show that you have completed the algebraic course with passing grades
  • Candidate should have to be at least a high school graduate or should have GED
  • High school Transcript

Features Of Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test

  • You, Will Get The Job:

Since the test is completely valid and is created by the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee, you can trust the accrediting of the test to get training.

After all, getting the authentic and up-to-date data training would help you clinch the job of your choice in the electrical industry. Further, organizations use this test as one of the procedure to hire qualified candidates in the company.

  • It Is Quite Simple And Easy To Access:

Above all, Regular practice of the test samples will help you achieve a good score. To take the test, you just have to fill out the application. Once you fill the form, you can take the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test.

Your scores will help you move into the interview round and will help you become the skilled electrician.

  • It’s A Time-Bound Test:

Since it’s a time bound test that you have to complete in specific time-frame, candidates often take at least two and a half hour to complete the test.

  • You Have To Pass The Application Process:

Once you are ready to take the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test, you will have to pass the application process. The application process will involve filling the file qualification application form followed by the NJATC apprenticeship test battery and in-person interview.

Assessment Of Questions In Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test

The test will feature two sections viz.:

  • Section 1: Algebra and Functions:

The algebra section will feature 33 questions that you have to complete in 46 minutes. There will be topics from:

  1. The linear equation of two variable
  2. Solving questions related to the subtraction, multiplication, polynomial factoring, division and more
  3. Quadratic equations like graphing, square roots, quadratic formula and more.
  • Section 2: Reading Comprehension

The reading section features 36 questions that you have to complete in 50 minutes. For this section, you will have to read the text, followed by the set of questions underneath the text.

How To Score High In Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test?

  • Practice more and work on your skills
  • Be fluent in English
  • Practice algebra more to score high
  • Make a valid guess and move to the next question


As a result, electricians solve complex math problems, read blueprints, install electrical systems that too by adhering to all electrical and building codes.

So, if you enjoy exercising your brain with your hands working all the time,  the electrician job is for you. Keep up with the training process, and you are ready to become an electrician.

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